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  • Married without Her Parents' Consent But Later They Approved

    My question is can a Muslim woman marry without her father's permission and presence, if she fears that she will do fornication? We live in a non-Muslim country and here many Muslim girls are studying. The marriage was performed with the help of Islamic center here; the father of the girl was not informed.. He would have refused to accept this marriage... More

  • New Muslima married to a Christian

    I have a female friend from Mexico that has been a Muslim for 3 months. She has been married for 25 years now, has a nice family, and a nice Christian husband. He lets her believe what she wants he believes in freedom of belief. She loves him so and loves her family. She wants to know: should she divorce her husband of 25 years now? Please answer.. More

  • Marriage without Parents' Knowledge or Consent

    My question is regarding an issue that most Muslim brothers of my age are facing while they are living in a non-Muslim country, seeking marriage in a proper Islamic manner but trying to avoid the social complexity of it. We all know the great difficulty we Muslims face in order for us to keep away from Haram and to follow the proper path of our religion,.. More

  • Divorce after an Invalid Marriage

    If a couple marry and divorce then later find out that their marriage may not have been valid in the first place, does the divorce still count? And if it is the third divorce does that mean that they are forbidden to each other? .. More

  • Committed Zina Then Married Without Family's Permission

    I knew a guy who came to ask for my hand, but my family said, 'no' I stooped seeing him. Then one day he stooped me in the streets and said he loved me. I believed him and went to his house. He raped me then he said don't worry I'm going to marry you. We did without my family, but we had 2 witness and a Sheikh. .. More

  • A Muslim Woman Getting Married to a Non-Muslim Man

    My cousin's daughter is getting married to a non muslim, in a church with a dinner reception where alcohol and dancing will be plentiful, I know that I will not attend the wedding, however I sent a card with a gift and wrote in it "may Allah guide you both on his path" but when I try to explain to other relatives that it is haram to attend such a wedding,.. More

  • Secret Marriage

    If a man married a woman in a secret way without telling her parents and without telling any one will that be accepted in Islam? .. More

  • Lack of Sex in Marriage Does Not Nullify It

    If husband and wife have not had sex between themselves for a long time is the marriage considered broken/nullified? Kindly advise. .. More