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  • Her husband refuses to have sex with her Date: 2-4-2009

    Assalm-o-elikum, Dear sir, this is the fourth time I am asking this question. Unfortunately I have not got a reply. I am married since 14 years. My husband does not want to have sex with me. If I touch him or try to be intimate with him , he rejects me. This is causing me a great distress. We have a son who is 10. He keeps away from me for 2 or 3 years.. More

  • Husband is the leader of his family Date: 31-3-2009

    who is the leader of a family, the wife or the husband? who should a wife lessons about financial and other family affairs management, as to where to live and how to live? her father or her rightful husband? when would it be ligitimate a wife to refuse/deny to have a sexual intercourse with her rightful husband? can a wife use her earnings any way she.. More

  • Her husband left her and moved out of the country Date: 23-2-2009

    My Husband of 8 years left me and moved out of the country. Leaving me with all the bills, morgage, ect. I have to work two jobs and it still is not enough, I have to reley on my children. First he left because of work, then when he was gone he said it was because of money, the children then me. A differant excuse. Is this right??? I have not spoken.. More

  • Regrets marrying her abusive husband Date: 17-2-2009

    salamo alaikom does the man have a right to deny his wife the right to have children if she has been married bfre and has children frm her previous marrige thus the issue that he cant fully satisfy her also and abuses her and her children to the extent that she regrets marrying a situation like this wt can she do as she dsnt want to go though.. More

  • Eight-year-old boy sleeping in the same bed with his father and his new wife Date: 17-2-2009

    Asalamualaikum. How does Islamic law interpretes a man bringing his 8 year old son, on his wedding night to sleep on the same bed togehter with his new wife? When he had 2 other rooms in the same hotel where his older children (ages 13 to 27) were staying. It is natural & acceptable for his new bride to get very upset & not agreeing to that.. More

  • Husband sleeps outside his house Date: 10-2-2009

    aslama caleykum my q is what do u do if your husband sleeps at he´s single friends house and also if you have smal children.. More

  • Works far from his family to earn for Hajj with his wife Date: 26-1-2009

    Dear Brother in Islam, Assalamu alaikum (war). I am working in Dubai for the past five years. Initially I came here because of the burden of Debts. Also I am planning to go back to India after One year Insha ALLAH. My wife with my three kids used to stay with my mother in-law ( her mother), but because of some differences with her family members, my.. More

  • Her husband neither spends on her nor lives with her Date: 28-12-2008

    Salamualikumwarahamtullahiwabaraktuhu 5 years bak I got married then after a year my huband gave divorce to me bcoz he was invovled with some another women I'm having a child from him.Then after 7 months again I got married Alhumdulillah and I'm his 2 wife he is doing job in Dubai.After Nikah he has spent only 5 days with me and now its more than.. More

  • A husband is not obliged to pay travel expenses for his wife Date: 23-12-2008

    If a Muslim man gets married and after he marries, his wife asks him to pay for her to visit her home country every year, the husband agrees reluctantly because he doesn't want to upset her, but he doesn't want to pay for this, because he wants to save more money each year, what should the man do if the wife insists he pays? Before marriage the wife.. More

  • Wife wants to visit her parents for long periods Date: 21-12-2008

    My wife says she wants to visit her parents and demands that she will stay with them not less than two days or three days and some times one week. I give her permission only for 12 hours since we are far off, and my mother is bed-redden further more I cannot stay without my wife because I get bad thoughts, finally she refuses to go. She says I am trying.. More

  • Helping husband reform Date: 15-4-2008

    I am a woman who married in an Arab country and then moved to Britain to live with my husband. The problem is that my husband has weak faith, and my efforts to change him are fruitless. Satan always drags him away from Islam by wasting long hours in front of the Internet or the TV. Will you please help me. What is your advice to me?.. More

  • Wife called to Islamic teachings and guidelines Date: 14-1-2008

    My wife is religious, but she does not totally adhere to the Islamic teachings. I do not want to force her. What should I do? Please, support the answer with some Hadeeths and Quranic verses. .. More

  • Her husband is jobless Date: 31-12-2007

    When a sister marries a brother who is not employed, but he promises to take care of her, how long does she put up with his unemployment?.. More

  • His wife has withheld his money to buy an apartment in her name Date: 29-11-2007

    assalamualaikum; I am a white american male 37 years that converter to Islam 9 years ago and have been married to my egytian wife for 6 years and we have a son almost 5 years old now. I have always provided for my family and have had no problems doing so ever. I moved to egypt 2 weeks ago for the sake of Allah. I didnt have a bank account in egypt before.. More

  • His working wife refuses to help him with life expenses Date: 26-11-2007

    I work hard to support my wife and 3 kids and I spend all the money I earn on them. My wife also works but refuses to help me with life expenses that I can't afford. She wants me to find a second job to earn more money. Unfortunately, due to the fact that I can't find a proper job and to the fact that her working hours would not let either one of.. More