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  • Constantly harmed by husband and in-laws Date: 26-12-2013

    Assalam o Alaikum I am in a troubled marriage. my husband and inlaws have harmed my image and gave me pain emotionally and mentally. i have a baby now and ant leave. i would like to know whjat should a wife do when husband doesnt want to live with her threaten her daily about divorce and make her angry and record her and pass it on to people and make.. More

  • Her husband insists on divorcing her though she has become obedient Date: 21-12-2013

    Me & my husband have been married for a year & 8 months. My husband wants divorce from me because of past mistakes like me being disobedient for example. I had since reformed myself & went 2 therapy for 2 months and returned back to obedience. He refuses to sleep in the bed with me because of all the arguments. He refuses to get help for.. More

  • His wife chats with non-Mahram men Date: 12-12-2013

    salams plse advise i feel like im in abreaking point .. i really love my wife and we are happily married for 5 months my wife is 3 mnths pregnant she is 23 and im 30 years old ..the problem is my wife still keeps her old whattsapp number and chats to some men who she says are her cousins nephews or her former classmates. everytime i asked her to stop.. More

  • Her husband has attention deficit disorder Date: 16-11-2013

    Assalamualikum I have been married one year.My husband has not been able to financially provide for me. He also is not able to take care of himself and his health and look after me. He is happy with me but I was never finding sakinah in the marriage. I started researching on the internet and found that he has Attention defecit disorder. I asked a local.. More

  • She suffers from tense relationship between her husband and her mother Date: 9-9-2013

    AoA. I've a very serious question i am confused between my husband and mother. My husband don't wants very frequent phone calls and meetings with my family although he is always there to help them whenever is required but he is not very friendly with them. And my mother wants him to act as his son and not son in law. She wants frequent phone calls from.. More

  • Her husband and in-laws abuse her and insult her family Date: 9-9-2013

    Assalam I alaikum I wrote to you in the month of rajab last year ah I got a reply from you. The problem I am facing is getting worst. My husband bought me all the way from my country to the us.we signed the papers here and got married. My husband has been very harsh to me all through out and very insulting. He insults me on a daily basis about my looks,.. More

  • Her husband believes that the Prophet, sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam, was created from light Date: 11-8-2013

    What is the islamic solution if the husband belives that our prophet SAWS was created from the light of Allah? or he SAWS is created from light? He dont bow to any nor call upon any except Allah nor is involed in visiting graves for haraam purpose or wearing haraam amulets ...there is no other shirk seems that he believe only becuz he has.. More

  • Her husband is a violent narcissist who doesn't pray Date: 12-6-2013

    Assalamu alaikum, What can i do when i can not get divorce in my country from my husband? I live in Finland. I have asked from several islamic center in my country but all of them stopped helping me even i have proved that my husband have already other fiancee and i have picture where he is touching her even they are not married. I have also much messages.. More

  • Her husband refuses to let her take the children to visit her family Date: 10-6-2013

    Is it permissible for my husband to stop my children from seeing my family. He has had disputes with them in the past and is always full of resentment for them. He only lets me take my youngest two children and not my two eldest because he thinks that they will somehow poison their minds against him. I can confirm that this is not the case and that.. More

  • Her husband lied to her and might be supporting her with unlawful money Date: 29-5-2013

    assalamu aleikum i am a convert. i married more or less 6 years ago. 3 children. recently i found out that he smoked from before marriage. i dont know if he still does . he also smoked in front of his children he also lied about it during our marriage, because since long i suspected he might smoke. when we got married he didnt tell me. i never would.. More

  • Separation does not mean divorce Date: 22-5-2013

    I am married since 13 years with an egytian he`s a "we can say moslem" ,we have a daughter 12 years old. I am muslim since 2 weeks. I live with my husband since a half year as divorced, i live even in the livingroom since then, my husband is not kind to me,very nervous and i trust since a long time no more his words i discovered through years that he.. More

  • Her husband wants her to watch TV and not learn the Quran Date: 21-3-2013

    Assalam Alaikum Respectable Sheikh, My husband does not want me to increase my Islamic knowledge.. Other days when he does a evil deed, like listening to music & when I dislike it first thing he does is hide my computer , because, online 96% I use it for learning quranic arabic, listening to Mufti Menk, Ask huda programme.. My husband does not pray.. More

  • Her husband does not provide for his children and abuses them Date: 21-3-2013

    I'm a muslim woman, married to a muslim man. I've been the main provider, protector and maintainer of our family. I had to work because my husband wanted to do his own business and he said he couldn't provide for us because his business wasn't making enough money. This situation has continued for 20 years of our marriage. I had to do all the cooking,.. More

  • A troubled marriage because of arguing over money Date: 11-3-2013

    Salaam my question is pretty complex but i do not know what to do. I have Masshallah been married now for 2 years and Mashallah I felt so blessed, but since marriage my [partner and i seem to argue and always it comes down to money. I am not in a good position and have financial difficulties and prior before marriage same situation but Mashallah Allah.. More

  • His wife obeys her mother rather than him Date: 11-3-2013

    i gave divorce to my wife due to disobeying me, and giving her mother preference over me by listening to her and do as she pleases, and she doesn't sleep with me on her command for several months because her mother doesn't want me to live in the accommodation we jointly hold. i gave her written divorce 2 months back, and now i want to reconcile but.. More