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  • A religious girl wants to marry him, but she is not beautiful Date: 25-1-2010

    I'm 27y old my question is that one she is almost religions and five time prays and bears good moral character from religious family. she loves my very much bu I don't like her becoz but she is not beautiful but she is deendar. she is telling if i will not marry her she will never marry in the life, and she is crying for me, kindly advice me what should.. More

  • His parents refuse his marriage to a divorced woman who is older than him Date: 4-1-2010

    Dear Respected Sir, I am a 29 year old male who is in the higher education profession. for the past many months i have been seriously considering marriage and have singled out a fellow worker whose habits and character and Devotion to religion i really like. many times she has guided me on religious ways as well which i sincerely liked and appreciated... More

  • Wants to marry a Hindu girl against the will of his parents Date: 3-1-2010

    Dear brother in Islam, I wanted to help my friend by making some qestion clear by your help. My lady friend is hindu by religion and the person whom she loves is muslim. They both love eachother very much. She wanted to convert islam and wanted to to be with him. The muslim guy told his parentsthat he loves one hindu lady and wants to marry her. ALso.. More

  • Wants to marry a religious girl whose family is not religious Date: 31-12-2009

    Asalamu Alakumm Jazakum allah khear for your work and effort, I have alhamdullah recently graduate and I am now looking to complete half of my deen. There is this practising sister at my university which mashallh dress modestly and is always involved in Islamic events, charity organisations for Palestine, attending study circles and even teaching.. More

  • She is afraid to marry someone other than the man she loves Date: 31-12-2009

    salam alaikum sheikh i am a 19 year old girl. my problem is that i have a neighbour who is 2 or 3 years elder to me. we dont know each other though our parents know each other well. i was abroad for several years and came back to home land for higher studies. my parents are still abroad. that is when i started noticing him. we were together on daawah.. More

  • His daughter is deeply in love with an unsuitable man Date: 24-12-2009

    Respected Scholar: We are going through hell and need your help and guidance. Our daughter who is 24 years old has been in continuous contact with a man who is of the bad character and no one in the community will marry their daughter to him, he was married someone in Pakistan and has a daughter he is in Mortgage business which is haram he is already.. More

  • Committed Zina after his fiancée broke off their engagement Date: 26-10-2009

    Asalam Alaykum, i have been a new Muslim for 8 years. I got engaged with a young lady who is also Muslim but when she broke off the engagement my iman became weak. I am so ashamed to admit this, but i turned to a non-muslim woman for comfort and unlawful relations took place. I don't know if she is pregnant or not. Then i received a call and i was given.. More

  • Wants to marry a girl whose family do not marry outside their race Date: 6-10-2009

    AsalamoAlaikum Kindly clarify me on this issue. I am Muslim who follow Islam based on evidence.(Alhamdulilah). My family is barelvi and they differ me in alot of ways. I am kind of independent and want to propose someone for engagement given that i have quite some time left in my graduation. The issue is that the female person whom i want.. More

  • Received a marriage proposal from a man who wants her to live with his family Date: 3-9-2009

    My parents have received a proposal for me.The guy lives in joint family system & i wont b alowed to cover my face in front of the male family members,though they have no objection in my observation of hijab outside home(they say that at home i can wear a scarf over my ordinary clothes if i like) mom's a little upset as this is the second time.. More

  • Loves a Hindu girl who is ready to embrace Islam against the will of her family Date: 31-8-2009

    assalam wailaikum, i m 22yr muslim, 8months back i got into phone contact with a hindu girl. we both like each other but havent seen each other.but this is wrong. she says she wants to marry me and ready to embrase islam.i cant take decision without seen her, i told her. but if we both agree can we marry? should we tell our parents? but both our parents.. More

  • She loves a man whose mother does not want him to marry her Date: 23-7-2009

    Assalamu alaykom i want to know what islam says about my situation?! 4yrs back i became reverted muslim alhamdhulillah,im basically from an hindu family my parents were searching hindu groom for me at time i was disturbed and confused as i dont know how to protect myself..and there my religious firend asked my hand for marriage in the intension to save.. More

  • A good man wants to marry her, but he is married Date: 18-6-2009

    Dear brohter, Im in trouble.I met a men for almost 4 years,during this time we were respectfull towards each other,for me i though he is who i want as im looking just for someone who know how to respect a women as a humainbeing,but during this time he always was telling me that there is something he was hiding and couldnt say it coz he was afraid to.. More

  • Ex-Ismaili convert to Islam wants to marry a Sunni girl Date: 11-6-2009

    As'Salamu Alykum I am 28 years old male form Karachi, Pakistan, I was born in an Ismaili family and followed the Ismaili Path till the age of 20, now I'm following Sunni path. I want to marry a Sunni girl. I want to know that, will this marriage be valid and lawful? Else, how can I convince her parents about me as my family still hold the Ismaili path?.. More

  • Wants to convert a non-Muslim woman and marry her Date: 20-5-2009

    I had decided to convert a non-muslim female & marry her. she already have 2 children (5 & 3 yrs) from her non muslim husband. My question is : Does the children who are staying with there mother also need to convert now? I know that they are now not able to take any decision now due to their age. The childrens father does call and plans to visit them.. More

  • This statement about future life partner is not true Date: 13-5-2009

    ASSALAM o ALAIKUM i have heared several time that if u do some thing which is wrong(either big or small sin) in ISLAM.. your life partner had also commited that sin what you did.. for example. if a girl had a relationship with a person n did not got married with that boy, n she kissed that boy, so his husband also had a relationship before marriage.. More