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  • Her husband refuses to renew their invalid marriage contract

    Asalam allaikum wa ramatullah wa barakatuh! I read Fatwa No. 105480 and as my Situation is the same as described there, I went with my children to my Parents and told my husband our marriage was invalid, I showed him the fatwa and also searched in the internet for another opinionm but didn't find. But he will not believe that our marriage is not valid... More

  • Her non-Muslim husband refuses to divorce her

    Assalamu alaikom, I reverted to Islam 3 years ago. At that time I was married (maybe i still am) but anyhow, I continued to stay with my Ex for alittle over 1 year after my reversion. The man never would revert and constantly insulted Islam and me. He was very tough and made it very hard on me. He refused Islam and still does. So I left him and filed.. More

  • Married before being Muslim without the consent of her family

    assalamalaikum dear bro & sis, my question regarding my marriage. i am a muslim revert. my family from people of the book. im still not a muslim revert when i get marreid.. my husband is a born muslim. we get married without my fathers permission and even one of my relatives didnt marry me off. we have a witnesses in one of my husband friends.. More

  • Attending a wedding of a Muslim woman marrying a non-Muslim

    Dear Brothers in Islam, Assalam-o-Alaikum My cousin married a Christian woman & he is not a practicing Muslim. His children are brought up by the wife as Christians. Now his daughter is going to marry a non-Muslim man. Please tell me if I can attend this wedding. I heard someone say that if a Muslim attends such wedding, he/she will.. More

  • There is no valid relationship between you and this man

    i got intrested ina man,did;nt knew much about him.he asked to to marry him.i accepted his proposal.he brought a maulwi he recited few verses and said ur nikah is done.i whould here mention that there were no witnesses and everything was done orally.anyhow aftr few months one day on mobile he said divorce words many times.then aftr about 20 days he.. More

  • Married another man while she was in her waiting period

    Recently i knew about ur web.side and i made one queastion but i have not mentioned all true as was feeling too shame to say everything to any body.It is already for 3 years i do not know haw to correct my life as per Islamic shariga and have no one who could help me.3years ago i got positive advice from Islamic center regarding secret marriage and.. More

  • Embraced Islam only to marry a Muslim woman

    I was a christian who converted to Islam as a requirement of marriage to moroccan woman in Morocco. It was the only way to get married - I did not necessarily agree with the principle but for true love I agreed to do this as the only way to be together. With time I have had strong doubts about this conversion to the point I want to reconsider being.. More

  • Wants to know his obligations towards an invalid marriage

    I got to know a 46 year old widow over the internet in the middle of Ramadhan. When i realised that we were not compatible i told her that i wanted to finish writing to each other, to which she agreed despite saying that she was in love with me. I felt that it was not love but rather something mentally not quite right with her. This woman then travelled.. More

  • Her ex-husband apostated and wants to remarry her

    iIf lady married her husband divorce but not pure heart divorce he want to talk her but she gnore because she is muslim and heer hasband is Christian. hasband convert muslim cast then after 2 yrs. went chrishtian then wife no go in chrishtian cast but hasbant told both are same go church and go mosque. then what heppen this matter then but both are.. More

  • Her parents do not know about her secret marriage and want to marry her off

    Assalamalaikum, I am 23 years old Girl who is Secretly Married with out my Parents/Guardian Permission, as the problem is I am working and did not wanted to do anything Illegal in the eyes of Allah, so I married a Married person who is Religiously committed who bought the Khazi and 2 witnesses and they asked my permission through Telephone without my.. More

  • Married a divorcee in her waiting period without her guardian's consent

    Assalamalaikum, Dear Brother, A friend of mine asked me to find out about his marrage which happen in a different way. Weather in front of Allah Subanatala it is right or wrong and if it is wrong what he has to do to make it correct. The fact is the girl whom he married she was priviously married and she stayed for 1 week with her husband and returned.. More

  • Married a married man against the will of her father

    As salamu Alaikum, Am a 32 years tunisian woman, met back in 1999 a Pakistani man who has a british passport and lives in UK, he was older than me by 22 years, married with 2 daughters. He was facing some problems with his wife but not divorced. To go for the divorce, he asked me for a guarantee that I won't leave him if the court procedure.. More

  • Consummating marriage without having witnesses in marriage contract


  • This marriage contract must be invalidated or renewed correctly

    Assalam Alykum I'm sorry for giving more details, because I try my best to give exact picture of the situation. I have a friend 29 years old, her mother got divorced when she was 9 years old, she lived with her mother since then and her mother was totally responsible for her during the last 20 years, her father was supporting her but to tell the truth.. More

  • Instant divorce of a wife proved to be one’s half sister

    A man married a woman and he fathered children from her, then he discovered that she is his half-sister. What should he do?.. More