522 fatwas

  • What is Shirk? Date: 13-11-2000

    What is Shirk? .. More

  • Visiting graves for help Date: 18-10-2000

    There are Muslims visiting graves (Shrines) seeking divine help. They think that the people in the graves act as mediators between them and Allah Taala. They alsothink that the people in the graves will make recommendations to Allah Taala. Surprisingly, some times it appears to be true. I came across two families. They didn'thave children for seven.. More

  • Circulating copies of Sheikh Ahmad gatekeeper of the Ka'bah's dream Date: 24-9-2000

    I received an email from a friend stating that the gatekeeper of the Ka'bah had a dream and I have to distribute five copies otherwise something very bad thing will happen to me or my family. Is it true or false? I want a detailed answer to send to my friend in US and he believes in these things... More

  • Money Received While Refugees Without Work Date: 15-8-2000

    I want to ask about this money we take in Europe when we live as refugees without work. .. More

  • Good omens Date: 21-6-2000

    Are GOOD OMENS permitted?.. More

  • Al-Mahdi leading Arabs, his pupil leading non-Arabs Date: 20-5-2000

    Is it true that the Arabs would be lead by the Al MAHDI and the non-Arabs would be led by a pupil of the AL Mahdi? and if so why? Is there a caste between being Arab and non-Arab? Are we not all the same?.. More

  • Sheik Nazim seen in two places at same time Date: 20-4-2000

    According to someone Sheik Nazim leader of Nakshaband is seen in two places at a time; what is the fatwa on this regard? .. More

  • Religious leader's picture to appear on heavenly bodies Date: 25-3-2000

    My Murshad (Religions lender) Sarkar Gohar Shahi's Picture is to be shown on Moon, Sun, Nebula Star, and Holy Black Stone of Makka. What do you say about it? My Murshad Sarkar Gohar Shahi has written a Book "The Religion of God Divine Love." Let me know what you think about it... More

  • Cleaning house with broom in evening Date: 12-3-2000

    Is it allowed to clean the house etc. with broom in the evening time?.. More

  • Importance of number '786' Date: 7-3-2000

    I have seen most of the Asian people (Pakistani and Indian) give importance to the number 786; they say that it symbolises shahada (that there is not God, except Allah). Should I give importance to that number? Please refer me to Hadith or Qur'an in addition to your opinion. .. More

  • Studying in non-Muslim countries Date: 2-2-2000

    Is studying (college,university) in non-Muslim countries (dar-ul-kufar) allowed according to Shariah? Where is dar-us-Salaam?.. More

  • Socializing with non-Muslims Date: 10-8-1999

    Is it haram to socialise with non-Muslims people?.. More