529 fatwas

  • Cleaning house with broom in evening Date: 12-3-2000

    Is it allowed to clean the house etc. with broom in the evening time?.. More

  • Importance of number '786' Date: 7-3-2000

    I have seen most of the Asian people (Pakistani and Indian) give importance to the number 786; they say that it symbolises shahada (that there is not God, except Allah). Should I give importance to that number? Please refer me to Hadith or Qur'an in addition to your opinion. .. More

  • Studying in non-Muslim countries Date: 2-2-2000

    Is studying (college,university) in non-Muslim countries (dar-ul-kufar) allowed according to Shariah? Where is dar-us-Salaam?.. More

  • Socializing with non-Muslims Date: 10-8-1999

    Is it haram to socialise with non-Muslims people?.. More