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  • Islam's view on narcissistic people who look down on others Date: 10-12-2017

    What is the ruling on people who are narcissistic and look down on people? Is it a major sin? Even if they are better than others and more skilled, do they have the right to look down upon people? If we are annoyed with or feel hatred towards this type of people, are we sinning? .. More

  • Mocking man for marrying older woman Date: 29-6-2017

    Is it Kufr (disbelief) to mock or be disgusted by someone who has married an older woman? I am asking as I have seen this happen. Many muslims do this very often even though they know that the Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam,married Khadeejah, may Allaah be pleased with her. .. More

  • Laughing at friends when they slip and fall Date: 17-5-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. I have a question. I and my female classmates have a sport class. Durung the exercise, many of them slip in a funny way. The person falling would laugh, and we would also laugh with them. Is this sinful? If we laugh at a person without intending to mock him and they do not mind, is it sinful? Please reply, thank you. .. More

  • Divulging friend's secret unintentionally Date: 20-2-2017

    Assalaamu alaykum. I have two questions. Some days ago, a Muslim friend of mine told me a secret about him, and I kept it secret from everybody. One day, however, I unintentionally told another friend about it! I forgot that it was a secret! I regretted it right there and then! Now I do not know how to repent! The friend who told me the secret does.. More

  • Mocking people unbecoming of Muslims Date: 2-1-2017

    What is the ruling on mocking one of the customs or rituals of the non-Muslims even though one fears that this may have been a custom sent down by Allaah to earlier specific generations? One such custom may be putting stickers on one's head, which Hindus do. I thought that this might be a custom sent by Allaah to a specific generation through an earlier.. More

  • Ruling on students' inattentiveness in class Date: 30-11-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum, Shaykhs. Is gossiping and playing mobile games by students sitting on the back bench while classes are going on a kind of cheating? May Allaah reward you. .. More

  • Making changes to house without legal permit Date: 19-11-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. My father, my brother-in-law, and my brother, as well as a person whom I know, have made changes in their house without a permit, which is illegal. So what should I do; should I report them to the authorities, which will result in a fine of 50,000 dollars, or should they demolish the changes that they made? .. More

  • Asking people for help in general matters Date: 18-9-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum, in the Name of Allaah! Is it permissible for a Muslim to ask his fellow Muslims for help in general matters like, for example: 1) Could you get me a mobile from abroad; I will pay you money? 2) A woman asking her husband to get some sweets from the shop? 3) Asking a Muslim friend to give you notes to study for an exam? 4) Asking an.. More

  • Ruling on skipping classes Date: 12-5-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuhu. Could you please throw some light on the subject of skipping classes in college and school according to Islam? Also, please explain how to deal with Muslim friends who do so. May Allaah reward you. .. More

  • Exposing others' sins impermissible Date: 21-3-2016

    My friend has done something bad in her past. She regrets it, and when she told me about it she made me swear by Allaah that I would not tell anyone, but people at the masjid are suspicious. They keep asking me about her and whether she has done that something. If i say, "I do not know," then that would be a lie, because I do know. If i say, "No," then.. More

  • Money earned through violating state laws Date: 21-12-2015

    Dear Shaykh, I run a transporting business in Qatar. There is a rule here that says that flat bed trailers should only load up to a maximum of 26 ton. If the authorities catch the trailer with extra weight, then a fine of Qr 3000 is charged. I load overweight cargos and get an extra Qr 500 for each load. My trailer can load heavy duty cargos up to the.. More

  • Denying a fact out of arrogance Date: 2-12-2015

    Assalaamu alaykum. I am a man. My question is about denying the fact that certain people or some things have helped me to learn something. I mean, there was a teacher who helped me to learn English in high school, and when my father told me that, I denied it out of arrogance, and he also told me that the fact that I speak French helped me to learn English,.. More

  • Breaking a promise while claiming that Allaah did not will it to happen Date: 27-4-2015

    A person says "Inshallah I will do this", and then he does not do what he said he would do. Now he says that his statement "Inshallah I will do this" remains true because the word "Inshallah" specifies the will of Allah, and his not doing it means that Allah did not wish for it to happen, and as he included this condition, i.e. the word "Inshallah".. More

  • How to treat idleness and disinterest in work Date: 16-4-2015

    I am a practicing Muslim. I pray 5 times a day. I recently joined a company a mechanical engineer. However this is my biggest problem that I always look for excuses and breaks. I am unable to work as I lack interest in working at all. I simply like to waste time. Please advise how to increase my interest in working. I have wasted many months being jobless... More

  • Parents may ask their son-in-law not to kiss his wife in front of them Date: 7-11-2014

    can a father in law restrict her son in law to not to kiss her wife in front of their parents? .. More