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  • Her abusive father wants to marry her off to a man she does not like Date: 10-8-2011

    Assalamu Alikum My family has wrong me so bad. They have called me throwing something hard, throwing words out of mouth, aspersing and slandering my chastity. my dad called me whore and my brother said im pregnant when iam free from this. They said we married you off to my cousin when i object and said thats invalid because they are saying your.. More

  • Divorce between valid and invalid marriage Date: 5-5-2011

    There is a man who married a girl in the presence of a Shaykh in a mosque. The man said to his wife, “You are divorced.” Then, he revoked the divorce during the period of ‘Iddah (waiting period). He repeated this act. Now, he has divorced her for the third time. However, he loves her very much and wishes to revoke the divorce. It should be known.. More

  • Providing for husband does not affect validity of marriage Date: 1-5-2011

    My husband has been unemployed for more than 20 years now. Allaah The Almighty favored me with work and a good income, with which I have supported my family and husband. Praise is due to Allaah, I have willingly given my husband the freedom to dispose of the money, pay Zakaah (obligatory charity), save and spend, so that he would not feel humiliated... More

  • She was deceived into entering an invalid marriage Date: 29-4-2011

    Assalam Allykum. Please clarify, if 1.Nikah was performed in secret without presence or consent of Wali 2.Boy is not kafu for Girl in Educational, social, economic and cultural aspects. 3.Boy undertook this act with false promise and fake assurance that he has a job and will soon send the formal marriage proposal. 4.Marriage was kept secret for more.. More

  • Wants to marry the man with whom she committed Zina during her waiting period Date: 27-4-2011

    salam, i was married while i was seeing another man but the process committed zina,then eventually i was divorced. during the iddah period,committed zina again but now the man that committed zina with him during iddah wants to marry me. please imam, i regret so much what i have done. please advice me on what to do, to restart my life properly... More

  • A revocably-divorced woman marrying without knowing that her husband has taken her back Date: 9-3-2011

    What is the ruling if a revocably-divorced woman ‎marries without knowing that her husband has ‎taken her back? ‎ Is her second marriage valid? Does the first husband have the right to restore her? May Allaah reward you... More

  • Married without her parents’ knowledge and wants to end her marriage Date: 23-2-2011

    a girl accepted the marriage proposal from a lad in front of two male witness. The mahr was deferred upon divorce by them. They did not tell any of this to anybody. Now, due to her parental problems, the girl realizes that she cannot hurt her parents and she wants to get out of the marital bond. What would you suggest her to do now? .. More

  • A baseless claim about invalidating marriage Date: 13-2-2011

    Dear Brother Salam, one of My friend has told that if muslim man marries girl & he has more than 12 children form that girl(Same Girl), They should remarry again. Please reply. I have not heard or read before about that Thanks & best Regards, Mohammed .. More

  • She got married without a Wali or two witnesses Date: 30-1-2011

    assalamu alaikum i have heard and read everywhere that in nikaah two witnesses are compulsory(males). but their is a stiuation. and it is like this. a boy and a girl did nikaah with each other with their own will (both of them were present at the time of nikaah). however they did not had complete information regarding the procedure of nikaah. so.. More

  • Incest between siblings does not nullify the marriage of their parents Date: 26-12-2010

    mufti sb,slam i am hanfi sunni and wana ask a question that if a man does sex with her real blood sister then does nikah of there parents become invalid/haram... More

  • He reverted to Islam, but his wife is still non-Muslim Date: 7-12-2010

    Aslam o Alakam, I (32 years) and my whole family embraced Islam on 13 November 2010 including mom, dad, 3 brothers, 1 sister and repented from Qadianism/Ahmadiyyat but my wife (marriage held 8 Nov 2009 according qadiani law) did not embraced Islam and still following Qadianism/Ahmadiyyat and living with her parents home in other city and my daughter.. More

  • His son wants to go back to his Bohra ex-wife Date: 25-11-2010

    my son and my dughter in law married my doughter in law miscarrge the baby boy by her own will at her mothers home then dispute arises then my doughter im law and her mother insisted to give divorce ecause they are bhori and we are sunny/ so we make khulanama by both want to leave toghater.1 is tallaque both of them say we are.. More

  • She entered an invalid marriage without the knowledge of her parents Date: 24-11-2010

    Assalamalaikum, I am 27 years old Girl who is Secretly Married with out my Parents/Guardian Permission, as the problem is I am working and did not wanted to do anything Illegal in the eyes of Allah, so I married a Married person who is Religiously committed who bought the Khazi and 2 witnesses and they asked my permission through Telephone without.. More

  • He lived with her after making the Quran as witness to their relationship Date: 9-8-2010

    AsSalaam o Alaikum, A Muslim woman and a Muslim man were in love and they were in a situation where they were about to commit zina and before that due to fear of Allah the man took QURAN and made the Quran as witness to accept the Girl to be his wife. As the girl ,was not agreeing to be married at that time due to her family and other legal issues... More

  • She ran away from her husband, apostated and had a child from a non-Muslim man Date: 22-6-2010

    my sister in law got married with a muslim man and after living with him for 04 days she ran away with a non muslim man and then after 04 years she came back with her non muslim child then she told she has many problems with that noon muslim man and then after 04 years she came back with her non muslim child then she told she has many problems with.. More