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230 fatwas

  • Wife Knowing about Husband's Whereabouts and Time of Return Date: 1-3-2001

    Does the wife have the right to know where the husband is and when he plans to return? Does the wife have the right to ASK where the husband is going or when he plans to return? For example, is it Islamically correct for the wife to be left alone day and night, without knowing where her husband is? Is a husband allowed to ignore his wife like this as.. More

  • Muslim man living away from his wife for one year Date: 1-1-2001

    How does Islam support the living of a man away from his wife for one year; these rules are applied in the K.S.A?... More

  • Rights of No.1 wife of 25 years regarding inheritance from husband Date: 1-6-2000

    What are my rights as wife No. 1 after 25 yrs of marriage and my rights with regards to inheritance should my husband treat me unfairly, which seems to be most likely?.. More

  • Wife refuses to have sex with husband Date: 14-2-2000

    My wife refuses to have sex with me. She thinks she has a right to refuse me and as a Muslim wife she has the same rights as I do (which I agree). The problem is that she keeps arguing with me, saying I am not a good husband and Islam permits her to say no to me when I need her for sex. She is willing to do all other duties as a wife... More

  • Husband Makes Troubles When He Reunites with Family Yearly Date: 22-1-2000

    My husband works in Saudi Arabia. He comes to me 1 month in the whole year and whenever he comes he makes troubles with me and with our children. He wants me to apologize always and to treat him as a baby; what's your opinion? .. More