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  • Divorce after an Invalid Marriage Date: 3-3-2002

    If a couple marry and divorce then later find out that their marriage may not have been valid in the first place, does the divorce still count? And if it is the third divorce does that mean that they are forbidden to each other? .. More

  • Committed Zina then married without family's permission Date: 27-1-2002

    I knew a guy who came to ask for my hand, but my family said, 'no' I stooped seeing him. Then one day he stooped me in the streets and said he loved me. I believed him and went to his house. He raped me then he said don't worry I'm going to marry you. We did without my family, but we had 2 witness and a Sheikh... More

  • Marrying to non-Muslim Date: 6-5-2001

    My cousin's daughter is getting married to a non muslim, in a church with a dinner reception where alcohol and dancing will be plentiful, I know that I will not attend the wedding, however I sent a card with a gift and wrote in it "may Allah guide you both on his path" but when I try to explain to other relatives that it is haram to attend such.. More

  • Secret Marriage Date: 6-1-2001

    If a man married a woman in a secret way without telling her parents and without telling any one will that be accepted in Islam? .. More

  • Lack of sex in marriage Date: 14-8-2000

    If husband and wife have not had sex between themselves for a long time is the marriage cons idered broken/nullified? Kindly advise. .. More