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  • Contemplating suicide because of obstacles to marriage Date: 13-12-2015

    I live in Saudi Arabia; the government did not allow me to marry a Muslim girl from outside my country because I am not 35. (I am 30 years old.) We are both Muslims, me and my fiancee have already waited eight years so far, but the government wants me to wait five more years in order to be 35 years old. I am having heart issues now and have been to.. More

  • A suitor who does not pray and listens to music should be rejected Date: 14-10-2015

    Asalamualaikum,I have some questions that are concerning me greatly. I am my elder sister's wali, my sister has received a marriage proposal from one of my cousins however he doesn't read all 5 prayers, he only reads Fajr Namaz and attends jumah, he also listens to music, free mixes with non mahram relatives like cousins etc. I should let you know,.. More

  • His daughter insists on marrying an ill-mannered man Date: 21-7-2015

    As salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah. My husband's daughter (my step daughter) wants to marry a man who has anger issues and who is ill mannered. My husband is concerned that he will not make a suitable husband for this reason. Also, his daughter is a virgin, and was raised as a muslim and this young man is not a virgin and has only been a Muslim ( and.. More

  • If he is good Muslim, marry him even if you disagree on having pets Date: 20-7-2015

    Assalam alaykum dear scholars,I am about to get married to a good muslim brother in two months to come In'sha'Allah. I am a person who loves animals alot and I have several cats at home but when I mentioned to my fiance about my love for animals he told me he doesn't like animals especially the cats. I was so disappointed to hear this and I couldn't.. More

  • A religious, well-mannered suitor should not be turned down Date: 19-6-2015

    I had 32 years old divorce daughter with one 10 years old son, a muslim guy with stable work want to marry her and she also like the 35 years guy,the question is my wife didnt like the guy and her widow parents and family for un reasonable reasons...the family is in trouble now because she warn me and my daughter to divorce me or live the house,,if.. More

  • Age difference between bride and suitor is not a factor Date: 13-6-2015

    Assalamo alaykom Bros. & Sisters, I had married and after my first wife died I married the 2nd Sister & she got accident and diedm the 3rd Sister I married and she got Ill by Ulcer and died also, the 3rd youngest Sister has offer to me that I should marry her I'm 54 years old and she was 18 years old now, coul I also marry her? Please reply.. More

  • Father refuses good suitor because of conflict between families Date: 20-4-2015

    Asalamu alaikomWhen i was in high school there was a very Nice practising brother there whom i liked very much.It was also obvious that he liked me to but because dating in islam is haram we never got together.But we would always pray in our salat to god to bring us together in the future inshallah I went abroad to study and he built he's career.And.. More

  • Parents forbid marrying a religious girl on tribal grounds Date: 18-2-2015

    Assalamu alaykum, please those the tribe of a girl considered when chosen a spouse. Because i have a girl i want to marry, she is very religious but my parents says her tribes normally brings poverty when married so am not allowed to marry her please advise. .. More

  • A suitor with these bad qualities will not be a good husband Date: 25-11-2014

    Salamualukom I'm 26 years old,a Muslim guy from my country asked for my hand, he has deen & akhlaq but i prayed Istikhra i said yes but then everything went wrong my brother weren't interested to meet him ,my dad swore that if I marry this guy he will never look into my eyes even though he doesn't know him,my family rejected him even before asking.. More

  • Do not hasten to marry this new Muslim man before verifying his religiosity Date: 29-9-2014

    Assalamu Alaikum Brother/Sister. I'm Siddiqua and a non-muslim man proposed me(not an online friend but he is my colleague) and he is a converted muslim now but still not practising his prayers since his family doesn't know about his conversion. He knows the values of Islam. He went for classes to know about Islam.He approached my parents and everything.. More

  • She is engaged to a Muslim man who has two children out of wedlock Date: 27-7-2014

    I am marring a Muslim man and im non Muslim. He has two children from a Muslim woman he never married. When we first met he told me he has never been married and he has no children. He later told me that the woman was his dead brother's wife. And the children were his dead brothers. After being.engaged 8 months, because I refused to marry him til he.. More

  • Uncle complicates his niece's marriage proposal from a new Muslim Date: 25-7-2014

    assalaumualikum. a sister has got a proposal from a good practising muslim should we deal with this.? the boy's family has aslo conveted to islam about 9 years back.what advice would you give to someone who acts superior over the converts? the proposal has already been accepted and the girl's family really likes the boy and there is only.. More

  • A religious woman is the optimum choice for marriage, even for a sinner Date: 9-7-2014

    Asalam mu alaykum sheikh a guy who is religiously committed and reads quran and sunnah learns deen on daily basis perform prayers but somtimes misses fajr prayer do things which are haram in islam...and thinks tht if he will marry a religious woman thn she will help him in faith and help him to get out of all those sins or he should not choose a woman.. More

  • Many of Internet marriages end in failure Date: 6-3-2014

    I broke up with my long years long distance relationship boyfriend when my mother told me that if he cannot be able to marry me then it is better not to invest feelings for him. But when the boy talked to my mother regarding the all inclusive wedding expenses, the boy could not afford it by himself and his family refuses to help him this time. The family.. More

  • Her suitor claims he contacts the Jinn and sees souls of Awliyaa' Date: 23-2-2014

    assalamu alaikum.......a girl received a proposal from a guy who is a hafiz-ul-quran and the guy has a good character, however the problem arises at the point that he told her that he knows everything about her/her past, she said he told me such things about myself which only allah knows besides me, and he accepted that jinns told him all More