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  • Her husband talks to women on the Internet Date: 26-2-2013

    I am a convert to Islam Alhamdulillah. I am married to a practising Muslim Alhamdulilah. I have a problem.. He made some mistakes, talking to other woman online when i asked him not to. He even met one of them at her request.. I found out and forgave him and accepted his excuses, the problem is that i cannot forget. I am afraid now of his actions online.... More

  • Her husband mistreats her and wants to marry his girlfriend Date: 6-2-2013

    Salaam. My husband has been seeing other women on and off since we married 10 years ago. In 2011, he met a girl while he was abroad and decided he wants to marry her. His family are not supporting him in this matter as they would prefer him to settle in his home with me and our children. He has not married her yet but talks to her on the phone daily... More

  • She does not want to live with her troublesome in-laws Date: 29-1-2013

    I am married for last 4 yrs but i am not happy with my husband has lied about his family background to me before marriage.My mother in law was working in a bar before my marriage and her that profession is distrubing my present life.I also have a step father in law & brother in law because of them also my relationship with my husband.. More

  • Her husband's desire of divorce is based on false accusations Date: 18-1-2013

    Assalamu-alikum, married, has 2 kids, my husband accused me of I am willing to harm him by putting some kind of shyton deeds, such as poison him with shyton deeds. I never done any of these things he accused me with and never willing to do, because it is shrike. I love my Allah more than him and I love my Hakira (here after,) may Allah grated me with.. More

  • Her husband did not fulfill his pre-marriage promises to her Date: 17-1-2013

    asalmalykm, i got marid 3 yrs back. After engagemnt my husbnd used to talk to me & he promisd me so many thngs like he loves me alot he's gona treat my parents as his own he wil keep them at his home he wil take them to haj. If i do get any problm from his family he wil arange a seperate home for me etc. Aftr marig slowly al promises began to.. More

  • Her husband refuses to have sexual intercourse with her Date: 16-1-2013

    Assalam alaikum, Please could you help me with a problem I have. I have been married for 20 years and have a lot of problems. My husband very cruel and does nt give me my rights, no physical reltation between us for 7 years becuase he is not interested. but cant leave becuase it will cause so much distress to my chilren (on child has haert problem).. More

  • Do not let marital problems lead you to sin Date: 16-1-2013

    hi I am 33 years old and have been married for just over 2 years. I have been arguing with my wife since even when we were not married. but for some reason my heart chose her. I did numerous Istıkharas and it ended up like this. recently we have been having arguments again and she even told me that if I want we can get divorced. saying this I.. More

  • Husband's insufficient earnings are not excuse for divorce Date: 29-12-2012

    salam,i would like to ask about my sister.i m elderbrother and my father was expired before 10 years,i treat my sister like my daughter and i fulfill all her demands since my her childhood,now in jan 2012 she was marries after three years of engegment,now after marriage we knew that they all not financial strong,and her husband not able to fulfill.. More

  • She needs to get divorce from her abusive husband Date: 16-12-2012

    i am american woman and married an egyptian muslim man in 2001.i didn't know about islam and quran but now i have accepted islam as the right path..we live in helwan egypt husband (sooni) is a yeller and he has hit me and i knew nothing of protecting my marriage rights (dowry)in my marriage contract.he is disrespectful to me and yesterday he.. More

  • His wife refuses to pray with him at home Date: 18-11-2012

    Problems in our marriage has led to my wife refusing to participate in our salaah/prayer so we pray separately, what is the significance of her actions? .. More

  • Her husband insists that she must live with his uncle’s family Date: 1-11-2012

    Assalamualaikum I am married. my husband is living with the family of his father’s elder brother. I was married to that house. They have no childrenI had twins and When I was 6 month pregnant both were dead in the womb itself. At that time I had severe pain and wife of my father in laws brother didn’t cared me. Also they didn’t take me.. More

  • Her husband is angry with her and does not talk to her Date: 29-9-2012

    Assalamwalaikum, Pls advise as to if it is right for a husband to stop talking to his wife for days (20 days till date) as he is angry for some reason?? My husband stays out of the country for work, and i stay with my mother-in-law & brother in law. now i am 7 month pregnant, & before conceiving we (both our families) had a fight or dispute.. More

  • Her husband wants to divorce her for having a relationship with her class fellow Date: 21-9-2012

    AOA, me and my husband got married november 2009. soon after i started my studies(mbbs) and lived in separate country(pakistan) as my husband. i made a huge mistake that i got involved with a fellow classfellow over texts and phone. never physical. my husband found out and he forgave me many times. still i kept in relation to this other guy.he.. More

  • She cannot stand having sex with her alcoholic husband Date: 7-9-2012

    I was married for ten yrs with problem is my husband drinks alcohol every night.does not pray, comes home as late as one o'clock in the morning. He will ask me to submit to his sexual demands of which if I say no will cost me a curse and all the degrading words in the book but will apologize the next morning.this is every night and am.. More

  • Her husband gambles and does not support her and her children Date: 6-9-2012

    my husband has been gambling for 20yrs,and also spying on me and accussing me,him and his family alwys get my mum involved,and she sides with them therfor the rift has widened between us ive recently separated,to think things through,during this time he has made no effort to support me end the children,now im thinking about divorce as i want to.. More