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  • Husband Asking His Wife for Sex While in Someone Else's House Date: 19-4-2006

    When my husband calls me to his bed, am I allowed to reject his call because I do not feel comfortable in doing so due to our surroundings? For example, we may be guests at someone house, or when I know it may be possible for others to hear what goes on between us? .. More

  • Wants to take a second wife to avoid illicit relations Date: 21-2-2006

    I am a married man with a stable family and four children. I have been married for almost 20 years. Ever since I got married I have been involved in forbidden relations with other women. During intercourse with my wife, many times I feel I am with my wife and another woman as well because this enables me to get more aroused. I also share this.. More

  • Married but living separately apart Date: 7-2-2006

    I have been married to a Muslim man for the past fifteen years. He pre-fers to live without me in a separate house. He says that he loves me, yet he thinks that it is better that each one of us lives separately. Sometimes I feel that he feels ashamed for being attached to me or that he fears to pre-sent me to his children. What is your advice? .. More

  • The balance between the rights of wife and the right of relatives Date: 6-12-2005

    My husband has had trouble for years now balancing his duties to me, his wife, and to his mother (a widow) and his younger brothers, who are old enough to take care of themselves. He has always put me on hold, my rights have always been violated, he has ultimate devotion in taking care of them, but doesn't realize how neglecting me is hurting.. More

  • Recently married and at pain to return to his wife Date: 23-11-2005

    I got married before 9 months, as part of job I did not see her from past 5 months. I decided to quit the job and go to stay with my wife back home. But my company's managers not allowing me to go, they playing with me, I can't go and complaints in the labor dept. because they have too much power in the ministry. May be they will send me behind.. More

  • Rights of spouses Date: 22-8-2005

    I would like to ask about a woman serving her husband. If she accepts the opinion that it is not obligatory as some scholars have said (especially in the case where the woman works and the husband is unemployed), then what about the case when her husband orders her iron his clothes for example. Does this suddenly become obligatory because the.. More

  • Flattering one's wife Date: 2-8-2005

    I heard that it is Haraam to highly praise a person to his face. But can a husband flatter his wife so that the love is increased? .. More

  • Penalty for the husband who fails to respond to his wife's sexual needs Date: 13-7-2005

    Will the husband be punished after death if he does not respond to the sexual need of his wife, and this without having health problems? We all know that the women have to respond to the needs of her husband no matter what (except when she is ill) and if she does not respond she will be demand all day. .. More

  • Being married to a Christian wife Date: 12-7-2005

    I am a Muslim, I am married to my wife for 26 years, she remain Christian, and she will never change to Islam but my children became true Muslim, and my wife happy with that (they decide to be Muslim by themselves). Now how is the Prophet, sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam, Mohammed situation with his wife Mary Al-Koptia did she became a Muslim after.. More

  • Over four-month lapse in husband's affection Date: 28-6-2005

    My husband does not sleep with me for over four-month and what I hard is that if married couples stayed without making love for four-month without any reason that their marriage is over that is as good as three Talaaq... More

  • Experiencing a very troubled marriage Date: 9-6-2005

    I have been married for quite along time now. I converted a couple of months before. From the beginning of the marriage, we have had problems. My husband has threatened me with divorce and second wife for years if I don't do as he says. I used to get upset but now I don't care. He has said and done many things to get me to conform to what.. More

  • Little or no sexual satisfaction in their marriage Date: 15-5-2005

    I have been married for over twenty years, but during all this time, my wife has never been interested in sex. We would have relations only after her feeling guilty about it. I do not wish to look at other women, and do not have relations for years at home, what is a man supposed to do. We love each other and divorce, other marriages, etc. are.. More

  • Had a previous scam marriage Date: 15-5-2005

    I am getting married soon, Inshaa' Allaah, to a pious and chaste sister in my home country, which is Muslim. I happen to have lived in one of the western countries and back then I was not a good Muslim. I have done many sins and Al-Hamdulillaah I have repented from all of them and I regret having committed them. May Allah forgive me. One of.. More

  • Her husband refuses to provide her with her own accommodation Date: 12-5-2005

    I am married and living with in-laws. I know it is my right to have a house of own. I've told my husband that I want to a house of our own but he has refused. In the house there are two young men in the house and I feel very uncomfortable because I am a practicing sister. What should I do? May Allaah reward you. .. More

  • Wants to know her husband's financial affairs Date: 26-4-2005

    I want to ask about my husband he give me everything I want but I did not know anything about his salary and how much he have money nothing like this he didn't tell me when I ask him he say the women must not now everything about her husband he think like this and this didn't mean he didn't trust me he say no he trust me a lost but he think like.. More