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  • Marriage of a Muslim man to an apostate woman is invalid Date: 14-8-2013

    Assalam alaykum. There is a muslim lady who got married with a christian, and that lady became christian too, and they have 3 children. There is a muslim man who want to take her from that christian man and marry her in order to persuade her to come back to islam. If that lady acceptes to come back to islam and get married with that muslim man, so is.. More

  • Wants to set herself free from a Faasid (incorrect) marriage Date: 11-4-2013

    My original Question was about Nikah of a divorcee girl. The situation is that the boy sat in his room along with two witnesses and the girl sat in her house. Then, though skype they did ijaab and qubool and the two witnesses heard the girl’s voice as video chat was not used. 1. Fatwa no. 2378938 2. More

  • His wife apostatized after 17 years of embracing Islam Date: 2-4-2013

    assalamulikum. i marry to swedish women. she accept islam 17 years. now she became murtad. we have 4 kids. she has lot of respect for me and my religion. she practice islam 17 years. she accept i tich my kids islam. she do not make any problem my religion matter. but she can not belive any religion. she do not drink alcohol. she do not eat pig meat... More

  • Attending wedding of a girl whose father married his niece Date: 28-3-2013

    a man was married to his bhatiji and now his daughter is going to marry another uncles son so is it allowed to attend that marriage by other relatives .. More

  • She discovered that her husband is married to her sister Date: 13-2-2013

    Asalam alaykum I am in a really serious situation here I got married to a Molana in nov lived with him for 1 an a half month but later in dec found out that him an my sister were having an affair for a few months an that they got nikha done a few months before mine. As from what I've found out my nikha didn't even exist I was living haram with this.. More

  • Married over the Internet without the consent of her Wali Date: 23-1-2013

    Assasalamualikum . I got marry by phone with one man who is of our country and muslim and lived in abroad . We did not see live each other. only one day we saw each other with web came.We introduced with internet. He said at first he is divorced only and no child .He proposed me to marry but I was unmarried and he was divorced and later he said he.. More

  • A case of a void secret marriage Date: 23-1-2013

    Dear Sir, A female was in love with a boy. They secretly married on (MORE THAN 3 MONTHS AGO), where their 3 friends were witnesses/nikah khwan and advocate. The boy keeps the nikkah documents and both of them are living with their own parents and both girl's and boy's parents do not know of this nikkah. As the boys parents were not in favor of their.. More

  • Abandoning prayer does not invalidate marriage contract Date: 18-11-2012

    Assalamu Alaykum My husband and i started to get to know more about Islam probably around 10 months before we got married (although we are born Muslims but living in a westernized environment). We started to explore Islam slowly in further details as days go by. Syukur Alhamdullillah, Allah S.W.T opened up our eyes to the truth and we have been trying.. More

  • She got divorced to marry the man with whom she committed Zina Date: 8-5-2012

    Hi there, I have a Muslim friend and she committed zina while she was married with her first husband. She persuaded her family that she wants to divorce her husband but the reasons that she used were illogical and fake because she was getting attracted to another man who took good care of her during rough times. Meanwhile, the convincing was going.. More

  • Ruling on a married woman marrying another man Date: 21-2-2012

    The wife of a convicted man, who received a three-year prison sentence, filed for divorce. Her husband told her to finalize the required legal proceedings and bring him the legal documents and he would divorce her. The wife got married to another man, is that marriage valid? .. More

  • Embracing Islam makes a wife unlawful for her non-Muslim husband Date: 12-9-2011

    eight years back i come to know a non muslim lady who was married and having 2 kids.she converted to islam and was asking me to marry her...i was not sure though that i loved her so much and she loved me.she had already done tubal ligation and i am never married...last year she got out side of her non muslim home and was asking me to marry her...i.. More

  • Marriage between a Mahdavi man and a Sunni woman Date: 24-8-2011

    Is marraige between mehdawi muslim boy and sunni muslim girl valid or valid? Some people say its valid because both girl and boy believe in ALLAH SWT as one and only god..but theres who say such marriage is invalid.plz give ur opinion.. More

  • Her abusive father wants to marry her off to a man she does not like Date: 10-8-2011

    Assalamu Alikum My family has wrong me so bad. They have called me throwing something hard, throwing words out of mouth, aspersing and slandering my chastity. my dad called me whore and my brother said im pregnant when iam free from this. They said we married you off to my cousin when i object and said thats invalid because they are saying your.. More

  • Divorce between valid and invalid marriage Date: 5-5-2011

    There is a man who married a girl in the presence of a Shaykh in a mosque. The man said to his wife, “You are divorced.” Then, he revoked the divorce during the period of ‘Iddah (waiting period). He repeated this act. Now, he has divorced her for the third time. However, he loves her very much and wishes to revoke the divorce. It should be known.. More

  • Providing for husband does not affect validity of marriage Date: 1-5-2011

    My husband has been unemployed for more than 20 years now. Allaah The Almighty favored me with work and a good income, with which I have supported my family and husband. Praise is due to Allaah, I have willingly given my husband the freedom to dispose of the money, pay Zakaah (obligatory charity), save and spend, so that he would not feel humiliated... More