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  • A woman's marriage without her guardian's consent

    If wali of girl is not agreed for marriage, what is available way to perform Nikkah other than court marriage? .. More

  • She Embraced Islam but Her Atheist Husband Refuses to Divorce Her and Threatens Her to Take Children

    I'm a revert, and I am legally married but seperated to an atheist,due to abuse. I have asked and asked for a divorce, he doesn't want to give me one easily, and threatens to take my children. My question is how can I marry a muslim man now if he wont divorce me. I know a muslim woman cant be married to anyone but a muslim man, so its invalid, but im.. More

  • Impermissibility to Assist an Atheist in his Wedding

    Salam Aleikum! I recently married got married to a new Muslim who became Muslim last year during the summer . We live in a kafir country where a lot of the Muslims are quite ignorant, so a lot of the rulings of things are not know by people.My wife’s whole family are all atheist(they are all born in and raised in this country). and her sister is marrying.. More

  • Couple Organized Tahleel Marriage to Get Back Together and Had Children Afterwards

    Sheikh i know of a couple who divorced more than three times and they organised halala to get back together and despite telling them not to do that they ignored us and they got back together and they produced children from that marriage are they bastards the children kindly clarify.. More

  • Married a Defective Marriage and Wants Divorce

    If marriage happened without filling up the pillars of marriage that is presence and consent of the wali,two trustworthy witnesses and announcement of the marriage this marriage is void.I came to know that from your fatwa .Even i saw a video of Javed Ghamidi where he said that secret marriage is not marriage at all .so I just want to know if a commits.. More

  • Her Non-Muslim Sister Got Involved in an Invalid Marriage

    Assalamu alaikum. My sister wants to remarry and we are trying to figure out if her previous marriage is valid. In 2013 she went to Italy and had some kind of a wedding with an Egyptian muslim man after a short courtship which included premarital sex. The Italian government was unable to do the Civil marriage because of some paperwork problems. The.. More

  • Matters That Invalidate Marriage

    Assalamu alaikum, Briefly explain as per shafiii imam madhab. How marrieges annulled (except talaq) .. More

  • Tahleel Marriage

    If husband gives three irrevocable talak to wife but want to get her back and arrange tahleel marriage to get her my question is 1: as a result he arrange the marriage, will he become unlawful for his ex wife permanently? Or he can remarry her after a valid marriage and divorce of his ex wife. Please answer according to 4madhab in islam. .. More

  • Married through the Phone and Later Husband Divorced Her

    Aoa. I want to ask if a girl and guy got married secretly on phone. Where girl was alone and on guy side there was an imam, two witnesses. Girl appointed that imam as her wali. Now on phone girl accepted the proposal and nikkah took place. According to people it is an invalid marriage. Now after sometime that guy divorces the girl, so are their nikkah.. More

  • Marriage Without Her Wali

    Assalamuwalaikum.. I have a question regarding marriage without wali.. Actually i just wanna to understand the matter clearly..please read the full question if you have enough time..i am trying to give the the source as far as i know if there is any fault please surpass this.I know about the hadith la nikah illah bi wali and the hadith narrated by aisha.. More

  • Touching Stepdaughter Lustfully Doesn't Invalidate Marriage to Her Mother

    Assalam o alikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatoh. I would like to ask: touching stepdaughter with lust and desire, is the marriage of mother and stepfather valid? Can I have a direct evidence from Quran and Hadith plz. As I have read difference of opinions. Please help me. .. More

  • Agreed To Marry Him and Contract was Conducted without Her Knowledge

    Salam alaikum, A sister agreed to marry a man. They came and did the engagement. But later she's told by that man that they already did "fard nikah" while she, the bride has no knowledge of it even. First off what is "fard nikah"? Is there a thing as such in Islam? Second, can whatever kind of nikah be it, happen without even the knowledge of the bride.. More

  • Wants To Marry A Convert But Her Parents Object

    As-salaamu alaikum I hope you are able to assist with the situation. I'm writing in behalf of a friend. She's in love with a boy for some time now and recognises that it's haraam. Her parents do not approve of the boy on the basis that he has converted to islaam and his family is not Muslim... They also object because they are aware that he's not.. More

  • Married Without Guardian and Husband Refuses to Divorce Her

    A divorced woman met a man and had orfi marriage with him after knowing each other for a few days only. She was on phone, and he was with two witnesses when she accepted marriage over phone without wali, because she is divorced and represents herself. She never saw the written contract or was given a mahr. The marriage was consummated. Shortly after.. More

  • Married Secretly and Wife May Be Pregnant

    I am studying bsc hons.i have 8 month left to complete my study.After getting admission i am in a relationship with one of my classmate.but when we relaize its haram in islam and we were practising islam so we married secretly in 2015 to make it a halal relation.we had planned that when our study will complete and as soon as i managed a job we will.. More