522 fatwas

  • Symbol of the Christmas tree for the Christians Date: 15-2-2012

    What is the secret of the Christmas tree for the Christians? What is the kind of this tree?.. More

  • Ruling on dealing with Jehovah’s Witnesses Date: 15-2-2012

    What is the Jehovah’s Witnesses group? Is it permissible to deal with them?.. More

  • Ruling on visiting memorials Date: 14-2-2012

    Is it permissible for the Imaams of Masjids to call people to visit memorials for those whom they consider as martyrs, celebrate it and deliver sermons? It should be noted that there is intermixing between the sexes there... More

  • Seeking employment from a disbeliever and greeting him Date: 9-2-2012

    What is the ruling on asking a Christian to help me obtain a job? Is it permissible for me to ask after him and greet him? .. More

  • Stay with the husband in non-Muslim country or go to a Muslim country Date: 8-2-2012

    I am a married woman with six children. I live with my husband in a non-Muslim country. Whenever I ask him to allow me to return to my native country, Algeria, he refuses on the pretext that it is difficult to settle in Algeria and find a house there. Previously, I had asked my mother’s permission to stay with her in Algeria along with my children.. More

  • Permissibility of asking others to do Ruqyah and doing Ruqyah for the disbeliever Date: 6-2-2012

    Is it permissible for a person to ask others to do Ruqyah for him? Is there any contradiction between such a request and the Hadeeth in which the Prophet, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam (may Allaah exalt his mention), pointed out that among the attributes of the seventy thousand people who will enter Paradise without reckoning is that they did.. More

  • Imitating disbelievers’ celebrations Date: 6-2-2012

    Is it permissible for Muslims to celebrate innovated feasts such as marriage anniversaries, birthdays or any others?.. More

  • Following the order of the Mus-haf when performing the Ruqyah Date: 9-1-2012

    Salam alaikum, In a video of Sheikh Al-Arifi he mentions that in Ruqyah against Al-Ayn one has to recite following: Surah Yusuf, Aya 67 to the last Aya Surah Al-Isra, Aya 82 to the last Aya The first 4 Ayas of Surah al-Mulk The last 2 Ayas of Surah Al-Qalam Sure Al-Fatiha Ayat al-Kursi Surah Al-Ikhlas Surah Al-Falaq Surah An-Nas Should one.. More

  • Avoiding forms of hidden Shirk (polytheism) Date: 14-12-2011

    What are the forms of hidden or minor Shirk and the means of avoiding them?.. More

  • Muslims should not waste time in myths Date: 6-12-2011

    I want to ask about the papers that are distributed among people, about the dreams in which the Prophet, sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam (may Allaah exalt his mention), or one of his daughters requested many copies of them to be distributed. .. More

  • The name of Allaah is not written on human hands Date: 6-12-2011

    Is the name of Allaah written on the right hand?.. More

  • Types of Shirk (Polytheism) Date: 5-12-2011

    What is Major Shirk?.. More

  • Misunderstood verses about seeking help from other than Allaah Date: 4-12-2011

    Assalamu Alaikum I need to clear some doubts about Isthigasa. In India most of people going to Maqbara of ouliya and seeking help from them and reading different types of moulids. Same one of man telling that Quran also supporting Isthigasa and he pointed some quranic verses as follows 5:55,56 41:30 45:21 27:37-40 Please explain to me about these.. More

  • Avoiding Shirk with knowledge of sound creed Date: 14-9-2011

    A person committed some acts that amount to apostasy, but he did not know what he was doing. He now thinks he has a sound ‘Aqeedah (creed). However, he previously lived in a Sufi community. He no longer seeks the help of the dead, but he sometimes feels that he suffers from some major defects in his ‘Aqeedah. Please advise... More

  • The ruling on pessimism Date: 12-9-2011

    What is pessimism or the belief in evil omens? Please provide me with some examples... More