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  • Leaving the house while her husband is in a coma Date: 4-5-2011

    Is it permissible for a woman whose husband is in a coma since long ago to go out in the company of a Mahram, such as her nephew, to places such as the market, Al-Masjid Al-Haraam, the hospital, and so on? .. More

  • Virtue of the husband over his wife Date: 10-3-2011

    What is the virtue of a husband over his wife that the Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, almost commanded the wife to make prostration before her husband?.. More

  • Texts from the Qur’aan and Sunnah enjoining the wife to obey her husband Date: 10-3-2011

    What is the Hadeeth (narration) that states that a wife should fully obey her husband, of course in what Allaah The Almighty permits as in the Qur’an and the Sunnah (Prophetic tradition)? .. More

  • Limits of interaction between a couple after concluding the marriage contract Date: 9-3-2011

    Is it valid under Sharee'ah (Islamic law), to talk to the fiancé after concluding the marriage contract, even though the girl’s father refuses that?.. More

  • His 58 year old wife says that she is too old for sex Date: 19-5-2010

    3/5/2010. I shall be 64 years in July 2010. My wife is 58-year-old. Her menses stopped nearly seven years ago. After that she doest want to have intercourse with me willingly. And for the last three years, she hardly agrees to have intercourse; rather she scolds me and says this is not allowed at this age. She says Allah has allowed intercourse only.. More

  • A husband disposing of the money of his wife Date: 11-2-2010

    I recently started working and as a show of trust on my husband I let him manage my money also in whatever way he wants. I have noticed in the past few times he has been giving me wrong information on where he spent the money. It was more obvious when I asked him about it and he raised his voice. I found out that he has been spending my money on his.. More

  • Her husband broke his pre-marriage promises Date: 28-1-2010

    I got married 5 months ago, before marriage my husband promised my mum and dad that after marriage he will not stop my studies,he will come with me overseas for my citizenship will stay there 1 one for that atleast.he also promised that his married sister with her two kids living with him will not create any problem for me,after marriage.. More

  • A wife refusing her husband’s call to bed because he shaves his beard Date: 4-1-2010

    Asalam allaikum wa rahmatullah wa baraktuh! I have one Question: I live in Europe. I and many of my frinds has the Problem, that our husbands shaves off their beard and shows their auwrah (Shot jacket and tight trousers). Due to the fact, that it is forbidden to show one's auwrah and shave the beard, is it permissible for us to stop sexual intercourse.. More

  • Who has more right to the wife's earnings? Date: 4-11-2009

    i m a doctor, my parents put in their hard efforts for my studies. now i am married and now i am doing some job for the very first time after completing my studies. i just wana ask who has right on my pay. do clear it regarding my parents, i want to give and support my parents as much as i can. but people do talk in a way that parents shd not take.. More

  • Her brother-in-law is living with them in the same house Date: 14-10-2009

    Assalamulaikum. I have been married for 3 years now and my mother-in-law and brother-in-law are living with us in our house. According to Islam my brother in law is not mahram to me; He is 3 years older than me (30yrs old) and unmarried as yet. His personality is that he keeps to himself most of the time, so we hardly interact with eachother. However.. More

  • Wife asking husband to provide her with Internet to contact her mother Date: 30-9-2009

    Assalamu alaykum. My mother and me are reverted muslimas. My husband works in islamic country, myself and my kids are going there also. My mother stays alone in non-muslim country, feeling not able to join us. I asked my husband to provide us Internet possibility there to be able to have regular contact with my mom through messengers, but he refuses,.. More

  • Should a husband love his wife more than his children? Date: 5-8-2009

    is the husband supposed to love his wife more than his kids.i have read that it is good if children grow up seeing the deep love between their parents,even more intense than the parents love for kids,coz it creates a feeling of security.and also that psychologically a man should love his wife more so that his children could also imbibe the importance.. More

  • Many questions about marriage and marital life Date: 19-7-2009

    Bismilah, salam alaikom wa rahmato lah wa barakato I am interested in getting married with a brother who converted to the islam.He is divorced since 2 years they were married for 4 years, they have a daughter (3 years).His parents and ex wife,daughter are non muslim.His daughter is living with her mother and she doesn't let him see his daughter often.. More

  • A wife delaying sexual intercourse until her wedding is done Date: 9-7-2009

    I recently divorced a man who aparently married me only for the green card and we never islamically got married or consimated the marriage ,so I am still a virgin. Now I got married again to another man except Islamically not legally yet (a local Muslim from the board of "shura" from the masjid preformed the nikah without legal papers per MY request).. More

  • Her husband suffers from PTSD Date: 29-4-2009

    salam alaikum. i am a 30 year old woman married for 9 months. my husband suffers from ptsd (for 40 years) due to child abuse and being in th british army. i desperatly need help i feel really depressed. i have put all my efforts in to helping him im praying and teaching him his prayers although his concentration is very poor due to his mental illness... More