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  • Once a wife becomes an apostate, her marriage becomes void Date: 6-4-2010

    Assalamu Alaykom. there is a man who claim that he was a madinah university student. He gave a Fatwah that a husband can still be married to A Murtad wife who commits many major sins like disobedient to husband, drinking alcohol,smoking, no hijab, no salah, as long as this wife still believe in God? Also the same man said that there is no more.. More

  • You should have asked about the ruling of this marriage before entering into it Date: 30-3-2010

    Revered Ulama-e-ikram, I am living in the USA as US citizen. I am a Hanafi from Ahlus Sunna Val Jamaat. I developed love with a Sunni Muslim Girl from South India through Internet. So I came to India and met her. as I did not want an unlawful or Haram sex. I am a very religious person so even in USA I would not get into any affair with any girl so how.. More

  • Her marriage contract took place over the phone Date: 29-3-2010

    When my husband and I married, we had the Imam on the phone who was out of state, 2 muslim male witnesses on the phone who were also out of state, my Wali was on the phone who was also out of state, and a Christian female who was physically present at the time of Nikah. Does that make my marriage void?.. More

  • He married his wife during her waiting period from her previous marriage Date: 10-3-2010

    i got my answer in fatwa #132405 my next question is first of all she had a court marriege(previous marriege) without concent of her father or guardian. 2nd if she had intercourse with her ex husband then what should i do my nikkah is halal or she has to complete iddah if yes where she can complete her iddah at my house or at her parents house cause.. More

  • Married without witnesses or a guardian Date: 2-3-2010

    May Allah bless you and accept your deeds. My question is regarding my own nikkah with a woman. I liked a woman and proposed her for marriage which she accepted. I told my parents about her and they had no problems marrying me with her but wanted me to wait till i turn 28 which will be in 2013. Other reason my father wants me to start a job and save.. More

  • This marriage is void for many reasons Date: 2-3-2010

    Assalamalaikum, I am female of 27 yr old, cannot say married or unmarried, because I am secretly married without knowledge of my parents, with the help of khazi, my husband is 43 years old, married, with 2 childrens, he is religious and a good person. we were working together in office. while nikah, i gave my false name, as my husband told, nikah happened.. More

  • She married without the consent of her father who wanted her to marry her cousin Date: 18-2-2010

    assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakat.. call me shaikh... i am married for 2 years, we got married without my parents consent because my father still don't want me to marry,and he likes my cousin to be my husband. but i refused and i accept the proposal of my husband to have a secret married.. Alhamdulillah my husband is such a a good man and a.. More

  • Validity of marriage of two spouses who apostated together Date: 16-2-2010

    If a muslim married couple change their religion,are their nikah terminated?".. More

  • You have to renew your marriage contract if you wish to stay married Date: 8-2-2010

    Assalamu a'laykum. First of all I want to mention that I was not a practicing muslimah before.I think I was the worst girl ever. Now I have repented. Alhamdulillah.Our family is not also practicing muslim in all way. I have read in co-education school. There I had an affair with my classmate. My parents didn't know about that. One day they arranged.. More

  • Children of a Muslim woman from a non-Muslim man Date: 3-2-2010

    salam aleikum. i have one question about children. if a woman who is muslim but dont practise, dont wear hijab and dont pray gets 4 children with one man who is not muslim. then its children of zina they get, but whos last name should the children have. the children now have the dads last name. and what happends if the woman and man separate. with who.. More

  • Married without the permission of her father and wants to correct her mistake Date: 6-1-2010

    I was 14 years old when I fell in love with a boy who did not know where and from what family back ground I belonged. He directly proposed me and asked me to marry him from the very first day. I told my mother about it (who was a cancer paitent at that time). Gradually, my father got to know about it and my family turned against him because he did not.. More

  • His wife told him that his father had raped her Date: 20-10-2009

    Assalam-o-alainkum! respected Ulmah i am married from 8 yrs and Alhumdulillah having 3 childrens. my wife told me that once my father had sex forcely with her 12 to 14 months before and she didnot told me about that and after that i had a baby 2 months before. and now she said she cannot live with me plz tell me will she be mywife anymore or not. .. More

  • She is not sure whether she consented to her own marriage or not Date: 16-9-2009

    assalamu aleykum, i was approached by a lady who wanted to know if the marriage of someone who is not sure whether she consented to marriage is valid or not. the story is that there is a girl who went to another country and stayed with a family. she satyed with them, and she just saw herself giving all her money to the family without knowing and later.. More

  • A new Muslim worried about the validity of her second marriage Date: 25-8-2009

    Assalaamu alaikum, Thank you for taking the time, this is very important to me. I am a revert to Islam, for 4 years now. When I first became muslim and told my family they freaked. I had to run away, I met a brother in Islam through the internet and he agreed to help to me. We married islamicly so I could stay in his apartment and it be halal. But this.. More

  • Married a Christian woman who had lost her faith in God Date: 16-8-2009

    As-Salamu `alaikum, I am married to a non-Muslim woman in the UK in a register office and we’re now expecting a baby. She was a Christian who used to go to church but stopped because she said priests do things that they ask others not to do. As a result, she said she lost her belief and no longer belief in God. I knew this even before the marriage.. More