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  • "Magic shows" and Islam Date: 26-3-2001

    What is the Islamic rules about watching "magic show" performed by Muslim or non-Muslims and also buying ticket to watch them?.. More

  • Celebrating Mother's Day Date: 21-3-2001

    In western countries many Muslims celebrate the Mother's day. What is the rule of Shariah concerning this celebration? .. More

  • Names of the Gates of Heaven Date: 1-3-2001

    What are the names of the gatesof Heaven?.. More

  • Al-Ruqiya from evil eye Ain Date: 27-2-2001

    Some cure evil eye or other illness through use of many things: like burning incense or writing verses of Qur'an on paper, putting it in water and drinking it. Sometimes, they make cures to allow a couple to have children by using rice, dates or coconuts and have certain rituals of writing Qur'an in Saffron....If this allowed in Islam? How about blowing.. More

  • Ruling on celebrating Valentine's Day Date: 11-2-2001

    In recent days, many Muslims celebrate the Valentine day especially the girls. What is the rule of Sharia about this practice?.. More

  • Ruling on Hypnotism Date: 4-2-2001

    I am forwarding to you a question about Hypnotism. Please let me know if this is Halal or Haram? .. More

  • Becoming a citizen of Australia Date: 23-1-2001

    I am currently a resident of Australia and I would like to apply for a citizenship. It is not a necessity for me to become a citizen, but it has many advantages. However, one of the things that is required from a person who wants to become a citizen of Australia is to affirm allegiance to the Queen of Ustralia and affirm to obey the laws of.. More

  • Believers seeing Allah's Face Date: 21-1-2001

    Do the believers see Allah's Face or only His Nur(Light) in Heaven?.. More

  • Married for Two Years but No Children Yet Date: 15-1-2001

    I have no children after 2 years of my marriage. Please tell me any Du'a for this purpose. My husband and I had medical examinations and we both have some problem. But I know that my in-laws have done Saher (magic) on us. What can I do? We are worried about this. .. More

  • Feeling Bewitched By Someone Date: 15-1-2001

    I feel I am being bewitched by someone, kindly let me know what is the remedy to get rid of the same ? I feel these from the things happening or coming my way .. More

  • Muslims Living in non-Muslim Countries Date: 15-1-2001

    Someone told that staying in a non-Muslim country is Haram. Is that true? .. More

  • Asking about the Existence of Allah Date: 8-1-2001

    My religious teachers have insisted that I must never question the existence of Allah. Why is this so? Surely by questioning this issue my beliefs shall be stronger via personal reasoning. .. More

  • Magician claims to make angels work for him Date: 2-1-2001

    Assalam Alaikum wa Rahmat Allah I want to ask about someone who claims that he can bring angels and he can use them to inform him about things he did not know. He even claims that he can make them work for him. He gives names like "Tahtaeel" and "Kesfiaeel" and he says that he uses Qur'an for doing so. He refers to some books named "Barhateia" and.. More

  • End of Muslim community in 1500 (A.H) Date: 1-1-2001

    I have heard that there are Ahadith about end of the Muslim community in 1500 (Hegirian date) Is it true? .. More

  • The coming of the Mahdi before the Day of Judgment Date: 1-1-2001

    Assalam-o-Aleykum, I want to get the answers of a few questions. Before writing my questions I should make clear that I am Urdu speaking and don't know Arabic so I may write some words those will be used in Urdu for the subjects I want to know about. Please manage for these Urdu words. Question 1: I have come to know that after marriage the sexual intercourse.. More