522 fatwas

  • Living among non-Muslims Date: 19-5-2005

    Nowadays we are leaving in multi national culture. Most of the time we live in a building and we have non-Muslim neighbours. How should we deal with them? Is it allowed to have fair and good relations with them as we have with Muslims? That means sitting with them, socializing with them, playing with them and going on picnic with them. Is.. More

  • Accepting European values when living in Europe Date: 12-5-2005

    What is your stance on accepting European values if you reside in Europe? .. More

  • 17 year-old son wants to leave Morocco to study in Canada Date: 2-5-2005

    My son 17-years born in can. Now for 5 years has been reading in morocco would like to return to do his studies. He finds the school with many problems here. Teachers don't show up, too many kids not interested in reading in French although reading very well is not content to stay. What would you advise? .. More

  • Continues to be troubled by doubt and bad thoughts Date: 2-5-2005

    However, I don't understand what 'Ruqyah' means. Could you please explain? Also which supplications should I read that are stated in the Holy Quran? I was not able to mention all my problems in my last question. However, I would like to tell you that I also get very worried during performing my Wudu. I keep thinking I have done it wrong then.. More

  • Acting similar to Hindus during their festivals Date: 28-4-2005

    If Muslims just play with colours like holy but not offer the rites of Hindu festival holy. Is it right? Can we just put colours on each other just like a water fight? .. More

  • Wants to make Hijrah but is concerned about her aged non-Muslim mother Date: 25-4-2005

    I am a revert to Islam and my husband is from an Islamic country. We both want to live in his country but I have a concern about where my biggest duty is. I know that as a Muslim I must move to an Islamic country. My mother used to live with us but moved out because she said she could not practice her religion (Catholicism) in our house (I asked.. More

  • Ghosts, etc. Date: 7-4-2005

    Is there a ghost? Like white lady, vampire,etc... More

  • No longer prays Date: 29-3-2005

    I am from Sudan and I'm not part of a very religious family. When I went to visit Sudan I became very religious, but soon after I came back to the US I stopped praying and I can't begin to pray. I regret everyday but if can't get myself to. .. More

  • He believes that Allaah does not forgive Shirk Date: 16-3-2005

    I fear I have committed Shirk. Once when having a conversation with my mother whilst watching the news, 'I said Bush owns this world'. I don't know why I said it just came out, I didn't believe this I never meant it in a serious way, just because of the fact the Bush government goes around breaking international laws and invading any country it.. More

  • Wants clarification of Shirk Date: 16-3-2005

    I have read in Fazail Amaal (Book of Charity and Hajj) of Tableegh Jamaat. The story is about Shaykh Khair Nurbaf. It is as follows: "The Shaykh said to him, eight days before his death. 'I shall die on Thursday evening, at the time of Maghrib Salaat, and I shall be buried on Friday after Jum'ah Salaat" ....on Friday morning, a man told me about.. More

  • Working on Friday after the Prayer Date: 7-3-2005

    Is it forbidden to wash clothes on Friday? Can we wash clothes or any other work after the Jumu'ah prayer? .. More

  • As a student she became overly involved in un-Islamic activities Date: 2-3-2005

    I'm an expatriate in Kuwait and I study in a co-ed school where are students from different nationalities as well as different religions. So we get together often. But my doubt is that are we permitted per Islamic law to perform in certain functions like Christmas carol or so like in coir. I was last year in coir. But since I had the doubt.. More

  • Eating food at the time of Maghrib prayer in Saudi Arabia Date: 24-2-2005

    Is it true that if we eat food at the time of Maghrib prayer, our ancestors who are dead cannot get food in Heaven? It's a common practise in my place not to eat during Maghrib due to this reason. Can you please explain in the light of Hadeeth and Sunnah? .. More

  • Living in Australia he fears he is losing his religion Date: 21-2-2005

    I'm an Arab that left his home over 10 years ago and I'm very lost and can't control my acts life has no meaning. And faith too but the problem is if I believed in that I would become just another capitalist I don't know where to go. I feel weaker by the day. I don't know if I'm a believer or not any more at least in my heart. .. More

  • Accepting gifts on Valentine's Day or birthdays Date: 9-2-2005

    My question is: Am I allowed accepting gifts from Muslim and non-Muslim friends, if they give on valentines day and on my birthday? .. More