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  • Wife wants to visit her parents for long periods Date: 21-12-2008

    My wife says she wants to visit her parents and demands that she will stay with them not less than two days or three days and some times one week. I give her permission only for 12 hours since we are far off, and my mother is bed-redden further more I cannot stay without my wife because I get bad thoughts, finally she refuses to go. She says I am trying.. More

  • Helping husband reform Date: 15-4-2008

    I am a woman who married in an Arab country and then moved to Britain to live with my husband. The problem is that my husband has weak faith, and my efforts to change him are fruitless. Satan always drags him away from Islam by wasting long hours in front of the Internet or the TV. Will you please help me. What is your advice to me?.. More

  • Wife called to Islamic teachings and guidelines Date: 14-1-2008

    My wife is religious, but she does not totally adhere to the Islamic teachings. I do not want to force her. What should I do? Please, support the answer with some Hadeeths and Quranic verses. .. More

  • Her husband is jobless Date: 31-12-2007

    When a sister marries a brother who is not employed, but he promises to take care of her, how long does she put up with his unemployment?.. More

  • His wife has withheld his money to buy an apartment in her name Date: 29-11-2007

    assalamualaikum; I am a white american male 37 years that converter to Islam 9 years ago and have been married to my egytian wife for 6 years and we have a son almost 5 years old now. I have always provided for my family and have had no problems doing so ever. I moved to egypt 2 weeks ago for the sake of Allah. I didnt have a bank account in egypt before.. More

  • His working wife refuses to help him with life expenses Date: 26-11-2007

    I work hard to support my wife and 3 kids and I spend all the money I earn on them. My wife also works but refuses to help me with life expenses that I can't afford. She wants me to find a second job to earn more money. Unfortunately, due to the fact that I can't find a proper job and to the fact that her working hours would not let either one of.. More

  • Obligation to pay for medical treatment of his wife Date: 15-11-2007

    I have read a fatwa 99471 and am fairly shocked. In that fatwa you have stated it is not obligatory for husband to pay for wife’s treatment if she is sick. It is obligatory for woman to stay at home, take care of the house and not go out without his permission. She is not likely to have any source of income so if she fell sick whose responsibility.. More

  • Balance required between Da‘wah and marital life Date: 11-11-2007

    I am the wife of a person who calls people to Allaah, and who is always quite occupied and has no time for me. He talks to a lot of women who ask him for Fatwa and I do not know what to do. Please advise... More

  • Her husband is too busy with the Tableegh group to take care of her Date: 11-11-2007

    As-Salaam 'Alaykum, I have been married for five years to a man who is very active in the Tabligh Jama'ah. He is however not concerned about his obligations to the family, so long as he is able to go out with the Jama'ah. We are practically living off my mother - we live in her house, most of our household needs come from her stores and she paid the.. More

  • Husband wants to have intercourse with his wife while her being tired Date: 28-10-2007

    Salam. I know I must obey my husband for sex but what if I am sleeping and really tired and he wants to have sex, what is the ruling regarding this? May Allah reward us all... More

  • Unable to stay far from her husband until he gets custody of his daughter from his ex-wife Date: 4-10-2007

    my husband has a daughter from his earlier marriage and she stay with his wife or his wife has custody of their daughter. my husband wants me to wait for him in another country till his daughter becomes 12years old and he can go to court and fight to be with him she is only 9years old now and we dont know how long court will take and what court will.. More

  • She is working to help her husband in seeking Islamic knowledge Date: 25-9-2007

    It is difficult for my husband to find a job,it is easy for me.Allaah has made it easy for me,i can pray at my work premises.I feel that i should be at home,but with no income it is difficult.My husband do not ask for fitra or any other assistence.Is it right for him to leave all his means to Allaah,and not asking fellow muslims for assistance with.. More

  • A wife refusing her mother-in-law to live with her Date: 11-9-2007

    Is it obligitory for the wife to care for her husbands mother and perform duties towards her? does a wife have the right to refuse her husbands mother moving in to their home permanantly?.. More

  • Husband wasting time on the net and TV Date: 4-9-2007

    Asalamu alaykum My question is how to advice a husband who spends a lot of time watching TV and using Internet. The wife told him many times but when she is a bit rude about this he becomes angry. The wife does not want her children to see this, to take example and she wants to be a better muslim and wants a good Islamic family. They do not go out together.. More

  • The benefits the wife gets when she answers her husband’s request to bed Date: 24-6-2007

    what is the Benefits for Woman when she have Sex with her Husband . the rewards. dos god reward her ? what are these rewards? thanks .. More