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  • He has a disability and does not find a Muslim wife Date: 5-7-2010

    -i have a disability in my righ leg (20%)but i can walk and do my job normally. -i tried to contacte with arab girls for marriage but they refused because of my disability but i knew a lot of girls (not moslim)and no problem to marry any one of them. -so what s your advice to do cause i want to marry and have childrens not: i live in canada.. More

  • He is hesitant to marry the woman he loves after she told him about her past Date: 15-6-2010

    I am a 25 yr muslim guy in love with a 25 yrs muslim girl from past 1 and half year and we want to get married, We could not control our nafs and had physical relation (not had intercourse),problem is i cannot tell about my relation to my family since i got my elder sister's to get married,The girl whom i wish to marry had a prior long term relationship.. More

  • He converted a Hindu girl to Islam and wants to marry her secretly Date: 13-6-2010

    Assalamu alaikum, brother if you can reply to this soon inshaAllah. there was a girl in my college. she was hindu. we were in touch, and now thru me she has accepted islam, and i want to get married to her, but for now she is in india and i stay in United Arab Emirates. and we dont want to enter into some haram relation and so we decided to get married... More

  • She admires an imprisoned Muslim man and wishes to marry him Date: 1-6-2010

    Asalamualaikum, Dear Sheikh, the question I have is regarding choosing a possibe future husband. I am a practicing Muslimah, Alhamdulilah and in my twenties. I have kidney failure and curently on kidney dialysis. At the hospital that I attend, there is a Muslim brother there who also has kidney failure and is on kidney dialysis. He is the perfect and.. More

  • The girl he wants to marry is on bad terms with his parents Date: 30-5-2010

    Assalamoaleqm, Am in a relation with a good muslim believing girl. We liked each other and told our parents about our intention of getting married few years down the line.My parents and her's stay in the same town and I work in a different city. Everything went smooth for a year, but then misunderstanding between the families crept in. My father said.. More

  • Wants to propose marriage to a girl who follows the Deobandi Hanafi School Date: 9-5-2010

    Assalam o Alaikum I am a salafi and ask and trust the fatawas for any issue from the following website from Saudi Arabia. I am going to marry a girl from Pakistan that belongs to hanafi deobandi maslak. Today's Hanafi deobandi ulama are misguided and do a major haram thing by giving fatwas only on sayings of their imam. and in.. More

  • She wants to marry her lover, but his parents refuse her Date: 18-4-2010

    aslwlkm imaam , i hav a question that i love one afghani boy n we both love each other vry much n want to marry soon bt his family is totally agaist wth me coz i m nt afghani girl n nt frm big family so they want him to marry in his family, and i m nt that bad allamdullila i m namaazi n god fear person so i want to do nikaah aspl so v vil accept frm.. More

  • Her father wants her to marry her cousin but she wants to marry another man Date: 14-4-2010

    I went to visit my dady and my dady already make a arrangement of marrying one of my cousin who is good brother and religious brother too, but as for me I love other brother, my family thinks that the one I love is not good husband for me and they believe that my cousin is good husband for me since he has good knowledge for the deen and he is older.. More

  • Wants to propose marriage to a girl whose guardian is not around Date: 25-3-2010

    AsalamoAlikum I request brothers to answer me on this and not refer me to answer to similar questions. There happens to be a female who is known to my family for years .She spent her life with people who adopted her and they have no other child. Recently my mother told me that she is non mahram to my distant uncle who adopted her. This uncle of mine.. More

  • Do not marry him until he becomes a true Muslim and repents from Zina Date: 22-3-2010

    Assalam alaikum... All Praise goes to allah... Am writin this with full heart of sorrows:( i dont know whether allah will forgive me or not for my sin. Kindly help me out to come out from this hell . I fell in love with a non-muslim guy who is really very humble,kind and good in character. Moreoever he accepted the muslim principles, doing namaz.. More

  • Her family problems frustrate her plans to marry the man she loves Date: 16-3-2010

    Salam,first of all i request to give me reply.My father is living seperated from us for last 10years,My senior guy at college proposed me for mariage when i was in first year,and my family told him to wait till last these years we made phone chats and i was fully waiting for him in life,now in this fourth year,his parents are insulting my family.. More

  • She received a marriage proposal from a man who works in a bank Date: 21-2-2010

    assalmu 3alaikum wara7matullahe wa barakatuhu i have recently been asked to consider a muslim man for marriage. This person is known to have a good character but my problem is that he works as a bank manager in the uk, managing non islamic banks. My limited knowledge is that his source of income is not halal and hence i should not even consider him.. More

  • Some of her family members object to her marriage to a suitable man Date: 18-2-2010

    A Muslim guy proposed to me. My mother agrees to the proposal as the guy is religious and have equal standing with me. We are both lawyers. He is religious and comes from a good Muslim family. My father is already deceased. The relatives of my father are neutral on the subject.They said it is up to me and my mother and my wali. My mother's.. More

  • Wants to marry but lacks the permissible means to communicate with girls Date: 8-2-2010

    AslamoAlikum I request the brothers to answer me on this and not refer to answers to similiar questions. In the society I live, there is so much violation of Allah's hudood. Almost two years have passed since I adopted Allah's way wholeheartedly and made Him my goal. My purpose in future is to get into Deen fully(do something for Islam). Currently.. More

  • He loves a Muslim girl who has a relationship with a non-Muslim man Date: 27-1-2010

    I am in one of the Nigerian higher institutions, accidentally fell in love with a girl who use to be my reading mate. The truth is that i truly love this girl and will like to marry her if Allah wishes. The problem is that she has a boyfriend who is a non-muslim and i think this is affecting her deen negatively. She also love me but the truth is she.. More