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  • Cancel this marriage contract and do a new legal one Date: 21-9-2003

    I want to ask you a question about my life and me. I met a guy in 1993 who was a Muslim, we fell in love and we lived together. In 1995 he was imprisoned and then I became Muslim. We tried to get married since he had no legal papers, and no passport we cannot get married in Swedish way. I went to the Masjid and tried to get help from them, they.. More

  • Very doubtful marriage Date: 10-9-2003

    Is my Nikah valid? I have a few questions regarding Nikah, which are very troubling me. I had a Nikah performed with a woman who had been married once before. Her prior marriage lasted only around 3 months. She claimed that she did not have sexual intercourse with her former husband. Our Nikah was performed only one week after her husband gave her Islamic.. More

  • Complicated Marriage Arrangements Date: 31-3-2003

    My question is regarding my sister. She married my cousin who was already married with my aunt's daughter and has a kid. My sister before this marriage had secretly married a guy. We came to know after her 2nd marriage. Though she denies having done it, we have marriage certificates and Nikah nama. She says those are duplicate. Even the second guy to.. More

  • A Woman's Marriage Without Her Guardian's Consent Is Null and Void Date: 22-12-2002

    In the UK, a muslim girl 29 years of age married a muslim man without her parents' consent. They refused because she is from kashmeer and the man from lahore! Is this marriage lawful in Islam? .. More

  • Married Woman Entered Second Marriage Contract Date: 27-11-2002

    A friend has a problem: she is a married woman but has a problem with her husband. He doesn't want to divorce her but somebody told her that if you make another marriage contract both marriages will not work and she did. She needs to know if that thing is correct because she want to know if she can get married again. .. More

  • Wishes to Get Remarried while Her Civil Divorce Is Still Pending Date: 11-11-2002

    I am asking this question concerning my friend. My friend was a non-Muslim. She married a non-practicing Muslim man about two years ago. Al-hamdulillah she became Muslim last year, and began praying and wearing Hijab and trying to fulfill her religious duties. Her husband was unhappy both about her becoming Muslim and wearing Hijab. She tried to convince.. More

  • Parents Had Him Married without His Consent Date: 3-11-2002

    I'm a 25-year-old man who has a problem. My problem is that my parents back home made Nikah for me without my consent. I didn't give them Tawkiil to marry me and I didn't know about it. I want to marry someone else. Is this marriage that happened without my permission valid. Do I have to divorce this girl who I don't even know or do I consider it as.. More

  • Husband Denies Marriage to First Wife and Wants to Marry a Fifth One Date: 13-10-2002

    A man has 4 wives. Now he wants to marry the fifth, but he knows that he cant do so. So he is denying his first wife to make his fifth wife lawful in marriage, but actually he is still in wedlock with the first. The first wife is still claiming that she is still married to him. The two witnesses who were present at the first marriage are coincidentally.. More

  • Marriage without Parental Knowledge or Consent Date: 30-9-2002

    I am a Muslim living in a non-Muslim country. I had a relationship with a Muslim woman and finally our parents found out. After some difficulties they finally accepted us to get engaged till we finish our studies although I proposed the idea of Nikah without a big celebration party as I can't afford that at the moment, but they refused. They offered.. More

  • Husband and Wife Committed Adultery But Want To Stay Married Date: 12-9-2002

    I have a question from a sister that she had a sexual relationship with another man and her husband had a sexual relationship with another women before, so now they are good in their family relationship and the women wants to have a baby but the man think that she is not anymore his wife according to Islam. They live together and they want to live together.. More

  • Questionable marriage 2 years ago Date: 10-9-2002

    I have been married 2 years. When we got married in a mosque in a non-Muslim country we did not have any witnesses present. The Imam said that the witnesses were is sons and so he called them in front of us, spoke to his sons and nephew on phone, and told them the situation and details. They were assumed to be the witnesses. So, are these witnesses.. More

  • Deceived into an illegal marriage Date: 19-8-2002

    I have a real problem. I was born in a non-Arab country. My parents died when I was seven years old. I am a Muslim, but I didn't know anything about religion. I met a girl and we wanted to marry. A friend told me about a Muslim sheikh in my city. I didn't know anything except Shahadah. This man married us in a very strange spiritual way and so weird.. More

  • Married without Her Parents' Consent But Later They Approved Date: 2-7-2002

    My question is can a Muslim woman marry without her father's permission and presence, if she fears that she will do fornication? We live in a non-Muslim country and here many Muslim girls are studying. The marriage was performed with the help of Islamic center here; the father of the girl was not informed.. He would have refused to accept this marriage... More

  • New Muslima married to a Christian Date: 25-5-2002

    I have a female friend from Mexico that has been a Muslim for 3 months. She has been married for 25 years now, has a nice family, and a nice Christian husband. He lets her believe what she wants he believes in freedom of belief. She loves him so and loves her family. She wants to know: should she divorce her husband of 25 years now? Please answer.. More

  • Marriage without Parents' Knowledge or Consent Date: 28-4-2002

    My question is regarding an issue that most Muslim brothers of my age are facing while they are living in a non-Muslim country, seeking marriage in a proper Islamic manner but trying to avoid the social complexity of it. We all know the great difficulty we Muslims face in order for us to keep away from Haram and to follow the proper path of our religion,.. More