142 fatwas

  • Violating others' rights is like wearing two garments of falsehood Date: 19-7-2011

    Is it permissible under the Sharee’ah to reveal plagiarism? I am a professor. I have two colleagues who compiled together a book and made it a course for the students. After scrutiny and research, it became evident to me that the content of the book was plagiarized from a book compiled by two other authors in another country. Is it permissible for.. More

  • Appointing an agent for an unknown charge is invalid Date: 19-7-2011

    What is the Sharee'ah ruling on appointing someone as an agent to sell a piece of land in return for a charge; for example, I say to him: if you sell this piece of land for 20,000 dinars, you will take 1,000 dinars; and if you sell it for 21,000 dinars, you will take 1,500 dinars? .. More

  • Public wealth unlawfully consumed: Its ruling and punishment Date: 19-7-2011

    Is it permissible to take something from the public’s wealth while the people in charge are unaware?.. More

  • Salam sale contract: definition, conditions and rulings Date: 19-7-2011

    What is definition of the Salam sale contract, its conditions, and rulings?.. More

  • Who is entitled to the profits that are accrued from stolen and usurped money? Date: 19-7-2011

    I stole an amount of money from a certain person on different occasions and shared it with other people in a business, which grew and developed. After ten years, the stolen money multiplied and I forgot the amount of the original stolen sum. During the ten years I spent in that business, I could not return the original sum to its rightful owner because.. More

  • Guardianship over a mentally deranged person and benefiting from his property Date: 19-7-2011

    I have a brother who is mentally deranged and the government grants him a monthly allowance. As my father is dead, can my mother spend this money, noting that he stays in a psychiatric hospital and she needs the money? The government also gives her an allowance for being a widow. We have heard that she is not allowed to take anything from his money.. More

  • A judge may place a spendthrift under guardianship Date: 17-7-2011

    My husband is a private sector employee and he is a spendthrift. His work is our only source of sustenance. He saves nothing although he has two sons. I have thought of saving some of his money for future needs. I have tried many times to persuade him to save some money for the children but my efforts have been in vain. What is the Sharee'ah ruling.. More

  • An agent must abide by what he is deputized to do Date: 12-5-2011

    Friends often ask me "slaughter a sheep on my behalf as Sadaqa and distribute to the neey, I will remit to you thr amount spent" This is because in their countries it is not easy to slaughter a sheep. Can I not get an equal amount (in value) of food and give to the needy? As the needy here may not appreciate meat as much as other forms of food... More

  • It is permissible to overlook financial damage Date: 10-5-2011

    My nephew, who is eighteen years old, had a car accident. The accident was the fault of a drunken stranger. The police investigated the site of the accident and decided that the stranger was at fault and fined him and obliged him to repair the car of my nephew (the car was completely damaged and could not be repaired; however, my nephew was saved by.. More

  • His friend denied the amount of money he had given him as a trust Date: 6-8-2010

    Assalamu Alikom Brothers while I was outside my country I met an old friend, we talked about the idea of having a company in the area of exporting and importing, and before I returned home I gave him ten thousand dollars ( 2X 5000k pack) just incase he needed them to start the company with.and after one year he could not establish the company so I called.. More

  • His brother does not abide by his conditions to distribute his charity Date: 28-7-2010

    Bismillahi Arrahmani Arrahim. I live in the West and i do not leave with my family. Every month for the last six years i send my families their allowances Alhamdullillah, through my brother to distibute the money to my Father, mother and other family members. But the problem is, always that my brother does not do what i asked him do like give Sadaqah.. More

  • Her aunt died after giving her golden bangles to her Date: 17-6-2010

    Assalamualikum Please advise me on the following in light of Islam: My mom (who passed away last year)lost her both parents when she was a child. Her paternal aunty looked after her. This aunt of my mom have no relatives.My mom had gifted her aunt four gold bangles. When i was there for vacation this time, I took these bangles from her, with her permission.. More

  • Do not dispose of the trust except with the permission of its owner Date: 3-5-2010

    Assalaamu alaikum, Recently someone left this country and left me in charge of some of their possessions, as well as giving me some to keep. Included were many cassettes of Quran recitation, some of them are very old and therefore the quality is very poor, and some of them the tape is damaged in places, therefore I don't want to listen to these particular.. More

  • You are not to blame for the traffic fine of your colleague Date: 11-3-2010

    Salam 3alaykom, A car parked infront of the company I work for and its blocking the way since morning. The driver of our company asked me to call the police to come and give the car a ticket for blocking the enterance of the company. I asked him, did you ask whos car is this, he said I even asked the neighboring comapnies, and no 1 owns this car. I.. More

  • A Muslim managing the finances of his non-Muslim deceased parent Date: 18-1-2010

    is it permissible for a muslim to handle finances of a non muslim deceased parent if there is no one else to do so?.. More