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  • Wants to change companies but needs one more year of experience Date: 8-3-2005

    I am a software engineer. My aim in life is just to work for the sake of Allaah, whether its Deen or world. In short, I don't get comfort if I work for the money which may mean for worldly things. I completed my studies and working in a company from past one year. I want to change my company and for that I need at least 2 years experience but.. More

  • Doubting his faith Date: 17-2-2005

    Every time I've got doubt about my Eemaan. I thinking that maybe I am not a Muslim or that I am a Munafiq, Aghoodu Billah. And when I did something good I directly thinking maybe my Niyyah wasn't true. When I said to my friends we have to follow the Sunnah of Muhammad, sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam, I've thoughts which says who are you how.. More

  • Not certain he is a Muslim Date: 1-12-2004

    I was wondering what to do if one is the laziest Muslim on earth? I'm a shell of a Muslim - I barely pray and am empty concerning good deeds. Oh wait, I think I must be an apostate because I lack deeds. You see, I'm so lazy I'm not sure if I'm even a Muslim anymore. Perhaps this has to do with being a revert to Islaam. In the West I have been.. More

  • Extravagance of children Date: 16-9-2004

    If a person read in English medium school as well as American school through life (i.e. 1 to 12 grade) and becomes a extravagant then is it his responsibility or his parents is responsible for that? Somebody told me about a person who spends a lot of money by dialing international calls with her father's money. He said that is not her fault.. More

  • Wife objects to her husband's filthy acts with his sister Date: 8-9-2004

    I am 21 years old and I am just confused about some irritating behaviour of my husband and I want to know if they are permissible in Islaam. My husband always touches his sister's buttocks and stomach. She is 19 years old. He also speaks filthy words with her. Note that my husband prays 5 times a day and keep fast ........and he tries to be a.. More

  • Muslims should avoid extravagance Date: 28-8-2004

    Ihave a question about how the true muslim should dress? Can he spend his money on expensive clothes and brand name stuff like shoes, caps, phones, etc.? Is there anything Haraam of what that person is doing, because he works hard on his money day and night to at last spends it on brand names: Clothes, phones, caps, shoes and make it all go.. More

  • Avoiding hesitations Date: 26-7-2004

    What to do in order to avoid hesitations in my duties? My problem is that everything I begin, I can not end it because of hesitations. .. More

  • Nail biting Date: 13-7-2004

    I have a habit of biting my nails. Is this a sin?.. More

  • Injustice among the youth and elders Date: 27-6-2004

    In Islam why it is the younger ones are always at a disadvantage, because in any strained relations the younger ones must ask for forgiveness, be humble, be courteous and as for the elder ones, although in the wrong, are arrogant and higher and most of the times do not give way? Is this fair in Islam? Please advise... More

  • Sexually attracted to his pet dog Date: 10-6-2004

    I am feeling sexually attracted to my pet dog. If I act upon these feelings will I be cursed?.. More

  • Changing the hatred someone has for others Date: 27-5-2004

    This person hates others for no reason because of a misfortune which happened to him about 6 years ago. He does not even care about his mother; he only visits her twice a year on the Eidul Fitr and Eidul Adha. He prays and does good deeds, but then his hatred towards others is immense because of his brother who was used as a scapegoat by his friend.. More

  • Revealed a sworn secret Date: 11-5-2004

    A sister revealed to me she is having an affair with her husband's brother. The husband is in another country. It involves only kissing so far but she admitted it could go further if the opportunity comes. She swore me to secrecy but I told my husband and my best friend. Although, I trust them not to say a word I know that this is a great evil that.. More

  • Begging in Islam Date: 18-4-2004

    I would like to know if begging is Haram in Islam. .. More

  • Revealing a secret to her mother after instructions not to Date: 12-4-2004

    Can I reveal a secret to my mom when I've been informed not to tell anyone? I have heard people saying that Allah Said in the Qur'an, "Verily Allah does not like the corrupters." So can I reveal this secret? What is the ruling in Islam?.. More

  • Fear Allah and be modest Date: 30-12-2003

    I some times feel very proud of my self when I'm talking to some one about Qur'an or about Prophet Mohamed because I feel I'm better than this person and I know more than him. And also I feel like I'm teaching people. I always blame my self. Is that arrogance and how can I preventive it? .. More