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  • Checking the sheets for blood on the wedding to verify wife's virginity Date: 21-6-2004

    I would really appreciate it if you would answer my question clearly and concisely. Is there an Islamic basis to checking bed sheets for blood on one's wedding night to see if a wife is a virgin? What does Islam say about this? Is Islam in favour of this or does it see it as a bad thing? I am anticipating your speedy reply. .. More

  • Husband should stimulate you sufficiently Date: 10-6-2004

    I don't practice masturbation I would like to know if during intercourse and foreplay instead of using sex toys for stimulation can a wife use her hands to stimulate herself if her husband is not able to do it for her? Will this be considered masturbation if with her husband?.. More

  • My husband does not satisfy me Date: 2-6-2004

    My husband not satisfiedin bed (sex) he wants to make with me love just one in a week. He answered me that no reason whenI asked him why? What canI do? .. More

  • Husband wants sex only once a week Date: 27-4-2004

    My husband wants to make love (sex)just once a week. When I asked him the reason, he gave me no reason. What canI do? .. More

  • Obedience of a wife to her husband Date: 17-2-2004

    Conditional obedience: A wife must obey her husband if he provides monetary items in return, whatever those that may be, big or small. Unbound obedience: A wife must obey her husband under all circumstances except in sin (Ma’siyah Allah), whatever monetary items he may withhold, big or small. In short, is obedience conditional or unbound?.. More

  • Ask for Divorce If The Situation Does Not Change Date: 18-12-2003

    I'm a married woman of 14 years with 6 kids. My husband and I get alone well, but we do have one big problem in the 14 years we have been married he has been having extra marital affairs. He says he can't stop and doesn't know why. I don't know what to do. He has fallen in love a few times with these women. Please help me so angry at this point I don't.. More

  • Not compulsory upon the wife to do the housework Date: 7-10-2003

    I'm a housewife, my husband refuses to help me with any housework including changing baby nappy! Is it compelling on me to do all the work on my own or just a favour 'Ihsan' for him? .. More

  • Sexual rights of a wife Date: 5-10-2003

    I am really thankful for the opportunity you provided us, that we could share our problems here. I really want to know the wife's rights related to sexual relationships. My question is: what wife should do if her husband can't satisfy her sexually, he is very good husband in all the ways but just don't have interest in sex. Have some physical problem.. More

  • The wife has the right for a separate home Date: 4-10-2003

    What are women's right against their in-laws? Is it her duty to follow their orders in order to please them? Is it necessary for a woman to live with her in-laws?.. More

  • Virginity after sex Date: 1-10-2003

    If a virgin girl during the time between her Nikah and Walimah has sexual relations with her husband is she still considered a virgin? How many days is she allowed if she becomes a co-wife, three or seven days?.. More

  • Wife Doing Household Chores Date: 27-9-2003

    I need to know what my duties as a wife are at my home. For example: is it an obligation on me to clean the house on my own and prepare the food? .. More

  • Providing a separate home for one's wife Date: 1-9-2003

    Please give me proof for my husband to see that it is his Islamic duty to provide me a home without his parents. I do not want to live with the in-laws because there is no need for it and they are very controlling my husband does not realize that it is my Islamic right to demand a separate home because we can afford it... More

  • Husband Questions Wife about Past Sins although She Repented Date: 15-7-2003

    My question is in regards to marriage and the rights of a husband to know everything about his wife before they were married. I believe if it is something that is undeniable and she has asked for forgiveness from Allah, then she should tell if it will affect the marriage. But my husband now feels the need to always ask me about everything that has happened.. More

  • Wife's Right to Know Husband's Financial Affairs Date: 13-5-2003

    Must a wife know the monthly income and money in the bank, or any wealth of her husband when the family has a good life? .. More

  • Works abroad and Cannot Bring His Wife where He Works Date: 1-4-2003

    I'm married for six years. But the problem is I cannot bring my wife here because my salary is only 1000 QR. I'm unable to get family visa. I can go to my homeland once in every two years. So what your advise for me? Is it advisable to stay without my wife for so long time? Sometimes it may lead to some mistakes by me. So should I continue to work here.. More