142 fatwas

  • Declared bankruptcy then fleed away Date: 23-10-2003

    My friend cheated me and others by saying he has an investment of huge sum of money and declared himself bankrupt. I recommended others to join as investors and he paid me for each person about 200 or so. I did it as a job. I already filed proof of debt in our country's department. I did not know that he is cheating us. 5 years had passed and the bankruptcy.. More

  • Bankrupcy and Islam Date: 9-7-2003

    If a person becomes bankrupt, must he pay his debts? What is the ruling regarding this in Islam?.. More

  • His Friend Cheated Him with a Huge Sum of Money and Disappeared Date: 9-4-2003

    My friend cheated me of a huge sum of money by saying it is investment. Now he has disappeared. Will he be punished by Allah? Will I get back my money? Is there any prayers or Dua' which you can recommend for me to do to get my money? .. More

  • Islamic government taking someone's land for a mosque Date: 14-8-2002

    Can an Islamic government forcibly take possession of a plot from a person without any compensation to relocate a mosque?.. More

  • Leaving inheritance to girl who committed an illegal act Date: 13-4-2002

    In relation to my previous Question No.: 18481 (a girl of 19 years old who married against her parents will was a crook) is it possible to leave to her a share of inheritance but appoint a guardian, like an uncle, to supervise her spending?.. More

  • Brother used money entrusted to him and denies he received it Date: 10-10-2001

    I left some money in trust with my brother and he was to return it when I needed it. But he and my mother used it all and deny that I gave them any money. What should I do?.. More

  • Al-wadiah (deposits) and its types Date: 7-3-2000

    I want to know the history of al-wadiah and deposits, also the types of al-wadiah under fiqh muamalah... More