142 fatwas

  • The man who caused damage to his car gave him more than the cost of its repair Date: 22-5-2008

    Assalamu Alaikum Waramtullahi Wabarakatuhu, I was involved in a car accident in which i was not at fault. I asked the guy that hit my car if he wanted to call the police and go thru the insurance or pay me cash to fix my car. I gave him an estimate about the extent of the damage and he agreed to pay according to my estimate, trying to avoid the police.. More

  • Lent a sum of money to a farmer who will give him an amount of his product Date: 5-12-2007

    A businessman lend a money to farmer, example 1000, the farmer must pay it 4 sacks out of his products. Is this allowed in Islam. Another is that I have a small rice mill, for 2 months my gross income from this rice mill is about 20,000.00 (this includes fuel and the operators share), and my net income after diducting fuel operators cost is only 12,000.00.. More

  • Ruling on deposit guarantee Date: 30-9-2007

    Salam. what is the islamic hukm about deposit guarantee? Is it permissible? what are islamic principles that are related to deposit guarantee? kafalah or takaful? Is there any financial institution in the world that provide islamic deposit guarantee? And what is the difference between deposit insurance and deposit guarantee? Thank you. Hope for reply.. More

  • Wants to raise the price of the computers he sells for his brother Date: 25-9-2007

    please, i am in situation where ii need to know wether i am taking a money in "halaal" way or "haraam". the situation is like this: my brother needs me to buy him laptop computers lets say five. i have found them. thier price is 250 Us $, if i give him in 320 Us $. he will send the money 320 Us $ and will take the 70$. so is that legal. although the.. More

  • Benefitting from trees planted on sides of public roads Date: 24-6-2007

    how far is it true that a piece of land that has not been used for more than 3 years may be taken by one who will develop it? what are the conditions attached to it? people who live in urban areas do not have enough land for gardening. One has to sometimes resort to planting by the side of the road!. Some times the local authority plant trees to provide.. More

  • Ruling on letter of credit Date: 24-6-2007

    aslamu alikum warahmatullah wa barakatuho, 1- is letter of credit or documentry credit permissible in islam?. what are the muslim seller responsiblities in letter of credit?. .. More

  • Losing things because of forgetfulness Date: 21-6-2007

    Salam Alaykom. What is the ruling in islam on forgettfulness?? It seems like I am always losing something like a crown for my husband's tooth; it was for 500.00; now he has to make a new one from the dentist- he has to pay 500.00 just because of me and I don't remember where it is., also about receipts from the store. I am really devastated about my.. More

  • Conditions related to cultivating a “no man’s land” Date: 21-6-2007

    1)how far is it true that a piece of land that has not been used for more than 3 years may be taken by one who will develop it? 2) what are the conditions attached to it? .. More

  • Repairing this damaged tap is not an obligation but it is a good act Date: 3-5-2007

    One day i was on my way home and it was luhar time.there was a masjid close by to where i was travelling,so i went there for luhar salah. I Occasionally visit this masjid when i am travelling and am not too familiar with it's imams, caretakers etc. I didnt have wudhu,so i went to the ablution taking area where there are many taps. I opened one tap and.. More

  • Transferring money via paypal company Date: 3-4-2007

    Assalamo Alaikom Wa Rahmat Allaah I sometimes use Paypal to receive money from other people as paypal offers fast mean of transfering money, but the unclear issue for me is that it states conditions for charge of their service which make me in dilemma whether it is halal or ribaa for example: If you receive £1 to £10 will incur say £ 0.5 charge.. More

  • Their father built on the land which belongs to their second elder brother Date: 3-12-2006

    Salam o Alaikum Dear sir i want to varify one thing about my elder brother decision abt our father properties... there is one land when purchased it was just 6 shops and my second elder brother claims that he paid full amount my mother and my step brother also support his claim.... later one my father by cheating change the power of atoney from his.. More

  • Borrowed a book and found a pornographic VCD inside it Date: 24-8-2006

    i borrowed a book and inside the book , there was a pornographic VCD . Am I expected to return the CD because i want to burn it ? Will Allah ask me as taking other's property illegally?.. More

  • Liability of employee or co-partner in case of loss Date: 25-7-2006

    BISMILLAAHI RAHMANI RAHIM As salaam aleikum, Dear Sheikh, I am working for a muslim brother and he has given me all responsibility to manage his business that deals with spare parts. Recently the business started to drop and the best solution was to sell the products in a wholesale prices. We got a muslim brother as a salesman since he was good in this.. More

  • Borrowed their stamp album and never returned it Date: 19-4-2006

    When I was 11, we had some visitors we knew from back in Uganda. At the time I was handed down a collection of stamps going back many years in the family. Some how by persuading my brother to let them borrow the album for a few days they took the collection and them never returned it? And when asked about it denied having it and then said it was lost... More

  • Was referred to a company other than his own to get the grant for studying abroad Date: 29-12-2005

    I signed a contract with my company to study in a foreign country and according to the contract the company should give me a monthly salary during the period of my study (2 years) abroad, but before I leave the country, the government told an other company to sponsor me and it did. Now I take my salary from the second company. My question is.. More