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  • Acceptance of a suitor who does not offer congregational prayers Date: 12-1-2014

    Will I be mistaken if I turn down the proposal of a young man (my cousin) because he does not offer prayer in congregation most times and listens to music? .. More

  • Ruling on marrying a woman who swallowed a spell Date: 12-1-2014

    After engagement, I discovered that my fiancée swallowed a spell and that she is possessed. The Jinni loved her and tried to have sex with her. On certain days, she suffers from vomiting and pain at the lowest part of her back. She went to a Shaykh who directed her to have honey and the black cumin and advised her to frequently recite the Quran, particularly.. More

  • He was the reason behind her reversion to Islam and now wants to marry her Date: 12-1-2014

    I am a 23- year-old single man and I have finished my studies. I met a 19-year-old Christian Lebanese girl via the internet. She embraced Islam thanks to Allaah The Exalted after convincing her of Islam. She is an only child to a rich family, and when her father knew of her Islam, he asked her to give it up, but she remained firmly adherent to Islam.. More

  • Ruling on marrying a daughter to an alcoholic Date: 12-1-2014

    A friend of mine has a problem as her father wants to marry her off to his friend’s son who is an alcoholic with very bad morals. Her father tells her that she can reform him and make him upright, but she is very sad and depressed because of that. I can not see her like that and she asked me for a solution to her problem. What can she do?.. More

  • Age difference and debt are not impediments to marriage Date: 30-12-2013

    Salam alikom Im so sick searching for a solution to my problem, it is a very serious problem because it s a life time issue. Im a young girl in my thirteen ages who has a fiancee who is older than her about 14 years and who has kids he is living abroad , what do you say about a fiance who has a big loan from the bank and the girl family knows nothing.. More

  • The permissibility of marrying an ex-psychiatric woman Date: 30-12-2013

    Alsalamualikom. I have recently met a sister through an islamic marriage site. We have been talking for around a month and things have been going well. Lately she has informed me about some issues that she went through, mainly that she used to have sever depression around a year ago (was in hospital for a year) and underwent shock therapy. She says.. More

  • Two men proposed to her, the first disappeared and her mother refuses the second Date: 26-12-2013

    after doing my prayers and asking Allah to guide me to take a decision , i turned back to ask a scholar like you to help me also. I know that sure Allah will give me what is the best for me but as you have eperience in that field , i may find an answer to my request. sorry of not writing in Arabic, as i dont have an Arabic key borad. i will tell you.. More

  • What a woman should seek in a would-be-husband Date: 22-12-2013

    assalamu alikum.i have problem in choosing a spouse that for me.i'm 30 in age. i have 2 married elder sisters and a younger sister.i expect my spouse must be religious,educated with proper job .but we have some other problems.1- father retired from job because of sister spend for us.she tells only she can't spend.2-younger sister has to marry... More

  • A girl is not to be forced to marry against her will Date: 26-11-2013

    I need your help & guide.I'm 28 girl.I want to marry a boy. He like me & I like him.His family agree and only my mum is agree but my brothers and eldest brother wife is not agree for my marriage. My dad pass away 10 years ago. My eldest brother want me to marry with my bhabi brother, but I don't want marry him and also my mum told them 5 years.. More

  • She rejected him although he was so sincere towards her Date: 25-9-2013

    I am an Indian working in saudi arabia few months back i have sent an proposal to a girl to get marry i met her also and explained her about my intentions towards her i so the things was very clear which i made it to her like my salary my earnings and charity which i gave .like a family member i have been very transparent to her even a small thing also.. More

  • Her daughter's future in-laws seek help from Awliaa' and visit their shrines Date: 9-9-2013

    Assalamu walikum I Need help and advice on wat to do for my daugher who's marriage is being fixes at the moment, I have just found out that the family she will be marring into have a different Muslim belief then us they believe in phir awalia and do every thing according to that, they have shrines that they visit (azmi sharif) for example and also shrines.. More

  • He lost hope in finding a good wife Date: 11-6-2013

    Salamu alaykum. I am 22 years now and I was brought up in the West. I have needed a wife for 10 years now as there is so much fitnah in the Western societies. I hate the process of finding a wife because I never find anyone suitable or if I get in touch with someone suitable (not directly obviously), the process takes so long time and they say that.. More

  • Engaged to his cousin but wants to marry a Christian woman willing to convert Date: 18-2-2013

    Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu, I am a Muslim dentist. I got a job in Saudi Arabia as a dentist and migrated here. I got engaged to my cousin(my father's sister's daughter) whose parents had been pursuing me for almost a year. I am supposed to get married to this girl after 3 months. All my life, I have seen her as my sister and I could.. More

  • Supplicate Allaah to find a good wife Date: 29-12-2012

    Assalam-u-Alaikum, Hope you well. I just wanted to ask im looking to get married & im in my late 20's, few months ago i met this girl thru family & we talked for the last few months but not all the time, we did like each other & i agreed to marry her & but she woundnt make up her mind & told me she was confused & woundnt.. More

  • Ask Allaah to bless you with a good Muslim wife Date: 17-12-2012

    i was an ethist before and i commited zina. I repent now about my past and pray allah everyday to forgive me and that girl. I always thought i am going to marry her but due to family issues we are parted. Even now i want to marry her but she is not interested as i left her in the midway. She also repent for what she did with me. I am trying to convenve.. More