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  • Choosing Between Two Marriageable Men Date: 22-5-2002

    Who Should I Marry? I am a lady of 24 years old about to marry but I am confused on who to marry. I practice Islam very well A. F. is a practising Muslim, a young guy ready to marry. M.M. is a Muslim but not practising. Should I marry him and put him through the religion? He has two children born by a Christian woman, but he has divorced the woman... More

  • Wants to marry a Muslim girl Date: 13-5-2002

    I'm a young Muslim teacher at the University, who wants to marry a Muslim girl who happens to be a third-year student at the above same University. She put some conditions for me to abide by otherwise she won't marry me. She said that I have to have a beard and wear my clothes "up to half of calf". I just replied that whatever I do should be based on.. More

  • Marrying a Non-Virgin Date: 10-4-2002

    Is it Halal to marry a woman who is not virgin? .. More

  • Parents Refuse to Accept Marriage Plans of Their Son Date: 16-3-2002

    I'm an Indian Muslim girl and wish to marry a Pakistani Muslim boy (N). We are both in love and have known each other for 2 years. We are studying in the same college. We decided to tell his mother about us but when she found out I'm not a Pathan (pusho-speaking) like them, she refused our marriage. A few months later his parents told him that they.. More

  • How to find a good Muslim husband Date: 13-3-2002

    My Question: Is there an Ayah or Surah that you read when you need to find 'love' or a good husband? I'm a 23 year old female and I know dating is Haram in Islam so, I don't date and I've no other way of meeting a good Muslim husband but I really do want to get married, Insha Allah soon. So please tell me how.Thanks in advance, you have really helped.. More

  • Wants to Marry a Girl after Committing Zina with Her for Years Date: 10-2-2002

    Indeed, this is my story: I knew a girl at University who is not from my country. At the time I was ignorant and unawake; this part of the world is full of satanic temptations, dating girls, having intercourse with them. I really regret it now! But with the last girl, it lasted 5 years. I envisage marrying her knowing that she is a Muslim and her family.. More

  • Aunt Wants Her to Marry Someone Who Does Not Pray Date: 29-1-2002

    My problem is that my aunt (wife of my dad's brother) wants me to marry her sister's son, but I don't want him because I'm only 15 years. I also want someone who knows lots of Deen. I want to be a good Muslim, not to marry someone who does not pray. What do you advise? .. More

  • Muslim Woman Wants to Find a Husband according to Islam Date: 20-1-2002

    For the past 3 years, I have requested that my Mom find a religious husband for me. I didn't ask my father for I feel embarrassed to ask him of such matters. Unfortunately, they have not taken this matter seriously and have not made any real attempts. As a result, I asked my sisters for help. Instead of helping, they have advised me to place an ad and.. More

  • Some Scholars Preferred Marriage Between Non-Relatives Date: 1-1-2002

    I came to know that marriages between cousins is more preferrable than marriage to others. Can you share some information on this? .. More

  • Marrying a Woman of a Different Nationality Date: 28-10-2001

    I have found a woman to marry, but her culture is different. I am okay with that; I am Indian and she is from Yemen. I have talked to my parents, but my parents didn't agree on it. They think I should marry an Indian Muslim woman. I like this girl, but my parents think that it's not wise to marry a woman whose nationality is different from mine. I need.. More

  • Muslim Arab women marrying non-Arab Muslim man Date: 28-10-2001

    Can a Muslim Arab woman marry a non-Arab Muslim Man?.. More

  • Can Muslim Arab Woman Marry a Non-Arab Muslim Man? Date: 28-10-2001

    Can a Muslim Arab woman marry a (non-Arab) Muslim Man? .. More

  • Young Doctor Fears Spinsterhood Unless She Marries Uneducated Cousin Date: 11-9-2001

    I'm a Muslim girl and I have problem and I hope you can help me. My cousin wants to marry me and he is good boy but he is not educated at all and I'm a doctor, from my side I don't see him lower than me because I know that all of us are similar and nobody is better than the other only by his work but I'm afraid that he will feel jealous and this will.. More

  • Parents Not Blessing Marriage of Son to Older Woman Date: 8-8-2001

    What does Islam say about parents not blessing a son's marriage just because the lady he is marrying is 3 years older than him? Bear in mind the son is 36 years old. .. More

  • Deviated Woman Wants to Marry New American Muslim Date: 27-5-2001

    We belong to the Islamic center of central Pennsylvania in the United States. A deviated Muslimah (female) wants to marry a new American Muslim (male). What is the Hukm here? .. More