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  • Copyright laws

    Please guide us about the copyright. Is it compulsory to observe it or not, e.g. software, publishing rights, according to Sharia with reference?.. More

  • Taking Gifts from Non-Muslims

    What is the ruling on taking gifts, food items from non-Muslim neighbors or friends (even Muslim brothers) knowing that they earn their money through Riba (interest)? .. More

  • Married Muslim Student in US Without Medical Coverage

    I am a student who studies in the USA. I have a wife and two daughters. I knew that health insurance is Haram. Can I stay here and continue my education even if I can not afford the expense of medical treatment of my daughters if anything happens to them, or should I try to go back to the Islamic world. .. More

  • Letters of Credit

    Nowadays the businessmen take a letter of credit from a bank for export and import. The bank gives them security and charges some amount. Will it be a Riba/interest or commission? Is it permissible or not? Please guide with reference and give the solution for traders. .. More

  • Financial Institutions Mixing Islamic Practices and Riba

    What is the Islamic ruling about the bank or finance company that deals with Riba and Islamic practices? .. More

  • Good Deeds Done in a House Purchased by Riba Transaction

    Is it true that all the Sunnah deed e.g. reciting Qur'an, Sunnah, prayers, etc. that we do in the house we purchased through Riba transaction will not be accepted by Allah (s.w.t)? .. More

  • Renting as a business

    If a person owns a house and rents it, is the money received, Halal or Haram? Is renting as a business allowed in Islam?.. More

  • Ruling on Telephone Quiz Show

    Is the television program show I will describe related to gambling? On our TV there is a quiz show; to enter the show we must telephone the show sponsor and we are charged a certain of money to answer the question provided by the sponsor. Only the one with the correct answer will to enter the show. But on the T.V show the participant also must challenge.. More

  • Changing from work haram to halal

    Dear Brethren,As Salaamu AlaikumI have been a high profile artist/illustrator in Dubai for the past 10 years or so. I have become very well known for my work and was earning good money for it. I had of late started contemplating seriously whether what I do (which includes drawing of human and animal characters) was Haram. Before this I used to think.. More

  • Ruling on Smuggling

    Kindly send your Fatwa on the followings:-1. What is your opinion about smuggling is it permitted or prohibited? 2. Advising my friend to beware of Mr.X, since Mr.X is a cheater. Will it be backbiting?3. What is your opinion about group of people holding their hands and making thikr? Please explain how to perform thikr? .. More

  • Copying CD's and video tapes

    Is allowed to copy CD's or video tapes because the originals are very expensive? It is very helpful, especially if it is for non-Muslim companies, eg: CD's teaching computer skills... More

  • Making items for non-Muslims occasions

    I carve and engrave on glass, marble, and wood. Is it halal for me to make gift items to be sold during Christmas, valentine's day, birthday, New Year, and any other occasions that Kafirs celebrate. I do not draw humans, birds, or animals, because I know it is Haram for us to draw living creatures' pictures. I only draw roses, plants, and write words.. More

  • Dealing with untrustworthy businessmen

    A dear brother of mine (I'll call him Ali) has a business decision to make but I am not sure as a Muslim if he should do it or not. I don't trust my Islamic knowledge so I need to get an opinion from a Knowledgeable Muslim before I can advise on the Islamic merits of the business decision. The business decision is profitable no doubt. These are the.. More

  • Group Life Insurance Beneficiary Policy

    I have a serious issue relating to Group Life Insurance Beneficiary Policy, my company pays, on my behalf, the required amount to Life Insurance and we are required to complete a form stating the required beneficiaries in case of death of an employee during duty hours. Are such policies allowed in Islam? What does the Quran and Hadeeth say about this?.. More

  • Medical Insurance in Islam

    Today most of the organizations provide total medical coverage to the employees. For this, they pay a certain amount (annually) on behalf of each employee to the medical insurance company; they have their contract with. Is it permissible for Muslim employees to avail of such services? As far as I understand, any type of insurance is prohibited in.. More