142 fatwas

  • Conditions of As-Salam sale Date: 9-1-2014

    Dear Shaykh, please explain the following: a condition of As-Salam (advance payment sale) is that it has a definite description. What does this mean? .. More

  • Ruling on renting an usurped estate Date: 9-1-2014

    A man took and rented an estate from the government after it had been usurped from another person. After working in it for long years, the real owner of the estate came and demanded from the tenant to leave it in return for a certain sum so that he would rent it from the government, thereby obtaining benefit, since the government rents it for a very.. More

  • Ruling on buying grain before it is harvested Date: 26-12-2013

    Asselamualeykum wr wb. Is that Ok if some one gives money at somewhat lower price than at the market price, to collect the grain in the future , because the farmers need this money to collect their harvest?. And can one keep up this product and sell it when it becomes expensive?? .. More

  • Receiving advanced payment on non-stock goods Date: 22-12-2013

    Asw as a auto spares trader and due to the multitude of available parts, potential customers enquire about items which are not in stock. Is it permissible to obtain prices and establish availability from suppliers, mark up and offer for sale to customers, then if they want to buy they must pay for goods which are then ordered and delivered to customers.. More

  • He crashed into cars without paying for the damage Date: 5-11-2013

    asalamulaikum when i was a new driver i smashed into someones parked and destroyed it, no one was in there car, but the persons car probably had to be written off . and a few times i scratched peoples car with my car and didnt own. if i own up now i would be banned as its too late i still drive now and sometimes to the mosque or too help my mum with.. More

  • His friend wants his real estate deed as collateral surety for the bank Date: 31-10-2013

    assalamwalaikum i hava a property which my friend wants to use use my documents for the perpose of collateral surety with the bank. he wants it for 14 months, my friend said he will pay me some profit. in this deal iam not doing any kind of business with my friend. my point is 1.can i take some percentage of money from is profit or can he fix the %.. More

  • One is not sinful if he forfeits his right willingly Date: 11-8-2013

    Assalaam alaikum I wanted to know is there any sin on a person who waives their rights. E.g. if a woman who wants children but husband says no more, she goes along with what he says to keep the peace. Or if a person asks for financial aid from their parents and they refuse, but later she finds out they gave a large amount to two of her siblings? Should.. More

  • Condition of the Istisnaa'a contract Date: 10-6-2013

    Question : Assalamu Alaicom. I have bought a low-cost house & lot payable for 8 years on a monthly installment basis, the design and sized has been determined,but this house will be constructed 1 year before completing the payment (which means 7 years has been paid), however, the construction will be extended equal to the total of the months I may.. More

  • Is paying the bond to free a convict equivalent to freeing a slave? Date: 2-4-2013

    Is paying the bond to free someone from jail included in the meaning of freeing a slave? .. More

  • Taking water from a well existing in a neighbor's house Date: 6-12-2012

    As-salamu-alaikum Mufti,Our house alhamdulilah has a permanent underground water source(Bore well) along with the city water supply lines which is not regular(available only for 3 days 5-6 hours only).Hence through both sources we can meet the water requirements which is to be shared with 3 of our tenants(say about 20 people) also the same situation.. More

  • Investing an entrusted sum of money Date: 18-11-2012

    AOA, One of my friends gave me some money as "Amanat" to be returned back to him on demand. I put this money in my Bank account. Sir, what about the profit on this amount? Can I retain it with me or I have to pay to my friend along with original amount whenever he demands it? Thanks... .. More

  • Question about sharecropping Date: 12-2-2012

    Dear Shaikh Assalam o alaikum I want further clarification regarding fatwa no. 164735 in which I was told that my contract of sharecropping is invalid. Now I want to know how to make valid contract for sharecropping. Is it permissible If I provide the seeds, fertilisers and pesticides while t he land owner provides his land and work (he may get.. More

  • A travel agent charging clients extra money Date: 21-11-2011

    Assalamalikum My brother is working as a subagent in travel agency. Hes taking more money from his client like if visa fees in travel firm is 40k hes charging 65k it means extra money hes taking from his client. My question is that this money is halal or haram on him? please answer in the light of sunnah. jazakallah khair.. More

  • An Invalid sharecropping contract Date: 6-10-2011

    Dear brother Assalam o alaikum I did an agreement with a land owner to grow ginger. As per agreement I contributed the capital required and the land owner contributed with his land,labour and a little capital. The output will be shared 50% each whereas the loss,if happens due to lack of rain or any other factor will be bear by me only. Now I want.. More

  • Meaning of Kafaalah Date: 5-9-2011

    what is kafalah,,its defination.elements and kinds of kafalah?????.. More