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  • She is not sure whether she consented to her own marriage or not

    assalamu aleykum, i was approached by a lady who wanted to know if the marriage of someone who is not sure whether she consented to marriage is valid or not. the story is that there is a girl who went to another country and stayed with a family. she satyed with them, and she just saw herself giving all her money to the family without knowing and later.. More

  • A new Muslim worried about the validity of her second marriage

    Assalaamu alaikum, Thank you for taking the time, this is very important to me. I am a revert to Islam, for 4 years now. When I first became muslim and told my family they freaked. I had to run away, I met a brother in Islam through the internet and he agreed to help to me. We married islamicly so I could stay in his apartment and it be halal. But this.. More

  • Married a Christian woman who had lost her faith in God

    As-Salamu `alaikum, I am married to a non-Muslim woman in the UK in a register office and we’re now expecting a baby. She was a Christian who used to go to church but stopped because she said priests do things that they ask others not to do. As a result, she said she lost her belief and no longer belief in God. I knew this even before the marriage.. More

  • Wants to get out of a civil marriage contract

    asalmu aleikum. i am a converty, i have married a muslim through civil marriege (non muslim service), i didnot know all about the islam as i know today' elhamdullilah. he wanted to get citizenship only and was laughing at me and abussing me savirlly. i have finally had the strength to leave him, but he wouldn't divorce me through the state. now after.. More

  • A Muslim girl married a non-Muslim man under the Indian law

    asalaam alaikum, I know one muslim gal who is living with non-muslim guy.(* they married as per indian law in court/registration n which is non valid as per islam) Now she is 5 months pregnant as a result of ZINA. what should be possible solution for this? Gal's parents dont want to leave her like that. They want her to come home with out that guy... More

  • Married temporarily and wants to renew her marriage contract

    Assalamo Alikom, I converted to islam 3 yrs ago, my family have not imbraced Islam. I became involved with a muslim man. He said he never wants to marry & have children, I said I did. He said for us to do a temporary nikka for awhile as he loved me. He said it is allowed, & later we can divorce & go our separate ways. I knew very little about Islam.. More

  • Hid something from her husband before he married her

    Assalamualaikum. I have a question about a wife that hides something to her husband and the wife didn't inform the husband until they have got married. The reason why she did that wasbecause she scared that he would cancel the marriage is she tells him before they get marriage. Would this act be considered as one thing that makes the whole marriage.. More

  • Wants divorce because her husband is an innovator

    Asalaamulikum. Is it permissable for a sunni revert sister to seek seperation when the husband is an innovator. Some of his views are deviated from the Sunni schools of thought and this is causing problems in the relationship as the sister becomes more knowlegable and aware of Islam and the importance of always striving to please Allah swt and follow.. More

  • Wants to marry a woman before she gets Khul' from her husband

    Salamalaikum, Mufti Sir, My question is I am going to marry a girl who is already a wife of someone, but due to some unavoidable circumstances she does not want to continue her relationship with him, now the problem is she aleady left him but still the khula papers not recieved from her husband as she is in india and wants khula so she sent papers.. More

  • Her husband married a pregnant Christian prostitute

    Please can you give some guidance for the following:- A man has been having an affair, committing adultery with a christian woman who already has two illegitimate sons and is also a pimp. This man's wife had previously come to know of his affiar an dthat time he had picked a kasam that he would never speak to this woman again. This woman has now.. More

  • His wife had a child from another marriage without getting divorce from him

    Asslamoallcum Brothers I got a question, very important and please advise asap. I should give background history. I am in Uk but origin from Pakistan. From 1988/89 i had pen friendship with a gril from Algeria. In 1991 i had arranged marriaage in pakistan and now i have 3 children. Later this girl moved from Algeria to paris where I visited her in 1997... More

  • His wife did not invalidate her previous marriage

    Im a 40 years old gentleman previously married and divorced and have 2 kids Recently I was introduced to a divorced lady that a kidWe got married and were living in harmony until I received an email from a gentleman indicating that I was married to his wife My wife said that she did marry him in secret without the knowledge of her wali as she was a.. More

  • Married the wife of his deceased nephew

    My friend's husband entered into a friendly relations with his nephew's wife, who also happened to be her husband's distant cousin. Inspite of both, my friend's husband and his nephews wife being married, they had a love affair. As soon as the nephew of my friend's husband died, the husband married this woman who was his nephew's wife and also his distant.. More

  • Married a man to discover that he is Durzi

    a muslim woman got married to a man who she discovered that he is DORZI, when she asked him via the Imam he said he is muslim, but he has told her before they got married that he would like to live with her as a girlfriend, and if she wants to marry him formally in a holy place then he still does not have problem if she was muslim or christian or whatever... More

  • Embraced Islam and married without getting divorce from her non-Muslim husband

    Assalam walekum warehmat allah wabaraka tuho A woman married to a Christian man and later converted to Islam and marries a Muslim man without getting divorce from her first husband, is it legal? Please advice Thank you Sameer Shaikh .. More