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  • Ruling on a father reading his children’s private messages Date: 14-1-2014

    Is it permissible for a father to open his children’s private messages without their consent? Is reading such messages considered spying on them? Thanks... More

  • Reminding ungrateful people of one's favors upon them Date: 24-10-2013

    Assalaam alaikum, If a person was kind and generous to people, and helped them in their bad times, and those same people treat him badly in a rude way and in an ungreatful way, disgracing him.. When the first one is going through bad times. If that person reminds them by saying is this the way you treat a person who was kind to you. Does this come under.. More

  • Ruling on flattering a liar Date: 11-8-2013

    Is 'mujameleh' allowed in Islam? I mean to say nice words to a liar ("What you say is correct", "You are a truthful person", etc.) to try to persuade him to give you your rights, or to give compliments to someone to make him like you while you do not mean any of those words? I see it everywhere around me but I honestly can't stand it. To me, it seems.. More

  • Praising oneself is prohibited arrogance Date: 22-5-2013

    what is the ruling onn someone who tells another person that they are more rreligious then the other? .. More

  • Paying a large sum to conceal age of one's car Date: 2-4-2013

    the number plate of my car shows that it is 7 years old. Can I change the number plate to a personalised number plate so that the public would not know the age of my car? I need to pay USD1,000 to the government for a personalised number plate. .. More

  • Introversion and bashfulness are different traits Date: 13-1-2013

    Dear Brother/s, Assalamualaikom. I need your fatwa for the 3 cases below: 1. Shyness is part of our faith but extreme shyness is not good for building relationship with brothers and sisters in Islam. The same as I had observed from a brother who has this problem. It affected his entire life and most of the time breaks some of his relationships with.. More

  • Extremism or Adherence to Religion? Date: 14-2-2012

    Allaah blessed me with a righteous wife; she is knowledgeable and very concerned about her religious matters, however she goes to extremes in religion to the extent that she makes me sick of life. Please advise me regarding what I should do with her. May Allaah reward you... More

  • Impermissible to spy in order to advise people Date: 5-12-2011

    Is it permissible for someone to spy on someone else's personal computer to discover their secrets and e-mail messages under the pretext that he wants to advise and warn them against what they are doing?.. More

  • Muslims must be careful when speaking Date: 7-9-2011

    Is it permissible to curse Satan? Is it permissible to use abusive language when joking with friends? .. More

  • Making fun of people who commit sins Date: 13-7-2011 it a sin to make fun of people who commit sins,or take them as a joke and laugh at them? 2.if you grow old does the relationship stay the same with non-mahram,such as you can't make friends with them? 3.can kids under the age of puberty be friends with the opposite gender? .. More

  • His colleagues call him by a nickname he does not like Date: 25-5-2011

    Assalamu alykum,i am a high school student,and i once heard about a hadith stating that which ever name one is called in the worldly life,with that name shall one be called with in the hereafter,and in my school,my friends use to call me by a nickname which all my friends make fun of,and if to say that i should tell them to stop,it will cause social.. More

  • Prohibited to charge with infidelity based on doubts Date: 4-5-2011

    I have now been married for 11 years and have three children. My wife always used to be an exemplary religious woman when I was with her and I do not know how she acted while I was away. I never felt that she loved me, but she was very good at acting. By chance I discovered her infidelity, and she could not deny it or even defend herself. She is now.. More

  • Conceit is the Devil’s trap Date: 1-5-2011

    I am a young man who lives in the West. All praise is due to Allaah, I am adherent to Islamic teachings. I work in a computer lab which is in the university where I study. There is a girl who works with me in the same lab, and she frequently asks me questions related to the subject while we are sitting at the same PC. Praise is due to Allaah, I do.. More

  • Her sister-in-law wishes that her children be better than other children Date: 7-4-2011

    Assalam alaikoum. My question covers family relationships. I have a sister in law that is neurotically self centered. One time I was telling her "None of you has faith unless he loves for his brother what he loves for himself". She responded this is tough because I would want my children to be better than yours. Knowing I am single and she was then.. More

  • Impermissible to spy on Muslims Date: 28-2-2011

    Is it permissible to keep a person under surveillance if he is suspected of being a thief?.. More