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  • Separated From Husband in Doubtful Marriage Date: 15-8-2018

    Assalamualaikum. I married a person without the consent of my parents. Then I came to know that the man may have touched my mother with lust before our marriage. I asked several scholars about the validity of our marriage. Most of them declared that the marriage was invalid. As I was not sure of the marriage being halal, I decided to ask for a divorce... More

  • Doubts the Occurrence of Divorce Date: 13-8-2018

    Assalmualikum My question is I am married almost 9years and we had fights a lot so he made a condition but the thing is I don’t remember the condition and my husband is don’t remember aswell I only remember that (he said if u wil do that u wil b divorce or if u did so you wil b divorce) but I don’t know what was that condition and when did I do.. More

  • Taking the Wife Back During Her ‘Iddah is Valid Date: 8-8-2018

    Aslaam o alikom Brother, year before my husband gave me one talaq. I was in my parents home and i spent my whole iddah in my parents home but we were in touched on phone. I asked for talaq because he was involved with someone else and still he is with her. I gave him my iddah time to repent and leaved that woman. He asked for forgiveness and come back.. More

  • Cannot Be a Good Obedient Wife Date: 5-8-2018

    Assalaam alaykum, I have an issue with obedience. I am a married woman, and I have noticed that I'm finding it difficult to be a good obedient wife. I find that when I argue with my husband I may walk away from him due to anger and annoyance and he will call me and tell me to come back which, due to my state of anger I don't return to him and ignore.. More

  • Waiting Period if no Intercourse Happened Date: 15-7-2018

    Assalammu Allaikum Sheikh, my friends daughter was given in marriage one and half years ago and lived together and recently due to a incident between them her parents came to know that they are not living happily and their parents inquired from her further she have told even they lived together in the same house they have not had any sexual intercourse.. More

  • Divorce in Menses or Purity After which the Husband Had Intercourse Is Effective Date: 28-6-2018

    Aslamu Alaikum,After C section of my child birth my Nifaas (blood) didn't stopfor 65 days. I asked my doctor why my bleeding is not stopping. Doctor checked me and said may beit is due to the Fibroid that you have on your uterus or due to your hormones (I got diagnosed with fibroid before my pregnancy). Doctor alsosaid, let'ssee if it stopped after.. More

  • When Can a Husband Divorce His Wife after Menses? Date: 26-6-2018

    Aslamu Alaikum,I have a question.When is the iddah period starts (prescribed period for divorce) if one has intercourse with his wife in period of tuhr?Dear sheikh if husband has a sex with his wife and she has not gotten her menstration yet then what is the right time to divorce her according to Quran? Is it after her first menstration which will come.. More

  • Swore That his Wife Be Divorced if He Does Something Date: 20-5-2018

    Assalamu alaikkum I made the oath as my wife will be divorced whenever I do a particular thing I did it once . Will my be divorced whenever I do that thing or only at once. .. More

  • Her Husband Does Not Spend Time With Her Date: 9-5-2018

    Assalamualaikum. I have some questions and doubts which I want cleared. Namely being an ungrateful wife. I wrote before and this is a follow up question. I tried speaking to my husband and whenever I mention to him about his mistakes or ways he becomes defensive and says I am being ungrateful. He says why I love the dunya so much and want to satisfy.. More

  • Retaliating Against Husband's Beating Date: 10-4-2018

    thank you for allowing me to ask another question. my question is can a woman leave her husband (divorce) if he beats her in the Islamic way or hit him back .. More

  • Unclear Question About Divorce Date: 8-4-2018

    Assalamualikum.in our country local language-e or o meaning-‘ that.” During a divorce thought.if anyone said e or o.also ‘ame”meanig ‘I”(i am).my question is if anyone said ‘ame”(here not only utter ‘e” but when utter ‘ame”, than’e” pronounced, to indicate ‘e”) during a divorce thought.uring read sura ‘e”also utter.. More

  • Warning Against Mistreating the Wife Date: 26-3-2018

    Your fatwa titled HUSBAND IS HELL OR HEAVEN TO WIFE OR VICE VERSA, in that you are saying even wife is also the same.for.the husband, but you dont qoute any proof from any hadith or prominant scholar, then how to accept your answer? And also you say that treat wife kindly is equally important then why did the prophet (pbuh) say : shall i not inform.. More

  • Divorce happens by phone and by writing Date: 20-3-2018

    My sister got married two months before now her husband is telling her that he married her by her family force he don't like her and don't want to be with her atlease 10 to 15 time he told her because he love another girl and want to marry her now he want to divorce my sister after hearing this my sister also don't want to be with her and now the boy.. More

  • A Conditional Divorce With One of the Metaphors of Divorce Date: 19-3-2018

    Dear brother,Salaam. I would like to get your views on the following issues. During a discussion about a specific topic, a husband told his wife if you did this to me I would not be able to live with you and I would have already left you. 1. In such situation, if the wife already did this action without the man knowing, can this affect the wedding?2... More

  • She Lives apart from her Husband Date: 4-3-2018

    Assalamou alaykoum. I am a German Muslim and live currently in the country of my husband while he work in Germany. I have big problem with staying here alone without him and it become a great fitna for me that take me away from my Ibada. My husband refused to take me and the children back with him because he doesn't want our daughter to enter school.. More