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  • A nine-month-pregnant woman may perform Hajj or 'Umrah Date: 22-5-2013

    Hello To All, Please help me with this: What is the Hukem of doing Haj or Umra for a 9th month pregnant woman? Best Regards, Rabab .. More

  • No effect for irregular bleeding on validity of Tawaaf Date: 14-5-2013

    I performed ‘Umrah after purification from the menstruation and while making ‘Umrah, I suffered unclear blood which looked like brownish discharge flowing interruptedly. I used to make Ghusl, and after I ended my Ihraam, I discovered that this discharge as well as the blood that I considered menses was miscarriage. I did not know anything about.. More

  • Making ‘Umrah with her money or giving it to her mother to make ‘Umrah Date: 14-5-2013

    If I save some money for the purpose of performing ‘Umrah in Ramadhaan, may I give it to my mother to perform ‘Umrah? Am I required to perform my ‘Umrah first, and my mother can go the next year for instance?.. More

  • Who bears expenses of the one authorized to perform Hajj? Date: 14-5-2013

    My father died before he could perform Hajj last year. He never performed Hajj, and he paid all the Hajj fees. We authorized our paternal uncle to perform Hajj on behalf of our father, but we want to know the expenses that we are required to pay for Hajj to be valid – Allaah Willing. The fees of Hajj and Hady were paid from my father's money, but.. More

  • She performed Hajj on her father's behalf and he returned her the costs Date: 14-5-2013

    I performed Hajj on behalf of my father from my husband's money, and when I returned, my father offered me a sum of money in return for the money I spent on Hajj. The sum he offers is greater than the money spent. Am I allowed to accept that money? Will this affect my reward or his reward? Is my husband allowed to take anything of that money?.. More

  • Delaying Hajj until one becomes unable to perform it Date: 2-4-2013

    As-salaamu 'alaykum, my question is about the obligation of Hajj. Since it is one of the five pillars, does that mean one who has not done it in this dunya has commited a major sin? Such as if a person had the means at a certain time but did no go when he could have, but then later on he regrets not having gone but no longer has the means, and he doesn't.. More

  • Family planning does not make Hajj unaccepted Date: 6-2-2013

    As Salamalaykum iam 32 years & iam blessed with two kids,& iam an diebetic so because of some medical reasons doctors advise is not to have kids in future so my husband is asking me to go for family planning but i heard that after family planning is done hajj is not acceptable pls suggest me is it true & what should i do.my husband is thinking.. More

  • Paying a Riba-based loan is given priority over performing Hajj Date: 29-1-2013

    Asalamu alaykum, I took out a government loan for university studies under the impression of no interest until my salary reaches a certain level, but the money was subject to an inflation rate every year. After gaining information about inflation being a type of riba, I stoped studying. If the amount I took is 20,000 + 8,000 inflation 1- Can I go.. More

  • She wants to perform Hajj with Zakah money collected for her surgery Date: 29-1-2013

    I have collected zakaat donation for a very serious operation surgery abroad but after medical testing, the doctor said that the surgery cannot be performed. It is too risky. I would like to know if I can use this money to perform hajj pilgrimage with husband and children? Also if I can use the money to continue the construction of my house? .. More

  • Going to Hajj without paying an overpriced bill Date: 2-10-2012

    Salam Alikoum, I'm going to hajj in two weeks inchAllah. I paid all my debt except one agency which provided a service to me 3 years ago. We did not agree about the price at the beginning of the deal and we did not sign any contract, however, after getting the service, the bill was extremely over priced. I told them that was not fair and they.. More

  • She expects her period days during Hajj Date: 6-9-2012

    asslam u alykum inshallah i am going for hajj this yr but my period will start on 23 oct which is 7th dul hajj,i will take pills to postpone menses but sometimes it causes spotting .what should i do .if i get spotting due to pills on days when i am not supposed to have my period,should i take it as istihada. if i get spotting on days when my periods.. More

  • Going for Hajj via private travel agents Date: 21-6-2012

    Assalamualeyikum, I am from India & Haj is fardh on me & i am planning to perform this year insha allah. There are two ways to perform haj here - Go via state haj comittee (they follow qurrah/lucky draw) where my name didn't selected. - Go via private travel operators I heard going via private travel operator is not correct? Please suggest.. More

  • Wants to perform Hajj without telling anyone about it Date: 16-4-2012

    Assalamou Alaikoum, Quick question about Hajj. I 'm planning to go to hajj this year inchAllah, but I don't want to tell anyone about it. Is that ok or no? Assalamou Alikoum... More

  • Should father perform Hajj or do ‘Aqeeqah for five children? Date: 18-3-2012

    assalaamu alaikum by allah's grace my father has 5 childrens, among them 4 are adult & 1 is 8yr old. But he didn't give aqeeqa for any of them. now he is having money to do the haj. in this case, what should he do ? whether do give the aqeeqah for all the 5 childrens or to do the haj. which one should be do first ?.. More

  • A father performing Hajj at the expense of his child Date: 21-10-2011

    A/Alaikum, I have a question,Please answer in lights of Quran and hadith.Thanks. I live in 3 brothers joint family.my fahter wants to peform hajj.i have a bank loan.my fahter has some other laon which i will paid in future INSHA ALLAH.my brother dosn't have any loan.can my fahter (Age 65+)perform hajj with my brother's fund(when i will take care of.. More