294 fatwas

  • A loan guarantor may perform Hajj Date: 13-1-2010

    Next year (Allaah Willing) I intend to perform Hajj and my husband will be with me and perform Hajj on behalf of my deceased father from my own money. I helped my brother to take a loan to buy a flat and I guaranteed the loan because his financial conditions do not allow him to take the loan according to the requirements of the bank in Sweden. I am.. More

  • Ruling on thin thread of vaginal blood after circumambulation Date: 11-1-2010

    My wife and I performed Hajj the year before last. She was menstruating and after she had become pure on the fifth day, we performed Tawaaf Al-Ifaadhah and Sa‘y. However, she found a thin thread of blood, but no more blood flowed. Are the Tawaaf and Sa‘y valid? Please comfort us, may Allaah comfort you... More

  • Performing Hajj or ‘Umrah during postpartum-bleeding Date: 11-1-2010

    I am in the postpartum period and it will terminate on the seventh day of Thul-Hijjah. I have intended to perform Hajj and will travel on the fourth day of Thul-Hijjah. Although I have attained purity, I still have some brown vaginal discharge. I want to know how to perform Hajj and when should I assume Ihraam. Will my Hajj be valid although I am.. More

  • Intending Hajj but dying before performing it Date: 11-1-2010

    If a person intended to perform the obligation of Hajj and died before Hajj was due, will the reward for his intention be recorded for him?.. More

  • Going to Hajj without the husband’s permission Date: 11-1-2010

    What is the ruling on a woman who has three children and decides to go for Hajj without having permission from her husband? When I advised her and told her she is not allowed to do that, she objected by saying that Allaah made things easy for her and summoned her for Hajj and thus she can do nothing but obey Him. In addition, she says that she saw a.. More

  • Ruling on performing Hajj at the expense of a rich man Date: 10-1-2010

    My family members, who are five, want to perform Hajj, but the costs of going to ‘Umrah will be on my father's account. My father can pay them, but this will cost him much money and may affect his work. We know a rich man who takes some people with him when he performs Hajj. Is it permissible for my family members to go for Hajj on the expenses of.. More

  • Performing Hajj on behalf of both parents in one season Date: 10-1-2010

    Is it sufficient to perform one Hajj on behalf of both parents in one season or should I perform Hajj separately for each of them if I want to be dutiful to both of them?.. More

  • Forsaking an opportunity for Hajj in order that another person may do it instead Date: 7-1-2010

    I live with my wife in Riyadh and I have obtained a visa for my mother to visit us, which is valid for one month after Hajj season. My mother wants to perform Hajj, and as long as nobody can perform Hajj except with a permit, I have obtained Hajj permits for me and my wife. Is it permissible for my wife to gift her permit to my mother in order that.. More

  • Performing Hajj before fulfilling other obligatory duties and Sharee`ah related expenses Date: 6-1-2010

    I broke about thirty oaths and have 3000 Saudi Riyals for Hajj. What should I do? Please advise. May Allaah reward you... More

  • Issues related to Hajj on behalf of the deceased Date: 6-1-2010

    Can I perform Hajj this year on behalf of my late friend who did not perform the obligatory Hajj, from my own money? I want to keep his money which he dedicated for this purpose for one of his relatives or his wife whom I know is intending to perform Hajj on his behalf, but she could not this year. Please bear in mind that I have already performed.. More

  • Ruling on taking Hajj expenses from the family of the deceased to perform Hajj on his behalf Date: 21-12-2009

    I performed Hajj on behalf of the deceased father of one of my friends. His family insisted that they give me the expenses that I had during Hajj. I took them upon their insistence but I do not want the money because I feel that I took the reward of Hajj from people while in fact I want the reward from Allaah. Should I give out that money in charity.. More

  • Delaying Hajj to help the wife after childbirth Date: 21-12-2009

    A man owes money to others and wants to fulfill the obligation of Hajj. Which is preferable, to perform Hajj or settle his debts? If the creditors accept receiving their money later on, should he perform Hajj first? Also, is it a valid excuse to delay Hajj in order to help the wife after childbirth? The childbirth is expected one week before Hajj.. More

  • Traveling for Hajj at a very high cost Date: 21-12-2009

    A sister wants some explanation on an issue related to Hajj. In our country, some people travel to Hajj as organized by the state which may take years of waiting. Other people travel for Hajj through travel agencies that charge them very high costs compared to the state-sponsored method. Someone told her that paying such high costs is extravagance.. More

  • No plans to cancel Hajj this year due to swine flu Date: 29-9-2009

    Assalaamu alaikum, i have heard rumors of a cancellation of hajj due to fears of increased risk of swine flu outbreaks. would this be halal? and has there ever been a cancellation of hajj in history? Jazak Allah khair .. More

  • Plans to stay after performing ‘Umrah to perform Hajj Date: 24-8-2009

    I want to go for Umrah InshaAllah this Ramadhan and I plan to stay until I perform Hajj as well.Is it permissible in Islam to do so? JazakaAllah kheiran... More