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  • Secretly Listening to Someone's Conversation Date: 15-10-2001

    Is one allowed to listen to someone's conversation secretly if you think they are talking about you? .. More

  • Praying that Allah will cause him misfortune and later regreting it Date: 16-7-2001

    I have asked for your help before and I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your efforts. My situation is that many times I get urges or feelings to ask Allah to cause me something bad, such as failing in my work, or losing my health, or becoming hideous. I try to resist these feelings but sometimes I give in and ask Allah for something bad. I feel.. More

  • Slapping in the face Date: 30-4-2001

    Could you please give us the Hadith that the Rasul forbade slapping on the face?.. More

  • Spending Wealth on Garments, Cars, Jewelry, etc. Date: 18-4-2001

    What is the Islamic view about Muslim who spend a lot of money to purchase something expensive, e.g. buying a car, jewelry, buying or renovate their house which cost hundred thousand of dollars? .. More