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  • Legal Transactions of Islamic Banking System

    Is the Islamic rulings about the profit taken by the Islamic Banking System, if we take loan to buy something, the same as the interest taken by other banks? As per the Islamic Banking System, it is said that they are buying something and selling it to the person taking the loan with a specific profit. Please explain. May Allah Almighty reward you for.. More

  • Buying on installments

    I want to buy something for my children (bedroom). It's price = x if I buy it completely, and it's price = x + 5% of (x/2) if I take it now and pay it off into monthly payments. Is this "RIBA"? Please, your answer is very important for me... More

  • Returning a Free Loan with Profit

    If someone extends a free loan "Qardh Al-Hasanah" as a gesture of help without any conditions and the borrower, while using it in business, realizes a handsome profit, will be right if he returns the loan with a part of the realized profit, in reciprocation of his sincere help. .. More

  • Student supported by money from Haram sources

    My brother has Haram business, a restaurant where he sells food (curry) and alcohol. I am student (25 years) I work only part time. My brother maintains everything in my house I eat food which is from Haram income. What should I do; my father don't want me to leave my brother? My father stays with my brother. I do not like to eat Haram food. What should.. More

  • Working as Sales Person for Website with Access to Stock Exchange

    I work as a sales person for website that offers an Internet service to gain access for foreign stock exchange such as Nasdaq, Nyse, and ASE. As far as I know the stock exchange is not forbidden. But there is a Problem. For example let us assume that you opened an account and 10000 dollars. You invested 5000 dollars in buying shares, and the other 5000.. More

  • Repaying Study Expenses and Interest

    I am a Muslim student living in Holland. Next year I'm going to study dentistry, Insha Allah. I'm very motivated and I'm, Alhamdulillah a very good student. And now I've got a very urgent question and would really appreciate if you could give me a quick answer, if possible. Here in Holland it is very expensive to study and so the government pays for.. More

  • Marriage plan may include Riba

    I am working as a Electrical Engineer (Diploma) supervisor 28 years and ALHAMDULILLAH earning a salary but it is not so enough for me to buy a house and also manage my mother and brother along with in the present high household expenses. Also I (We) don't have any property or enough money for spending on marriage celebration and giving MEHER to my groom... More

  • Fixed Deposits in Banks

    Is keeping money in banks as "fixed deposit" acceptable in Islam or not, because it generates and doubles the amount one deposits after a period of 5 years? This involves no risk at all and Islam says where there is no risk its "Haram". Please confirm this matter. If I want to deposit money as fixed deposit and after 5 years I withdraw double the.. More

  • Benefitting from Health Insurance Benefit of Deceased Person

    My mother has a health insurance benefit through my father's work and he is dead now. She has 250 pounds per month to get her medicines, but her real need is less than this sum, so she is getting other goods from the pharmacy like, shampoo, toothpaste, and other stuff which is not like medicines, and sometimes she buy; me my medicines and stuff for.. More

  • Student Supported by Father's Income from Bank

    I am a student in UK, my father is paying my college fees but he is working in a bank. As I now it is Haram to work there. Is it Halal for me to study in this way? .. More

  • Ridding Oneself of Stolen Property

    How does a person get rid of stolen items that he currently possesses but doesn't know who their rightful owners are? Does he just burn them or can he give them away to someone in need? .. More

  • Bequests to non-Muslims

    My wife is a Muslim. She wants to write a will. I know her non-Muslim relatives can't get part of her inheritance, but can she will some thing to her non-Muslim relatives in the up to 1/3 part (Wasiyeh) that she is allowed to will to whom ever she wants?.. More

  • Selling Cigarettes Is Forbidden

    Can I sell cigarettes? .. More

  • Buying or eating where alcohol and pork is sold

    The Prophet (SAW) said that we should not indulge in any Haram. Is it cursed if we buy or eat from places where alcohol and pork is sold, because we are from Europe and can’t help our situation? .. More

  • Muslims working on building designed for forbidden purposes

    What was the Islamic rules about Muslims working and building for the unpermissible things in islam e.g. casino, disco,night club etc. ncluding the Muslim engineer,or architect that designs that buildings. .. More