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  • Divorce in civil court Date: 5-9-2004

    A sister in Islam has asked me this question regarding her divorce. I am not a scholar and would like sincere advice so I may help her understanding. My ex-husband and I were married in Syria in religious court not in civil court. He divorced me Islamicaly only. I was told this is all we needed since we were never married in civil court is this.. More

  • Disagreement of a husband and a wife concerning the numbers of divorce Date: 28-7-2004

    If a married person has given his wife Talaaq. Total is one but wife is insisting TWO have been given in the period of the 5 year marriage (but husband does not remember the second) and now the wife is demanding a khulah. The question is, according to the HANAFI Madhab to which she and her family follow, does khulah count as the 3rd and final.. More

  • She wants to remarry while waiting for court papers Date: 28-7-2004

    I have an important question and if you can please be specific as possible. I had asked it before but it wasn't answered as specific as I need. I fear Allah and don't want to do anything wrong. I have been divorced since November 2003. HE pronounced divorce 3 times. According to Islam I can not be married to him, unless I remarry and divorce... More

  • She objects to husband's desire for divorce Date: 28-6-2004

    I am married to an Arab from Jordan. We are having problems now. I recently converted to Islam. My husband wants to return to Jordan, but won't take me with him. He says he doesn't have to stay married to me if he does not want to. He is a teacher of linguistics in Jordan. Now he wants a divorce. I love him dearly, but he wants out of our marriage... More

  • Divorce because of poverty and debt Date: 23-5-2004

    Can a Muslim divorce his loving and faithful wife in Hijab because of extreme poverty and huge dept?.. More

  • Divorcing a pregnant wife on the telephone Date: 20-5-2004

    What is the situation if my husband says to me "You are divorced" on the telephone. He divorces me on the telephone. And how long is the waiting period for a pregnant woman. Can my husband divorce me whenI am pregnant?.. More

  • Sent wife divorce papers with “Talaq” written three times Date: 11-5-2004

    Please advise. If a man sent divorce papers to her wife and wrote three times the word Talaq instead of saying it verbally is it considered as final and the marriage is null, or will it be considered as only one time. According to Sunni law, if wife wants to come back after realizing her mistakes can she be taken back, after one month of receiving.. More

  • Wants material about divorce in Islam Date: 24-4-2004

    I'm presenting a program about 'Divorce in Islam.' Please help me with some relevant material on the topic... More

  • Pronounced divorce to his wife three times Date: 22-4-2004

    Iam married to two women. Seven years ago I went to Jerusalem with my first wife and during the first two months of our six-month stay there she became pregnant. After the third month of her pregnancy we had a fierce fight and she had me put in jail in Israel. When the police came to take me to told her 'you are divorced' three times. I was.. More

  • Women divorcing their husbands in Western courts Date: 27-3-2004

    It is common in Europe for Muslim women to go to positive courts to divorce their husbands, since the laws of these countries allow a woman to divorce her husband without his consent or permission. Now, the question, is it considered a valid divorce in Shariah? Is her marriage to another man, while the first husband did not divorce her according.. More

  • Stated she was divorced thrice by telephone Date: 19-2-2004

    I said to my fiancé "Talaq Bi Thalatha" but I was very angry and I didn't think about what I was saying by telephone I'm in Europe and she is in an Arabic country. I was tired because of work and at night I can't sleep because I have a toothache and I was very angry I never think about "El Talaq" with her because she is good in religion and.. More

  • Divorce by word or in writing Date: 18-2-2004

    Please tell me about the Talaq (Divorce). What Does Islam says if some one has give Talaq on written paper and did not say by words. Is it the same written, or by word? Please explain with reference of Ahadith. .. More

  • Over-ruling of Caliph Umar’s decision regarding divorce Date: 17-2-2004

    In the divorce issue, why has the ruling of the second Caliph, Umar (Radiya Allahu Anhu) been overruled by later scholars. Does it imply that Umar lacks the sound knowledge of Qur’an and Sunnah or he couldn’t interpret it well? .. More

  • Rights of a Wife after Divorce Date: 16-12-2003

    I want to know about financial distribution and rights in case of divorce between man and his wife in Islam. Please explain in details, as this is the case between my parents and they fight about it. Please also include any financial or other things that the children of the divorced parents entitled to from their father. .. More

  • Divorce Is Effective as Soon as It Is Pronounced Date: 27-9-2003

    I'm divorced and I have only my Dutch divorce, but I'm working on my Moroccan divorce. Insha Allah, I hope that in one year I will get my Moroccan divorce. My question is: if a man wants to marry me. He did go to my parents home, he did ask a Imam and he tell him that's harm to make someone's acquaintance when she is not divorced and that we must stop.. More