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  • When wife is harmed by husband who smokes and refuses to quit Date: 7-1-2015

    Assalamu alaikum, I married a Muslim guy whom I knew he was a smoker. He promised me to never smoke in the house and to clean his mouth after smoking and showed me a great will to quit this vile habit. After marriage, he kept smoking inside the house and car, rarely cleaned himself or mouth of the dreadful smell (his mouth smells like a dead rat in.. More

  • Providing for wife and children takes precedence over providing for parents Date: 6-1-2015

    When i was with my husband in abroad, my m-in-law lied with my husband about me. So, unnecessary he quarreled with me. So i came back to india alone. We dint speak with each other for six months. After six months when i asked about money he said that he left the job 6months before. When i saw his bank transactions since six months all the money went.. More

  • She feels her life is in danger with her abusive husband Date: 21-12-2014

    Salam alaykum I am a revert of many years, alhamdulillah. I am married with three sons mashaAllah. My husband and I do not get along, and when he is angry with me, he often beats me until I bruise. He also curses me and spits mucus into my face and mouth and eyes. He also tells my sons about my sins before Islam (he knows nothing, he makes it up), and.. More

  • A wife traveling with her son against the will of her abusive neglectful husband Date: 26-11-2014

    My father does not support his family and after resorting to physical violence besides verbal abuse, me and my mother have sought to live separately together against his wishes, to stay away from his harm and for our own safety and well being. However I am left jobless and my mother has no other means to be supported, so we have decided to move away.. More

  • Husband prevents her from visiting Christian parents often Date: 16-11-2014

    My husband doesn't want our newborn son and I to visit my parents more that twice a month because they are Christian (I converted years before meeting my husband) even though it is harming my relationship with them and is preventing our son from developing a relationship with them. He also makes it difficult for us to see them twice a month. He also.. More

  • Wife is not obliged to live with her in-laws Date: 12-11-2014

    Salaam o a'alikum Wa rahmatu Allah ta'ala Wa barakatuh. Asalatu Wa salaam a'ala sayiduna Al akram sayudu Al khaleq sayiduna Mohamed alayhi alef salaat Wa salaam. I seek advice as soon as possible, my relationship is breaking down with my husband. Everything went wrong since our first week of our married life, my problem with him is that he still needs.. More

  • How to deal with wife who refuses to cover face Date: 27-9-2014

    asalamualikum hope you are in the best of imaan and also i pray Allah grants you istiqamah. could you please tell me how i should deal with my wife in regards to her wearing the niqab. i have seen the evidences on covering the face and hold it to be frad for her to cover her face. i have advised he countless times in many different ways to cover her.. More

  • The wife may ask for divorce if she is deprived of her rights Date: 17-9-2014

    Assalamualaikum. After a serious marital dispute, my husband left our house to live near his mother's house.I thought he would come back but it has been six months now.He just sends money through my son.He does not come to see me and we communicate via the phone.His family does not want to interfere in our matter.He is bad tempered and his family is.. More

  • A case that permits asking for divorce Date: 10-9-2014

    Aselam alaikum werahmetulahi weberekatuh... I am a 29 years old muslim girl who got engaged almost two months ago... My fiance lives in us nd i live in one of afican country so, he wasnt present for the nikkah day it was done by his fathers presence on his behalf.... After two weeks of my engagement i asked my fiance regarding the process for the us.. More

  • Her husband wants to leave her with her children and live abroad with his mother Date: 26-8-2014

    Asalaam alaiykum - I hope you are able to help me with my query inshallah. My mother in law lives abroad on her own. She has family nearby but no one wishes to look after her because she is very suspicious and always accusing others of black magic. Her family have become fed up of her. She came to live with me and my husband but was always fighting.. More

  • Seeking divorce from an addict husband who commits major sins Date: 30-7-2014

    As salaam aleikum My friend has a problem with her husband and wonder what to do. They have been married 12 years and have three children. When they married she was warned that he wasn't good but she didn't believe it. After her first child got born she started to notice that he used drugs. He is still using. Then she discovered all his girlfriends... More

  • Her husband refuses to have sex with her because he does not love her Date: 24-7-2014

    Assalamoalaikum....I got married last year in the month of February. Between nikaah and rukhsati there was a gap of two months as we used to live in different countries. In this gap, we both developed feelings for each other and loved each other and were in contact via phone calls and video calls. Even we got intimate during this time though not physically.. More

  • She wants to live far away from her critical husband Date: 24-7-2014

    Assalm Alekum . Please give me sugeastion to help me in one major problem of my life which is making me sick and depressed. I am married since 10 years but there are always conflicts between me and my husband i alwaya tried to adjust and compromise but the problem increases. I have 2 kids one of my kids is a disabled child and i have to look after her.. More

  • Her husband wants to divorce her to marry another wife Date: 22-7-2014

    Assalamulaikum. I've a wonderful marriage with my husband, we have a son and i'm also pregnant now. One day, he revealed that he has an intention of marrying a girl. I was devastated. After thinking much, he said he couldn't keep 2 wives, and have to leave me when it's time to marry her. He said he didnt really want to leave me as he loves me a lot,.. More

  • Staying in wedlock with a husband who practices religious innovations Date: 17-7-2014

    I hv a friend who is married for 14yrs.. After she became more religious, she find out that her husband has a very different mindset about religion. Their aqeedah is also different. She cannot bear living in the same house with the husband because of his ibadah that are Sufi based. What is the ruling and consequence for her to ask for divorce? Will.. More