294 fatwas

  • Payment of debts before Umrah or Hajj Date: 23-4-2002

    I owe money to banks for use of credit cards. I need to know, if I can go for Umrah and Hajj, without clearing my debts? Secondly, I want to sponsor my mom and my younger brother for Hajj this year. Do I have to clear my debts before I sponsor them for Hajj. Please advise in the light of Quran and Hadeeth, whether I can sponsor them for Hajj and whether.. More

  • Delay Paying Rent Until after Hajj Date: 1-4-2002

    I want to go for Hajj, I'm renting a house and pay the owner of the house around 500 Riyals. Shall I pay him, or wait after Hajj? .. More

  • Performing Hajj and Trading Date: 19-3-2002

    If I go on Hajj and buy gold in Mecca and sell it in my country I will make much money. Is this practice Halal? .. More

  • Questions about Hajj Date: 12-2-2002

    I have several important questions regarding Hajj issues. I hope you will answer them at your earliest convenience. 1) What should a pilgrim do with his/her Ihram after performing Hajj (keep it (for example for shroud in which this person will be wrapped up after death) or deal with it like with any other cloth etc.), i.e. what is the etiquette of.. More

  • Tawaf-al-Ifadah for a woman in her menses Date: 20-1-2002

    I would very much appreciate if these two questions can be answered for me.1) I would like to have full explanation on Qasar [Shortening Salah] for someone performing Hajj. For how many days is he allowed to do this, and after how many days he is not allowed?2) Tawaf-al-Ifadah for a woman in her menses... More

  • Accepting Hajj Expenses as a Gift Date: 15-1-2002

    I am currently pursuing graduate studies in the USA. I have requested my brother in Qatar to make the necessary arrangement for my Hajj trip this year. It is my intention to pay him the trip cost prior to my Hajj. He refuses to take the money from me and wishes to pay for my Hajj as his gift to me. Will my Hajj be accepted? .. More

  • Making Hajj for Ailing Grandmother Date: 9-12-2001

    I have performed my Hajj and want to go to Hajj this coming year, Insha Allah, but my sick grandmother who can't do a thing on her own wants me to make Hajj on her behalf. She wants to know if she has to pay for all the expenses or part of it knowing that she can't do Hajj on her own because she can't walk by her self normally and she is diabetic and.. More

  • Performing Hajj / ‘Umrah without husband's permission Date: 27-2-2001

    It is every Muslim's dream to go on Hajj/Umrah as this is one of the 5 pillars of Islam. I am financially unable to go, but someone wants to sponsor me. The problem is: my husband will not let me go. His reason, we have to go together and there is a time for everything. What if I die before that time comes? Should I disobey him and go on Hajj/Umrah?.. More

  • Women going to Umrah without Mahram Date: 27-2-2001

    Can a woman go to Umrah without a mahram? Can she go with a few sisters?.. More

  • Prophet Muhammad and the Hajj Date: 22-2-2001

    When were the Muslims first told about the Hajj as well as when and how many times our Prophet Muhammad (salla Llahu aleihi wa sallam) performed Hajj himself? Where according to the Holy Qur'an did the Prophet Muhammad receive revelation during the Farewell Hajj? .. More

  • Earning Money for Hajj Date: 21-2-2001

    Is earning the expense money for Hajj obligatory on every Muslim? .. More

  • Repeating Umrah and performing it for others Date: 19-2-2001

    How many times can we perform Umrah when we go to Hajj first time? and can we perform Umrah for our marhoom father when we go to Hajj first time? .. More

  • Ruling regarding Umrah Date: 6-8-2000

    I am working as a Daiya in Kuwait. Post of my job requires me to guide new Muslims to go to Umra without a Mahram. What is the ruling about this practice?.. More

  • Parents Insist on Him to Accompany Them for Hajj Date: 1-7-2000

    My parents insist I should accompany them for Hajj, but I say Hajj is Fardh on them. They are able and well, but are just delaying. What can I do? .. More

  • Performing Umrah before Hajj Date: 5-6-2000

    Can I do Umrah before performing Haj?.. More