5547 fatwas

  • Incest Between Brother and Sister Date: 21-8-2000

    What is the punishment of a brother who has sex with his sister? And how can he be forgiven? .. More

  • Lack of Sex in Marriage Does Not Nullify It Date: 14-8-2000

    If husband and wife have not had sex between themselves for a long time is the marriage considered broken/nullified? Kindly advise. .. More

  • Sexual Abuse by Muslim Family Members Date: 11-8-2000

    I am a Muslim woman. As a child I was sexually abused and raped by a fellow Muslim who was very close to my family. I do not remember when it started, but it stopped when I became old enough to say 'NO’ and stand up for my self. At that point this man whom we had grown up to call uncle, broke all ties with my family, in fear of being exposed. For.. More

  • Wife wants more children Date: 10-8-2000

    As Salaamu Alaikum. I am a 31 years old married Muslimah. My husband and I have one daughter who is almost 2 years old. I would like to have more children now, but my husband says he is not ready to have another child. Is it not my Islamic right (just as it would be his) to more children when I want them? Thank you for your answer... More

  • Having a girl friend Date: 5-8-2000

    Dear Brothers, As I am a Muslim living in Canada. I go to College. I met a girl who said that she is interested in me. I have never had a girl friend so far because I know it is prohibited to be in contact with a woman who is not my wife. But this girl is annoying me and I feel that I love her and want her. I told her that if she wants to marry me and.. More

  • Custody of Children in and after Marriage Date: 4-8-2000

    If a married couple have a child, who has custody of the child while the couple are still married? And if the couple divorce, who gets custody of the child? Please give reference! .. More

  • Divorced Woman with Boyfriend Who Wants to Move on with Her Date: 3-8-2000

    I'm a divorced woman who converted recently. My boyfriend is from Algeria and actually wants to move on with me, but his parents do not accept me. What does the Quran say about getting married with a divorced woman? Is there a chance to convince his parents that I'm not a bad person, nor a person of 2nd class? His parents judge without knowing me. Is.. More

  • Wife's Turn with Her Husband Date: 3-8-2000

    Assalaamu Alaikum! I am a second wife, and my husband alternates nights between me and his other wife. Recently, I went for three weeks to visit my parents, my siblings, and my two children from a previous marriage. All of them live in a different state. This visit was with my husband's permission. My husband spent those three weeks with his other wife... More

  • Husband Tells Others He Will Get Divorce Date: 3-8-2000

    Assalamu alaikum if a husband tells others that he will be getting a divorce, but then later on he and his wife decide they don't want to, but since he told others that he will be getting a divorce, does it count as one? Please give reference. .. More

  • Many Proposed to Her As She Has Canadian Citizenship but She Refused Date: 3-8-2000

    When I went to my country a couple of years ago, men would propose to me because I have Canadian citizenship. Every one of them wanted to marry me in the hopes that I would bringhim to Canada. Since I found this to be very offensive, I told everyone that I would not marry anyone who does not have a passport of an English country. Is this fair? .. More

  • Answering questions about homosexuality Date: 22-7-2000

    Many ahadis forbids homosexuality and tells us the punishement of Allah (subhanah wa taallah) for these people. But I cannot explain why it is forbidden in Islam. When people ask me I say that Allah has created men for women and women for men, so it is not natural for homosexual to be together. Is that the real answer?.. More

  • Broken Engagement Date: 22-7-2000

    I'm writing to seek your advice on the following matter. Over a month ago my father passed away, but only ten days earlier my sister, the only daughter in the family, was engaged. Every detail from the venue of the Nikah & Walima had been arranged including the Mahr whilst my father was still alive. Two weeks after the janazah my sister's fiance'.. More

  • Ruling on the three consecutive divorces Date: 19-7-2000

    Please give me the background to the establishment of the three consecutive talaqs (divorces) resulting in the immediate cancellation of the marriage contract (some call it talaqul bidah). Also, kindly inform me about the various requirements for this practice to be fulfilled. .. More

  • Overwhelmed by Family Problems Date: 18-7-2000

    My father & my mother in-law are brother & sister. My mother died in 1981. My father married my mother stepsister who is 1/3 of my father age. My mother in-law & father is living very near. My father has two sons from second marriage. His elder son is 15, the other is 12. I have 5 brothers in-law. My husband is eldest son of his family... More

  • A Woman's Behavior after Husband's Death Date: 14-7-2000

    CAN A WOMAN WEAR A BEAUTIFUL DRESS & USE MAKE-UP AFTER HER HUSBAND DIES ESPECIALLY IN THE IDDAH PERIOD, AND WHAT ARE THE PROHIBITED ACTIONS DURING THAT TIME?Can a woman wear a beautiful dress and use make up after her husband dies especially in the Iddah period, and what are the prohibited .. More