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  • Looking at Bride and Groom in their Bedroom Date: 2-12-2003

    In our country, people when celebrating weddings, they do some special customs. I want to ask about a special custom. In the wedding night, after the groom enters with his bride alone in their room, somebody expect them to have a look to the under clothing of the bride in order to be sure that the bride is all right. If the groom refuses that, they.. More

  • Do not hate all men for the mistake of one man Date: 30-11-2003

    I am a Muslim sister. My question is: my ex-husband really mentally abused me. I know its not good to hate all men for it but I cant help it. I need help. Is there anything from the Qur'an that I can say to get rid of this hate?.. More

  • How to avoid anger Date: 16-11-2003

    I am a person who gets angry quickly, and I cannot control myself when I argue with anyone, even my parents. Please tell me of ways and means of avoiding getting angry quickly. .. More

  • Stopped being normal because of depression Date: 11-10-2003

    What is the provision in Islam regarding a person who has stopped offering Salat in the mosque and individually. Is not interested in Islam. Some times that person considers converting to some other religion, but not Islam. But he doesn't say anything against Islam. Otherwise he is normal. We as doctor know that blasphemous thoughts do occur in case.. More

  • Making fun of people Date: 2-10-2003

    Some time we are making jokes on some one and laughing on him without knowing what will be effect of our jokes on his heart. While that joke does not belong to him only for laughing we are doing this bad thing. So if any Hadith is available which is not supporting this type of thing. Please tell me maximum Hadith about this problem... More

  • Cheating in order to get residence and job Date: 11-9-2003

    Many people ask if you give a false statement and help to grant a status to stay in another country and you get benefit and help as a refugee. Is it right to use the benefit for your living and can you spend for Allah way. Second if you work but not on your name of birth and that using ID Card of another person is that right to do so in Islam. .. More

  • Helping Someone Cheat in Exams Date: 10-9-2003

    During her exam my daughter was asked by her friends to help them (Cheat) the request was from everybody and even from the supervisor she couldn't refuse. Now she is asking if what she did is Haram or not? .. More

  • Spending money on celebrations Date: 19-8-2003

    Is it allowed after paying Zakah properly to spend a good amount of money on family gatherings like birthdays, an exam success, marriages, etc.?.. More

  • Envy: A very bad heart disease Date: 14-8-2003

    I have a very big problem which I tried to solve many times but unfortunately I couldn't. I hope that you could help me solve it. I am an ordinary Muslim, neither very good nor very bad. I pray regularly and recite the Qur'an, but the matter that disturbs me most is my bad habit of excessive jealousy. I have heard of a Hadith that says that envy eats.. More

  • Personal use of government resources Date: 5-3-2003

    When we work in a government offices, we sometimes use some papers,copier and printer for private things not related to the work, but we give charity to Red Crescent or others for using papers, etc. in office. Is it Lawful and permissible? What is the solution?.. More

  • Attacked when young and now wants revenge Date: 15-1-2003

    When I was child I was attacked by some persons. Today I am 29 years old, and suffer in the society and many people look at me like a dishonoured person. I suffer psychological depression, because I haven't found the way to go out of this situation. Can I kill those persons, I am very tired of this life. Please help me, I am your brother in Islam... More

  • Wants to blackmail person to keep a secret Date: 21-8-2002

    I know somebody's secret and I am eager to tell it to others, but I'm reluctant. I don't know the Islamic ruling about it. The person begged me not to tell her secrets to other and I asked for some favors in return (blackmail). My other question is can I accept money from such kind of blackmailing, meaning is this money Halal for me? The person whose.. More

  • Sexual Thoughts and Dreams Date: 14-7-2002

    Sometimes in my dreams or when I am about to go to sleep I imagine that I am having intercourse with a woman, sometimes in the bath, too; I was shocked. Am I doing something Haram? Please tell me as soon as possible. Is it ok to think about sex and women? What does Ghusl mean? .. More

  • Saying Allah will never forgive one Date: 15-5-2002

    I want to know how Islam deals with masturbation. I have a friend that sometimes cannot stand it and she starts masturbating and when I am angry with her, she asked is it better to have sex with man and make Zina? What do you think about that? I need an answer because these days she looks so depressed because I told her, you will never be forgiven and.. More

  • Revealing one’s Past Sins If Asked about Them Date: 24-4-2002

    I committed Zina once in my life and God covered me and nobody know about that, and I feel sorry for what I did and I ask forgiveness from God.I'm going to get married, what if the girl I'm going to marry asked me if I committed adultery before and what if she asked me to swear to God? .. More