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  • Conceit is the Devil’s trap Date: 1-5-2011

    I am a young man who lives in the West. All praise is due to Allaah, I am adherent to Islamic teachings. I work in a computer lab which is in the university where I study. There is a girl who works with me in the same lab, and she frequently asks me questions related to the subject while we are sitting at the same PC. Praise is due to Allaah, I do.. More

  • Her sister-in-law wishes that her children be better than other children Date: 7-4-2011

    Assalam alaikoum. My question covers family relationships. I have a sister in law that is neurotically self centered. One time I was telling her "None of you has faith unless he loves for his brother what he loves for himself". She responded this is tough because I would want my children to be better than yours. Knowing I am single and she was then.. More

  • Impermissible to spy on Muslims Date: 28-2-2011

    Is it permissible to keep a person under surveillance if he is suspected of being a thief?.. More

  • He uses so much water for no known reason Date: 1-3-2010

    i use water so much if i don't use i go crazy why whats the reason is this the effect of black magic. i use water more than what is necessary it is affecting my health, i have been to doctor he told me not to use water unnecessarily .. More

  • His Director asked him to install a spyware programme on the employees’ computers Date: 28-1-2010

    Assalam alaikum, I am a system administraror in an Islam research and popagation centre. The centre has computer and internet facility and it is used by the ulema working there. The manager wants me to install a software on the computers which will log the activities of the activities and report the websites visited (spyware). My question is whether.. More

  • Consequences of cheating in this world and in the Hereafter Date: 14-1-2010

    Salam aleikum, I wonder, if we are cheated (for example, somebody says he will fix or produce something for a certain price but later -after payment- it becomes clear that he didn't do it well), are we supposed to try to get our rights (good quality product) through arguing etc. or accept having been cheated? Will we benefit from their cheating us.. More

  • She hugged her father in a public place Date: 26-12-2009

    i recently sent you a question regarding incest between father and daughter. i had forgotten to mention a few more things and i would like to write them down now. my friend has been very effected by this problem and would really appreciate it if you could assist her it is regarding incest. in a public place she was hugging her father with ppl watchn.. More

  • Publishing someone's conversation or correspondence without his permission Date: 29-9-2009

    Assalamu alaikum wa Rahmatullah Is it permissible to publicise conversations or correspondence between two individuals by one of the participants without the explicit permission of the other? What if the matter is of major importance to islamic belief etc? Eg. if I were to have an email discussion with another Muslim without informing him that the.. More

  • Passing wind in public Date: 29-6-2009

    is passing wind in public forbidden in islam and if yes where was it mentioned? is there any mention of it in islamic teaching? i heard something about the people of lut?.. More

  • Wants to keep some of his clothes in his workplace Date: 3-6-2009

    Assalam alaikum! I am working in a different town far from my home town. I decided to seperate my properties especially my clothes into two keeping some behind for use when I return, while I took some to my station. I want to ask if my action is against the teachings of Rasulullah S.W.A. I once heard that my action is another form of extravagancy as.. More

  • His sister and her husband took his money illegally Date: 15-4-2009

    Assalamualliakum Brother/Sister I am a refugee and my elder sister proposed me to be resettled in Australia. As soon as I arrived with my little children in Australia, she and her husband told me to pay them Aud$7500.00 including interest; because, they borrowed the money from the bank to fund my program. However, as soon as I finished repaying them,.. More

  • Punishment for wasters of water and food Date: 8-3-2009

    asawawb, my question is: how will the water wasters be in the hereafter on judgement day?? how many water should be wasted to be called a water waster??? People come and visit us and we make a lot of food and people dont eat, so the food goes to waste, are we called food wasters???.. More

  • Her relative disclosed her personal questions she had sent to the scholars Date: 3-3-2009

    Assalam wa allykum, please answer very soon. in a family if a person do not want to disclose her matters or problems to any one but she sends the question to scholar for solution and accidently her relative come across it (from computer history)and reads the entire question even though it was mentioed in the first line of the question to the answerer.. More

  • Read her friend’s personal information on Face-book site Date: 13-5-2008

    Assalamo alaikom wa rahmato Allahi wa barakatoh, my problem is that i logged in an old's freind profile on the face is not a private network,however i know she is going to be annoyed if she knows i did.i knew some info about her;where she works,her freinds... i knew she is working at a firm i was about to join,and that made me more eager to.. More

  • Doing the dishes while the water is running continuously Date: 6-4-2008

    Salam Alaykom. What is the ruling regarding doing the dishes while the water is running?; ie. when applying soap and the water is on even though the water running can be turned off. I find it too much of a hassel to keep on turning the water on/off. If one should not use too much water, does this apply when washing dishes and the like? Please shed more.. More