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  • Seeking divorce from an addict husband who commits major sins Date: 30-7-2014

    As salaam aleikum My friend has a problem with her husband and wonder what to do. They have been married 12 years and have three children. When they married she was warned that he wasn't good but she didn't believe it. After her first child got born she started to notice that he used drugs. He is still using. Then she discovered all his girlfriends... More

  • Her husband refuses to have sex with her because he does not love her Date: 24-7-2014

    Assalamoalaikum....I got married last year in the month of February. Between nikaah and rukhsati there was a gap of two months as we used to live in different countries. In this gap, we both developed feelings for each other and loved each other and were in contact via phone calls and video calls. Even we got intimate during this time though not physically.. More

  • She wants to live far away from her critical husband Date: 24-7-2014

    Assalm Alekum . Please give me sugeastion to help me in one major problem of my life which is making me sick and depressed. I am married since 10 years but there are always conflicts between me and my husband i alwaya tried to adjust and compromise but the problem increases. I have 2 kids one of my kids is a disabled child and i have to look after her.. More

  • Her husband wants to divorce her to marry another wife Date: 22-7-2014

    Assalamulaikum. I've a wonderful marriage with my husband, we have a son and i'm also pregnant now. One day, he revealed that he has an intention of marrying a girl. I was devastated. After thinking much, he said he couldn't keep 2 wives, and have to leave me when it's time to marry her. He said he didnt really want to leave me as he loves me a lot,.. More

  • Staying in wedlock with a husband who practices religious innovations Date: 17-7-2014

    I hv a friend who is married for 14yrs.. After she became more religious, she find out that her husband has a very different mindset about religion. Their aqeedah is also different. She cannot bear living in the same house with the husband because of his ibadah that are Sufi based. What is the ruling and consequence for her to ask for divorce? Will.. More

  • Her husband disrespects her and her parents Date: 14-7-2014

    Assalam Alaikum I met my husband 12 years ago,fell in love nd we got married after a long struggle as both our parents were not hapoy to get us married. Its been 4 years now that we are married and have a 3 year old daughter.Since the day i got married my father in law has been very rude and negative towards me and my husband has never supported me... More

  • Husband suspects her and criticizes her for not wearing Hijab Date: 23-6-2014

    Salaam, I have been married for 7 months and am currently 6 months pregnant. I knew my husband for 18 months before marriage. Before our marriage we got on very well. After we were engaged and then married we have been continiously arguing non stop, to the point our marriage is in shambles. No matter what I say or do my husband is never pleased with.. More

  • You should be deliberate regarding the matter of asking for divorce Date: 4-6-2014

    Salaam alaikum I am asking this question on behalf of my friend. My friend mentioned to me that another of his friend approached him to see if he would be interested to marry his sister who is unhappily married and would like to come out of that marriage. My question is would it be permissible for a woman to divorce a man if she find no love, happiness,.. More

  • A wife is entitled to have a separate accommodation Date: 4-6-2014

    Asslam.o.alaikum. I married two years ago .my husband was aware of the fact that i want to live abroad and he said he will do so.i have a daughter mashaAllah. Ive been,very depressed while living with in laws.i,asked my husband many times for a separate accomodation as i want no interference,in my life.with the start of this year fights started between.. More

  • Her husband treats her too harshly Date: 29-5-2014

    I have been married for one and a half year now and have bin facing allot of problems with my spouse... I really love him very the amount of pain he is causing me is forcing me to change as a person...I've even thought of divorce...I've tried awl ways n means to make him understand that his I don't care attitude towards me is bad n that he.. More

  • Her husband lied to her about marrying a second wife Date: 20-5-2014 husband married a 2nd time 2 years back and when i discovered,he told me that on the very day he got married,he realised he had committed a mistake.but he had sex with his new wife.the next day he phoned his new wife to tell her that he loves me and cannot live with her.then he divorced her twice.he held the holy quran in his hand.. More

  • Her husband lied to her about his second marriage Date: 17-5-2014

    Dear Sheikh, I am going through a marital crisis.My husband and I have been living apart for almost 3 years, at our own agreement for job and financial security.Recently, my boys and I have moved back in together with him and I have since discovered that he has had Misyar marriage to a non Muslim for the last 2 years whilst away , and their marriage.. More

  • She suspects that her husband is having an affair with another woman Date: 1-5-2014

    Assalamualaikum, Dear Shaikh, I am married with 4 children for 10 years already. We have good relation, until now my husband is in-love with another woman but with my knowledge. I agree with him to the second married of my husband. But when it come to know by my parents they were not allow my husband to married the girl. My husband agreed to separate.. More

  • Her husband's bad traits drive her away from him Date: 28-4-2014

    Assalam aleikom wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh. I have an imense worry. I am a practicing sister,I have been married to my husband for 6 years based on a halal marriage meaning we didnt know eachother and wanted to seek baraka from Allah for this.The problem is i am a very frank comunicative and romantic person who needs attention and time from her husband.My.. More

  • His wife breastfed her friend's baby without his permission Date: 28-4-2014

    My wife breastfed her friend's child (as her friend was unable). But my wife did not inform me or seek consent before. I found out one year later. Is this reason for divorce? .. More