294 fatwas

  • She had post-partum bleeding while performing Hajj Date: 25-6-2010

    If a woman who had post-partum bleeding attained purity before completing the forty days, will her Hajj be valid? If she was intending to perform Hajj but did not attain purity, what should she do?.. More

  • She did not perform her 'Umrah after having her menses in Jeddah Date: 25-6-2010

    I came from Yanbu‘ to perform ‘Umrah along with my family, but when we arrived in Jeddah, my wife started menstruating and I completed my ‘Umrah alone. What is the ruling on what happened to my wife?.. More

  • A woman starting menstruating during Hajj Date: 25-6-2010

    If a woman started menstruating during Hajj, will her Hajj be valid?.. More

  • How a menstruating woman assumes Ihraam Date: 25-6-2010

    How can a woman who has menstruation pray the two Rak‘ahs (units of prayer) of Ihraam (ritual consecration)? Is it permissible for a woman who has menstruation to recite the Quran (by means of touching a printed copy (Mus’haf)) quietly?.. More

  • A menstruating woman having to leave Makkah before completing her 'Umrah Date: 25-6-2010

    A woman came to Makkah in the state of Ihraam for ‘Umrah. After arriving in Makkah, she started menstruating and her Mahram (guardian) was obliged to travel back to his home land immediately and she does not have any relatives in Makkah. What should she do?.. More

  • Seeking the husband’s permission to perform Hajj on behalf of one’s father Date: 14-3-2010

    What is your advice for a woman who has performed the obligatory Hajj (major pilgrimage) and intends to do her second Hajj on behalf of her late father, who did not use to perform prayer out of ignorance? Is she obliged to ask the permission of her husband for that dedication, knowing that he is the one who will accompany her and cover her expenses.. More

  • A Muslim is not considered to be financially capable of Hajj by virtue of others' gifts Date: 14-3-2010

    I long for Hajj (major pilgrimage) and ask Allaah The Almighty to grant me the opportunity to perform it. I have never done it before and cannot afford it now, due to some debts. Once they are settled, I will be able to do Hajj, Allaah willing. Am I allowed to reject an offer from a relative to pay my expenses of a Hajj journey, because she always.. More

  • Mother performing Hajj with gift of daughter, who works in bank Date: 14-3-2010

    A woman is financially supported by her daughter, who works in an interest-based bank. Is the mother allowed to accept this monetary gift in normal conditions? If yes, may she take it for specific purposes, such as to pay for the expenses of the journey of Hajj or ‘Umrah (major and minor pilgrimage, respectively)? May Allaah The Almighty reward.. More

  • A wife, who did not perform Hajj, authorizing someone to perform Hajj on behalf of her late husband Date: 14-3-2010

    My husband passed away three years ago and I have three children who have not attained the age of puberty. I have not performed Hajj (major pilgrimage) yet. Is it permissible for me to pay someone from my own money, not the inheritance of my children, to go to the Sacred House to do Hajj on behalf of my late husband?.. More

  • Completing Hajj rituals on behalf of one’s deceased mother Date: 14-3-2010

    My late mother set out for Hajj (major pilgrimage) and, due to her illness, she could not perform Tawaaf Al-Qudoom (circumambulation of Ka’bah upon arrival in Makkah), Sa‘ee and Tawaaf Al-Ifaadhah (circumambulation upon returning from Mina). She did, however, stand [in worship] in ‘Arafah. I am going to do Hajj for the first time this year... More

  • She assumed Ihraam while menstruating, performed Sa’ee and did not perform Tawaaf Date: 13-3-2010

    I went for ‘Umrah (minor pilgrimage) with a tour operator that strictly adheres to its itinerary, including departure times and arrangements [for pilgrims]. It was the Will of Allaah The Almighty that I had my period before we arrived at the Meeqaat (certain station from where pilgrims are required to don their Ihraam). Upon arrival, I did Ghusl.. More

  • Performing ‘Umrah before performing ‘Aqeeqah for one’s own self Date: 22-2-2010

    Sallamalikum iam 28 year old planning to go umra, i have not perform my aqeeqa , i wanted to ask wether it is must for me to do the aqeeqa first then do the umra .. More

  • Ruling on taking Hajj expenses from the family of the deceased to perform Hajj on his behalf Date: 17-1-2010

    I performed Hajj on behalf of the deceased father of one of my friends. His family insisted that they give me the expenses that I had during Hajj. I took them upon their insistence but I do not want the money because I feel that I took the reward of Hajj from people while in fact I want the reward from Allaah. Should I give out that money in charity.. More

  • Making ‘Umrah on behalf of the living and the deceased Date: 14-1-2010

    Allaah The Almighty blessed me with a ‘Umrah that I will perform in the last ten days of Ramadhaan. When I perform ‘Umrah, will I get the reward for the number of ‘Umrahs I make? I mean if I stay in Makkah for six days and make ‘Umrah every day and thus make ‘Umrah six times, will I gain the reward for six ‘Umrahs or one ‘Umrah only?.. More

  • Performing voluntary Hajj on behalf of her mother Date: 13-1-2010

    My mother-in-law died eight years ago without performing Hajj though she was well-off. Owing to the Grace of Allaah, her old son performed Hajj on her behalf the year before last year. Can my wife perform Hajj this year on her behalf as well? Actually, we read many contradictory opinions in this regard: 1- The daughter is not allowed to perform Hajj.. More