520 fatwas

  • Wearing lipstick to appear healthy has nothing to do with Shirk Date: 20-10-2016

    I wear the hijab given that I am Muslim, but I do apply lipstick, not with the intention to adorn myself, but in order to avoid the stares and undue attention that people give me, as well as theirquestioning me as to whether I am feeling well or not because of my pale lips and ill look. I know that it is a sin to do so, but am I commiting minor Shirk.. More

  • Ruling on papers that may contain amulet written in Arabic Date: 27-9-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. I recently got married and my wife is not very practicing in following islam; Allaah willing, she is just learning. My issue is, I have accidently found some papers and notes in the Arabic language in my wife's purse. Me and my wife cannot read arabic and cannot understand it. They are handwritten, and it does not seem to me like.. More

  • Moving to non-Muslim country to earn money and settle debt Date: 18-9-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. I recently made Hijrah (emigration) from the USA to a Gulf country, praise be to Allah. However, after I arrived here I had issues with the folks at my work and left for another job with a considerably lower pay. For me, as long as the salary is enough to get by, it is ok. However, as a young man in the USA, I was very irresponsible.. More

  • Wearing ring over which Quran was recited as amulet Date: 8-7-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. My husband is a very good man, he would hardlyever miss his obligatory prayers and fasts, recites Quran almost daily, and enforces this practice in our home. Recently, we were struck with a mild financial difficulty for which we had to fork out a lot of money from our savings that went in vain; in addition, my husband had a car accident.. More

  • Using an amulet containing the word 'la misaas' (Quran 20:97) Date: 2-7-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. Please, I have a friend who wrote لامساس (i.e. do not touch), which is similar to what was used in Surah Taha (Quran 20: 97). He claimes that he is using it as a protective word so that evil things will not come near him. However, I told him that such word used in the Quran is used to rebuke Musa Samiri, but the guy insisted... More

  • Grave of claimed Wali neither benefits nor harms Date: 27-6-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. A man had four sons; three of them became medical doctors, and the remaining one developed some kind of mental disease. People say that he was a bright student and was even better than his brothers. As the development of mental disease was an unpredictable event, some people assumed that he became mad because he used to hunt pigeons.. More

  • Generational curse is false concept Date: 4-6-2016

    Are there verses for generational curses that can be used to stop the curse? .. More

  • Fear that amounts to Shirk Date: 30-5-2016

    Which type of fear is Shirk (polytheism)? Suppose that I walk on a road and see places of Shirk, temples, and so on, and I intentionally spit there and while doing this feel a sort of uneasiness and fear in my heart. I know that only Allaah can inflict harm. But what about this uneasiness and fear that I feel sometimes while disrespecting idols, bad.. More

  • Attending Hindu pooja rituals Date: 12-5-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaah. I am from India. In our schools, colleges, institutions, and organizations, any programme is started by doing some pooja (a kind of worship to idols). We as students or employees are made to attend or sometimes even stand along with other peoplewhile they do the pooja. We have to do that unwillingly, but we do recognize.. More

  • Attending ceremony where Bible, Tripitak and Gita will be recited Date: 28-4-2016

    I recently got an award for something. My problem is that the ceremony where this award will be handed out to me will start with people reciting from the Holy Quran, the Bible, The Tripitaka and the Gita. This award will be important for me when I apply to universities, and not receiving this award may also cause problems for me at school. What should.. More

  • Story about lotus tree is myth Date: 6-4-2016

    There is a common saying/belief here in Kashmir regarding the lotus root stem. Lotus root stem (nadru in the Kashmiri language) is eaten here as food and has fibres. The belief is that Faatimah, may Allaah be pleased with her, supposedly threw some fibre from her spinning wheel into water, and that it is therefrom that fibres grew into the lotus stem... More

  • Sending new year cards to clients Date: 27-3-2016

    I am asked at work to send a new year's card to my clients. The card is from the company, we can put a personal message on it, such as, 'looking forward to other successful deals in the coming year.' Is this ok? .. More

  • Some stories about miracle babies mere myths Date: 23-3-2016

    Assalaamu alaykum. It is rampant in Nigeria to claim that a child was born holding a mus-haf that contains six chapters from the Quran in his hand or that another child was born with marks on his forehead which people then claimed to be 'Allaah' in Arabic! I see it as deceptions from the devil; what can you say about it? .. More

  • Two reports about accepting gifts from non-Muslims in their festivals Date: 17-3-2016

    Assallaamu alaykum dear Scholar, my question is whether the following two narrations are authentic, and if so, then in which books are the sources of these two narrations? My confusion is due to the fact that some scholars say that it is premissible to accept gifts from the non-Muslims on their holidays, and they use these narrations as evidence, but.. More

  • Ruling on building memorials Date: 10-1-2016

    Dear scholars, I would like to know whether it is allowed to build a memorial? This memorial is not in the shape of any living animal or human being. It has an abstract shape, like a wall. It is built to mark a historical event that took place where many people were martyred by oppressors. Is it allowed to build a memorial for this purpose, without.. More