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  • Divorce of Ibn ‘Umar When His Wife Was in Her Menses Date: 13-8-2002

    I have read in many books of Fiqh that Ibn Omar when he divorced his wife during her menses he was commanded to return her and divorce her when she was purified. Did that divorce count as one or not? .. More

  • Questionable Third Divorce Date: 31-7-2002

    My husband divorced me in front of the judge in a different country during my period. When he came back to my country I told him about that and we started thinking about the possibility of getting back together if the Islamic rules allow that knowing that this is the 3rd divorce. If there are two different opinions about this please let me know. Can.. More

  • Wants to Remarry without Written Divorce from Husband Date: 13-7-2002

    I have been separated from my husband for nearly nine months, I asked him for a divorce because he wasn't working or looking after me. He didn't want to give me the divorce so I asked him to leave the house which is mine. I believe he married me partly for immigration reasons and expected me to look after him. I have contacted the Sharia council. They.. More

  • Questionable divorce Date: 13-7-2002

    I'm now married to a person who was already married to an American woman. He went to the mosque to (establish the marriage contract) but when he divorced her, he did all the paper write in the civil court. He didn't divorce her at mosque, as he did at the time of marriage get married. I want to know if this woman still his wife. What should he do?.. More

  • Questionable divorce Date: 8-7-2002

    I am Muslim woman, I was married to a Muslim in Kuwait. Now I have 3 boys from my husband and we are living in Canada. In July/2000 my husband divorced me three times for the first time in his life and traveled to Jordan and since that time he did not return. Now I have a Canadian divorce. If he doesn't want to divorce me in Jordan, and I got the.. More

  • Wife Claimed that a Scholar Issued Divorced for Her and She Left Her Husband for another Man Date: 7-7-2002

    I would like to get some information about divorce. The wife of a fellow Muslim brother (say Ali) eloped with another man without his knowledge. After a day it was brought to his attention that she was settling with this man in another location. Ali said he won't divorce her and she is a Zanee. However, the woman who ran away says she got her divorce.. More

  • Many problems with second wife Date: 6-7-2002

    I am 38 years old. I have 4 children. My husband married another woman 6 month ago and he left with her just one month and she lives in Lebanon and I live in Denmark. He can't bring her to Denmark and he already has work in this country and he can travel to Lebanon just one month in a year. After this second marriage we had many problems and her rune.. More

  • Wrote husband Talaaq three times Date: 26-6-2002

    When I went abroad to meet my parents my husband and I had a fight during Internet chatting. In anger I wrote Talaaq 3 times but not intentionally. I love my husband very much. Is that Talaaq approved? Please help me. I don't want to divorce him. I have asked Allah for forgiveness for saying that. Will Allah forgive me?.. More

  • Questionable Number of Divorces Date: 28-4-2002

    My niece has been divorced three times - I understand that she cannot return back to her husband till she gets married to another man. But her husband tells her that because one of the Talaaq did not pass the Iddah time, that is, three months. He considers it as two Talaaqs only. Does each Talaaq have to pass the three months Iddah to be considered.. More

  • Questionable Marriage and Questionable Divorce Date: 27-3-2002

    I married to a woman about 4 years ago but my parents did not agreed on this, so we did Nikah secretly. My wife's relatives were present in that Nikah but my parents and no other relatives were there. After marriage I always had problems with my wife's mother. Later I came to know that she was not her real mother, she just brought her up. After 3 years.. More

  • Saying he left his wife three times but no one heard him Date: 25-3-2002

    One of my friend got into fight with his wife. Then he went into separate room and he said, "I left you, I left you, I left you" but at that time he was all alone in his room and no one heard him not even his wife. Also, he did not use the word "Tallaq" or "Divorce" when he said, "I left you". Now he asked me if him and his wife are divorced? He is.. More

  • Talaq three times or the Talaq given in anger Date: 17-11-2001

    Does the Talaq become absolute by merely saying it three or more times or is there any exceptions depending on the circumstances. .. More

  • She Is Yet Divorced by the Third Husband Date: 17-9-2001

    My husband divorced me only for a sexual problem. I love him and his kids very much, but he divorced me claiming that this is for the fear of Allah, since he is not good enough in sex. But, I did not have any complaint against him. I always let him enjoy himself with me as he wished knowing that Islam permits it. He and I are religious. Please clarify.. More

  • Wants to divorce an abusive, neglectful, irreligious and dangerous husband Date: 9-9-2001

    I have married my husband 6 years ago. We got married in England Islamically and legally. During the course of the marriage he was very abusive physically, mentally, and he never provided for me and our two sons. He has also committed adultery several times, does not pray and has not fasted in the past Ramadans. I left my husband 4 months ago, and I.. More

  • Divorced Woman Asking whether She Can Remarry Date: 6-9-2001

    I have been apart from my husband for more than one year. About 7 months ago my husband divorced me over the phone by saying it and in different times. Then he sent me paper in his handwriting saying I am divorced and no longer his wife. Does that count as divorce? Can I remarry now or do I have to go to court and get a divorce to be able to remarry? .. More