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228 fatwas

  • Rights of No.1 wife of 25 years regarding inheritance from husband Date: 1-6-2000

    What are my rights as wife No. 1 after 25 yrs of marriage and my rights with regards to inheritance should my husband treat me unfairly, which seems to be most likely?.. More

  • Wife refuses to have sex with husband Date: 14-2-2000

    My wife refuses to have sex with me. She thinks she has a right to refuse me and as a Muslim wife she has the same rights as I do (which I agree). The problem is that she keeps arguing with me, saying I am not a good husband and Islam permits her to say no to me when I need her for sex. She is willing to do all other duties as a wife... More

  • Husband Makes Troubles When He Reunites with Family Yearly Date: 22-1-2000

    My husband works in Saudi Arabia. He comes to me 1 month in the whole year and whenever he comes he makes troubles with me and with our children. He wants me to apologize always and to treat him as a baby; what's your opinion? .. More