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  • Proposal from a man who lacks religion (Deen) Date: 25-9-2002

    A man who is a very good person but lacks religion (good Deen) but has good character proposes to a sister and she rejects him because of his lack of good Deen and he keeps asking. What should she do if her family is pushing her to marry him but she really doesn't want to marry a man who lacks Deen? Also what if a man proposes to a sister who has been.. More

  • Proposing marriage Date: 17-9-2002

    What is the process of asking a sister for marriage? What are you required to have ready in your life before you ask?.. More

  • Good Muslim women who are not beautiful also want husbands Date: 4-9-2002

    Unfortunately, most Muslim young men choose only the beautiful women to marry, saying that Allah is Beautiful and loves beauty. What about the good Muslim women who are not beautiful?.. More

  • Ages of grooms and brides Date: 2-9-2002

    Can any man whose age is 32 marry with 17 or 18 years old girl (I mean, according to Islam, is it better for him to marry with 28 year old woman or one17 years old)?.. More

  • Using friends to find husband before informing her parents Date: 14-7-2002

    I have frequently heard that it is permissible for a woman to arrange her own marriage through pious Muslim female friends (and usually the help of their husbands) without any impermissible contact with the intended husband. Is this true? Does this mean that a woman can let some friends know that she is interested in marriage and ask them to help her,.. More

  • Muslim wants help in choosing a wife Date: 8-7-2002

    I'm originally Muslim Arab. I'm living in North America. I want to marry. Is it better to take who is originally a Muslimah, or who reverted to Islam, or who wants to become a Muslim? I need an advice... More

  • Choosing between two marriageable men Date: 22-5-2002

    Who Should I Marry? I am a lady of 24 years old about to marry but I am confused on who to marry. I practice Islam very well A. F. is a practising Muslim, a young guy ready to marry. M.M. is a Muslim but not practising. Should I marry him and put him through the religion? He has two children born by a Christian woman, but he has divorced the woman... More

  • Wants to marry a Muslim girl Date: 13-5-2002

    I'm a young Muslim teacher at the University, who wants to marry a Muslim girl who happens to be a third-year student at the above same University. She put some conditions for me to abide by otherwise she won't marry me. She said that I have to have a beard and wear my clothes "up to half of calf". I just replied that whatever I do should be based on.. More

  • Marrying a non-virgin Date: 10-4-2002

    Is it Halal to marry a woman who is not virgin?.. More

  • Parents refuse to accept marriage plans of their son Date: 16-3-2002

    I'm an Indian Muslim girl and wish to marry a Pakistani Muslim boy (N). We are both in love and have known each other for 2 years. We are studying in the same college. We decided to tell his mother about us but when she found out I'm not a Pathan (pusho-speaking) like them, she refused our marriage. A few months later his parents told him that they.. More

  • How to find a good Muslim husband Date: 13-3-2002

    My Question: Is there an Ayah or Surah that you read when you need to find 'love' or a good husband? I'm a 23 year old female and I know dating is Haram in Islam so, I don't date and I've no other way of meeting a good Muslim husband but I really do want to get married, Insha Allah soon. So please tell me how.Thanks in advance, you have really helped.. More

  • Wants to marry after committing Zina Date: 10-2-2002

    Indeed, this is my story: I knew a girl at University who is not from my country. At the time I was ignorant and unawake; this part of the world is full of satanic temptations, dating girls, having intercourse with them. I really regret it now! But with the last girl, it lasted 5 years. I envisage marrying her knowing that she is a Muslim and her family.. More

  • Aunt Wants Her to Marry Someone Who Does Not Pray Date: 29-1-2002

    My problem is that my aunt (wife of my dad's brother) wants me to marry her sister's son, but I don't want him because I'm only 15 years. I also want someone who knows lots of Deen. I want to be a good Muslim, not to marry someone who does not pray. What do you advise? .. More

  • Muslimah wants to find a husband according to Islam Date: 20-1-2002

    For the past 3 years, I have requested that my Mom find a religious husband for me. I didn't ask my father for I feel embarrassed to ask him of such matters. Unfortunately, they have not taken this matter seriously and have not made any real attempts. As a result, I asked my sisters for help. Instead of helping, they have advised me to place an ad and.. More

  • Some scholars preferred the marriage between non-relatives Date: 1-1-2002