142 fatwas

  • Ruling on placing stingy old father under Hajr Date: 3-9-2015

    There is a man who is over 80 years old and has a lot of money. His children say that he rarely pays Zakah and they live in poverty, in dire need to meet their families’ demands. He does not help them except by giving them a little money or by mortgage. For sure, he is extremely stingy, even towards himself, to the degree that he lives like very poor.. More

  • Buyer paid via bank which became bankrupt Date: 3-9-2015

    I am a trader in France and I sold goods to a trader in Algeria. According to custom, I shipped the goods and sent the freight documents to my bank which would in turn send them to the bank of my client. Hence, my client would receive the documents and pay the price of the goods. However, after my client paid the bank, the bank became bankrupt. I became.. More

  • Results of invalid authorization and Mudharabah Date: 3-9-2015

    I gave a friend an amount of money to buy a car – knowing that the car would be taken from the state – in his name, and after selling it we would share the profit. For about seven years, it has not come and its type is unknown. Is this gain lawful? .. More

  • Whoever reaches a permissible thing first, it becomes his Date: 3-9-2015

    In some forests there are palm trees that are not owned by anyone. Is it permissible for us to own them? If yes, there are trees that I inherited from my grandfathers which were not originally theirs. What should we do with them? .. More

  • The one entitled to a conditional payment takes it even if it is greater than usual Date: 3-9-2015

    A man has a sick daughter and he wants a certain kind of medicine. He said that whoever brought him that medicine, he would give him a car or a house, although that medicine is very cheap. What is the Sharee'ah ruling on the person who brings this medicine and takes the car or the house? .. More

  • Ruling on what neighbors borrow from each other Date: 3-9-2015

    My neighbor always asks me to lend her things, saying, for example, “Lend me bread, lend me eggs, and so on.” Then, she does not return what she took. Rather, she continues to ask for things in the same way, and this happened tens of times, knowing that our financial conditions are similar. 1- Does she commit a sin for borrowing things without.. More

  • Permissibility to place mentally ill person under Hajr Date: 3-9-2015

    What is the valid way in the sharia to preserve the wealth of a father who has relatively lost his mental powers and does not know the value of things? After a while he forgets what he said. His children are confused and do not want to dispose of his property without his permission. They do not want to annoy him if they disobey him. He is a 92-year-old.. More

  • Extra money gained by an agent from principal to be returned Date: 3-9-2015

    One of my close acquaintances asked me to look for a piece of land for him to buy. When I found the land I said to him, “It is offered for sale – for example – for 10 riyals, in addition to one riyal as a commission for the people who helped me conclude the transaction.” The man agreed and the transaction was concluded. After a short period.. More

  • Export agent must clarify service fee when quoting price Date: 13-8-2015

    Assalamu Alaikum. I’m doing Export Service business, have office, Export licence account, pay all office expenses ,government taxes and all business expenses . The way I’m doing the business like this .When customer contact me and ask me same particular items ,I check the market provide him samples and send the samples without charge him the freight.. More

  • A Muslim is presumed to be the rightful owner of all property in his possession Date: 15-5-2015

    Assalamu alikum,My question is dat-My father took a shop on rent around 15 years ago. An argument arose between landlord and my father, the landlord publicly tried to attack my father after 2 years.some people of area tried to resolve d matter. My father agreed to vacate shop on date decided by people ,my father received an amount around 30 thousands.. More

  • Lawful alternatives to selling items not yet in possession Date: 30-4-2015

    bismillah alrahman alrahimi'm sorry that the question is a little long but i asked everywhere and no answer yet and i really would not want to get haram money . i live in the middle east and i want to open an internet shop that sells Products i don't have .when the Customer buys a product . i take the money (((i'll make sure not to use the money till.. More

  • Customer must know how much middleman in transaction receives Date: 18-3-2015

    asalam we3likoum I have a question about a kind of a business which is for example I am going to look for someone who needs a service for example a person who needs a book covers for his book and he says that he pays 150 dollars for the person that he would do that for him so what I would do I will contact that person and say to him that I can find.. More

  • Trustee not liable for loss or damage if not at fault Date: 8-11-2014

    A person given responsibility to collect money from an office/bank is robbed at the point of collection, the owner of the money is now at a loss. Can the owner ask for compensation from the collector, is the collector liable for negligence by default, due to the responsibility given to him or should the owner accept the loss with no questions asked. .. More

  • Ruling on renting land in return of some of its produce Date: 11-10-2014

    I have a piece of land where rice is cultivated. I lend this to poor farmer on the condition of giving me 480 kg rice per year. Is it Halal? If not, What should I do? .. More

  • Impermissible to possess money given by state for infrastructure maintenance Date: 24-8-2014

    A man who used to be a government official in a kafir country that is hostile to islam was given a sum of money from his country in order to maintain some infrastructure in his local village however turmoil and chaos befell his country and so he fled his country with this sum of money. What is the ruling of this money? .. More